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Columbia Falls Summer Swim – Head Coach

  • Level of Commitment Part Time
  • Position Type Head Coach
  • Level of Team Club
  • Sport Swimming
Columbia Falls Swim Team

Date posted: February 9, 2021

Location: Pinewood Aquatic Center, Columbia Falls, MT, USA

with Columbia Falls Swim Team


1. Must be available for employment approximately June 1, 2021 to August 15, 2021. May be excused for

up to one swim meet with commensurate reduction in pay with approval from Swim Team Board.

2. Must be available for Divisional and State Swim Meets.

3. Must be Lifeguard Certified.

4. Must have demonstrated leadership qualities and the ability to work with age groups ranging from 5 to

19 years old (i.e. prior experience as coach, swim instructor, camp counselor, teacher, etc.).

5. Must have demonstrated ability to instruct the four basic swim strokes, flip turns, and dives all at a

competitive level.

Responsibilities :

1. Provide a safe and fun atmosphere to develop the children as swimmers and members of a team.

2. Supervise a staff that may include a paid assistant coach and volunteer assistant coaches; responsible

for assigning job duties to the assistant coach(es).

3. Supervise and instruct all CFST members during practice sessions and at swim meets.

4. Conduct yourself and your staff in a professional manner and as role models at all times.

5. Enforce the Columbia Falls Swim Team (CFST) Code of Conduct.

6. Recommend all swim team members meet established curfew times at swim meets.

7. Travel to swim meets each weekend (a travel stipend is provided).

8. Prepare and submit in a timely manner all appropriate paperwork and/or computer files for upcoming

swim meets.

9. Work with swim team members to show improvement in their swimming performance and prepare

them for competitive swim meets each weekend.

10. Give attention to individual swimmers with personal goals being set for each swimmer.

11. Create an effective written plan to manage and challenge swimmers at each practice session. This plan

must include, but is not limited to, practice times by age group; instruction of warm-up stretches and

activities; lane assignments; practice of each stroke, flip turns and diving; and conditioning. The

practice plan will be developmentally appropriate and will aid the swimmer in developing a legal and

effective stroke, and will improve technique and conditioning of each swimmer.

12. Prepare the pool for practice with the assistance of appointed swimmers.

13. Develop team rules to include consequences and rewards. Examples include practice times, attendance

at breakfast meetings, etc. This plan will be written and presented to the swim team members. An

individual’s discipline should not interfere with other team member’s swim time.

14. Create a recognition program to reward swimmers making an exceptional effort during practice and


15. Provide information, in a timely manner, to the Hungry Horse News concerning the performance of

the CFST and individual swimmers at each meet.

16. Encourage senior swimmers to be, and developed as, positive leaders and role models for the team.

17. Report to CFST Board President all incidences of inappropriate parental or community involvement or

criticism of CFST operations. Consult with the CFST Board President or other officers if the President

is unavailable, prior to taking action to address parental or community concerns.

Head Age Group Coach

  • Level of Commitment Full Time
  • Position Type Assistant Coach
  • Level of Team Club
  • Sport Swimming
Columbia Swim Club

Date posted: February 9, 2021

Location: Columbia, MO, USA

with Columbia Swim Club

Columbia Swim Club is looking for a Head Age Group Coach

  • Work with the Head Coach to Build a Age Group philosophy.
  • Work with swimmers ages 6-12 novice through Zone Qualifiers.
  • Work with a minimum of 2 groups while overseeing all parts of the 12 & under program.
  • This person should have at least 3 years of coaching experience.
  • Be a great communicator with parents, coaches, and swimmers.
  • They should have a sound stroke mechanic philosophy.
  • Have an understanding of the long-term development of the swimmer.
  • Experience in developing young coaches is a plus.
  • They should also be proficient with Microsoft Office and an understanding of Team Unify and Meet Manager.

Columbia Swim Club uses 3 different pool during the year. Winter CSC uses and L-shaped 6 lane 25 yard by 25 meter pool. We also use the Mizzou Aquatic Center. During the summer we also use an outdoor 6 lane 50 meter pool.

Assistant Swim Coach

  • Level of Commitment Part Time
  • Position Type Assistant Coach
  • Level of Team Club
  • Sport Swimming
Fontana Aquatics Club

Date posted: February 6, 2021

Location: 15610 Summit Ave, Fontana, CA, USA

with Fontana Aquatics Club

Location : Fontana, CA, USA  

Job description : Assistant Coach  

Reports to : Head Coach/ BOD President  

Pay : Hourly with potential to going to salary, commensurate with coaching experience  Hours : Under 25 hours. Depends on the needs of the team.  

Job goal : To align with the policy and procedures set forth by the Fontana Aquatics Club and to  assist the Head Coach in developing 14& under athletes to make an uncompromised  commitment to the pursuit of excellence, through the process of striving to be the best that  they can be, to acquire life enhancing attributes such as respect, discipline, integrity and  commitment.  


  • CPR/AED, Safety Training for Swim Coaches, APT, Background check and in good standing with USA Swimming and ASCA Level 2  
  • Comprehension of Team Unify and/or Team Manager
  • Abides by applicable USA Swimming Codes of Conduct and Safe Sport  Requirements  

Performance Responsibilities:  

  • Embrace and advocate the Fontana Aquatics Club Culture  
  • Passion for coaching and working with variable leveled athletes
  • Comprehension of stroke development and technique fundamentals  Basic understanding of dryland training for developmental athletes
  • Plan, prepare, and conduct group practices in accordance with the Fontana  Aquatics Club mission, vision and coaching philosophy.
  • Keep records and reports as directed by the Head Coach  
  • Assist with set up & tear down of all FAC hosted meets
  • Assist with FAC Staff in facilitating Events
  • Commit to continued coaching education  

On Job Time Requirements:  

  • Attend and actively participate in all assigned staff meetings  
  • Attend all the assigned meets for the practice group 
  • Entries for the assigned practice group are complete and correct
  • Arrival at practice and meets at minimum 15 min prior to arrival of athletes  Will require morning, afternoon, evening and weekend hours
  • Attendance is taken every day accurately  


  • Communicate all actions regularly between Primary Coach and Head Coach Excellent email communication to parents with timely response (within 24 hours)  Continually assess goals with athletes and communicate to parents in a patient and respectable manner  


  • Model proper dress, language, demeanor and sportsmanship for the athletes Create an educational, safe and inviting experience for all participants  


CEO of American Swimming Coaches Association

  • Level of Commitment Full Time
  • Position Type Other
  • Level of Team Other
  • Sport Swimming
American Swimming Coaches Association

Date posted: February 2, 2021

Location: 6707 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

with American Swimming Coaches Association

CEO Job Description


The American Swimming Coaches Association CEO is a passionate swimming leader who will provide vision, leadership, and management for the leading association of professional swimming coaches in the world. The CEO represents and advocates for the interest of improving the quality of coaching for the benefit of athletes regionally, nationally and internationally. The ASCA CEO coordinates the work of the ASCA staff and committees to create educational programs, services and publications for the coaching community, including the annual World Clinic, regional and international clinics. The ASCA CEO leads the ASCA to promote and distribute best practices as well as identifying, forming and delivering cutting edge knowledge in the development of swimmers and coaches.

The CEO strives to create cohesion within the coaching community for the betterment of the athletes and the sport; in doing so increases membership, effective communication between groups, relationship building and collaborative initiatives. The CEO maintains a business and financial plan that allows the professional staff to develop and the organization to grow. The CEO reports to the Board of Directors.

The ASCA CEO is responsible for the overall administration and management of the ASCA, including service programs, fundraising, and business operations. The job description outlines the areas of responsibility, including planning and evaluation, policy development and administration, personnel and fiscal management, and public relations. The CEO position is a full-time position and is hired by and directly accountable to the board of directors through its elected board chair. The CEO hires all staff and the staff is accountable only to the CEO.


Management and administration

    • • Develop and facilitate the ongoing VVMOST (strategic planning) process.
      • Develop organizational goals and objectives consistent with the mission and vision of the ASCA.
      • Oversee business development.
      • Ensure compliance with funding sources and regulatory requirements.
      • Provide information for evaluation of the organization’s activities.
      • Develop and administer operational policies.
      • Oversee all programs, services and activities to ensure that program objectives are met.
    • • Ensure that both complete confidentiality and the ASCA Code of Ethics are maintained by all board and staff members.


    • • Develop, recommend, and monitor annual and other budgets.
      • Ensure effective audit trails.
      • Approve expenditures.
      • Provide for proper fiscal record-keeping and reporting.
      • Submit monthly financial statements to the board of directors.
    • • Prepare and submit grant applications and funding proposals, as appropriate.


    • • Administer board-approved personnel policies.
      • Ensure proper (legal) hiring and termination procedures.
      • Oversee any and all disciplinary actions.
      • Provide for adequate supervision and evaluation of all staff and volunteers.
    • • Update Board Chair on essential staff developments.

Board Relations

    • • Assist the board chair in planning the agenda and materials for board meetings.
      • Initiate and assist in developing policy recommendations and in setting priorities.
      • Facilitate the orientation of new board members.
      • Work with the board to raise funds from the swimming community.
      • Staff board committees, as appropriate.
    • • Provide regular updates to Board of Directors on the status of key initiatives and industry developments.

Public Relations

    • • Serve as chief liaison with swimming community groups.
      • Ensure appropriate representation of the ASCA by all staff and volunteers.
    • • Coordinate representation of the ASCA to USA Swimming, FINA, the ISL, the NCAA, the USOC, the IOC and other groups.

Key Services

  • Advocacy. The ASCA CEO is the voice for coaches in all segments of American Swimming – age group, high school, collegiate and professional. The CEO must stay current on key issues in all those segments, by staying in close contact with top coaches in all those segments. The ASCA CEO is a provider of proposed solutions and strategies in all those segments.
  • Leadership. In the same segments where the ASCA provides advocacy, the ASCA must both provide leadership and train future leaders in those segments.
  • Education. The CEO coordinates the work of the ASCA staff and committees to create industry leading educational programs, services and publications for the coaching community. This includes the annual World Clinic as well as regional clinics as well as international clinics. It also includes a collaborative relationship with USA Swimming in making a best in class certification and education program for USA Coaches.
  • SwimAmerica. The ASCA developed SwimAmerica to be the best learn-to-swim curriculum available, managed by certified coaches, with the ability to become the financial base of any club in America. SwimAmerica needs to be a “business in a box,” so that coaches can manage the business without becoming full-time business people. The curriculum and delivery must remain cutting-edge and relevant to modern American families.
  • International. The ASCA has become the leading swimming brand internationally, with the ASCA certifications becoming the “gold standard.” International coaches keep the ASCA offices informed of issues in their countries, because they know that the ASCA CEO will, at some point, be able to act on that information. The ASCA CEO must maintain the value of the ASCA certifications both domestically and internationally, as well as serve as the information focal point and advocate both domestically and internationally.

CEO Evaluation

• The ASCA Board, and/or a sub-committee of the board, provides performance goals and metrics for the CEO evaluation.
• It is the CEO’s responsibility to place this on the appropriate agendas and board workflow.

Swimming Graduate Assistant

  • Level of Commitment Full Time
  • Position Type Other
  • Level of Team College (Division I)
  • Sport Swimming
Georgia Southern University Women's Swimming & Diving

Date posted: February 2, 2021

Location: Statesboro, GA, USA

with Georgia Southern University Women's Swimming & Diving



Georgia Southern University, a Division I member of the NCAA and member of the Coastal Collegiate Sports Association, is accepting applications for the position of Student Assistant for Women’s Swimming Coach.



The successful candidate will assist the Head Coach and Assistant Coach in all aspects of the women’s swimming and diving program including coaching, recruiting, training, coordinating team travel, assisting with administrative duties and performing other duties as assigned by the Head Coach.


Strong organizational and communication skills are expected. Candidates must possess enthusiasm for coaching and the sport of swimming, and be a highly motivated team player. The successful candidate will be a person of integrity with high ethical standards and exhibit a strict adherence to NCAA, Sun Belt Conference, Coastal Collegiate Sports Association, University and departmental rules and regulations. 


Essential Functions:

  • Assist with the development of practice materials and lead practice accordingly under the direction of the head coach.
  • Assist with recruiting including and not limited to developing a database, communications (calls/texts/emails), on/off campus recruiting.
  • Assist with travel plans, planning and coordinating program events.
  • Work closely with staff on promoting, supporting, and growing the team & athletic department mission and vision.
  • Provide leadership to facilitate academic and personal success for the team’s student-athletes.
  • Assist with other duties as assigned by the head coach.


Education, Experience and Skills Required:

  • Excellent communication, organization, and leadership skills.
  • Computer literacy with an emphasis on spreadsheets preferred.
  • Ability to obtain CPR and First Aid certification.
  • Bachelor’s degree from accredited institution
  • Must maintain graduate school GPA requirement of 3.0
  • Must apply and be accepted into Georgia Southern University as well as a graduate program.


Education, Experience and Skills Preferred:

  • 1 year coaching experience as USA Swimming coach, volunteer assistant for NCAA swimming team, or equivalent position. 
  • Experience and proficiency with recruiting software, Google Drive and Hy-Tek software. 
  • Ability to show how this assistantship fits a 3-5 year plan towards career goals.  

Assistant Coach Men’s and Women’s Swimming – Nova Southeastern University

  • Level of Commitment Full Time
  • Position Type Assistant Coach
  • Level of Team College (Division II)
  • Sport Swimming

Date posted: February 1, 2021

Location: 3301 College Avenue, Davie, Florida, USA

with Nova Southeastern University

1. Acts as assistant coach for a particular athletic team.

2. Acts as supervisor/head coach representative in the absence of the head coach.
Make independent decisions, using sound judgment, while acting in the best interests of the student-athletes and the university at all times.

3. Active in the entire recruitment process. Research and identify prospective student-athletes and make recommendations to the head coach regarding those potential student-athletes in consideration for acceptance with a specific team. Target potential student-athlete populations, formulate a plan to attract those student-athletes to the school, and initiate recruiting trips.

4. Assists head coach and be fully involved in the organization and total well being of the athletic program.

5. Assists head coach and be fully involved in the organization and preparation of practice and meet plans, and the implementation of strength and conditioning schedules.

6. Monitors the academic progress of student-athletes to comply with NCAA and Sunshine State policy, and take appropriate action.

7. Represents the university and the department in community events.

8. To be responsible and abide fully with the NCAA’s constitution, operating bylaws and administrative bylaws for the purpose of compliance, and which will be part of an employee’s performance evaluation criteria.

9. Performs other duties as assigned.

Assistant Swim Team Coach

  • Level of Commitment Part Time
  • Position Type Assistant Coach
  • Level of Team Recreational
  • Sport Swimming
Rancho Colorados Swim Team

Date posted: January 30, 2021

Location: 3016 Rohrer Drive, Lafayette, CA, USA

with Rancho Colorados Swim Team

Rancho Colorados Swim Team is looking for an energetic and team-driven Assistant Swim Team Coach to join our vibrant Swim Team community. The Assistant Coach will work under the direction of the Head Swim Coach to provide swimmers with an opportunity to master their swimming techniques and carry our competitive swim team program forward.

Basic requirements include:

  • Must have swim team experience
  • High school diploma or GED equivalent
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Must be reliable and want to work with kids of all ages
  • Strong communication skills with a positive team-forward attitude


  • Level of Commitment Full Time
  • Position Type Assistant Coach
  • Level of Team Other
  • Sport Artistic Swimming
Singapore Swimming Association

Date posted: January 28, 2021

Location: Stadium Drive, OCBC Aquatic Centre, Singapore

with Singapore Swimming Association


Reports to the National Head Coach, as well as responsible in supporting the Vice-President (Artistic Swimming), Executive Director and the Sport Director in all matters pertaining to Artistic Swimming in Singapore. To ensure, that within the guidelines and constraints determined by Singapore Swimming Association (SSA), the National Assistant Coach will assist the National Head Coach in the pipeline development of artistic swimmers, club development, training and development of new coaches.



  1. Effective Relationship and communication with SSA’s Partners and Stakeholders
  2. To assist the National Head Coach in working closely with the SSA’s partners and stakeholders including SportSG, its affiliates, other national federations, and sponsors to ensure alignment.


Key Responsibilities

  1. To work in collaboration with the National Head Coach on all matters pertaining to the National 13-15 age-group programme as well talent identification of swimmers into the 13-15 age-group squads.  National Assistant Coach also function as the Coach of the National Team and covering the duties of National Head Coach when the National Head Coach travels overseas for competitions or on leave.
  2. To assist the National Head Coach to develop Artistic Swimming pipeline programmes that brings up the capability of our age-group artistic swimmers to a competent junior & senior swimmer.
  3. To assist the National Head Coach in mentoring and developing local club coaches (assistant & new coaches) with the ability to recruit and develop more new artistic swimmers to a level where they are competent to get into national team.
  4. To assist the National Head Coach in the development of the young artistic swimmers as well as to provide technical support to club coaches with the goal of enhancing swimmers’ capability.


Team Communication

  1. Communicate SSA policies to all team members (including but not limited to Team By-Laws, Anti-Doping Policy, Member Protection Policies) and complete incident reports of any breaches.



  1. Follow up all incidents and report to the National Head Coach & VP (Artistic Swimming) on final outcomes.
  2. Submission of reports for programmes and courses
  3. Database of clubs, club coaches and athlete data and competition results




  • Possess relevant Artistic Swimming coaching certifications.
  • Experienced in coaching artistic swimmers successfully at club level.
  • Demonstrated skill in forming effective working relationships and success in managing individual and group dynamics across a range of key stakeholders.
  • Has the demonstrated capacity to coordinate activities, people and resources and to maintain appropriate monitoring and controls.
  • Demonstrates technical knowledge of Artistic Swimming to enable understanding of specific Artistic Swimming administrative procedures and technical requirements of the athletes and coaches.


Personal Attributes

  • Has the interpersonal and management skills to successfully motivate and direct athletes where relevant.
  • Works effectively with people and shows respect and sensitivity to their needs.
  • Demonstrates a logical approach in weighing up issues and coming to a decision.
  • Demonstrates strong written and verbal communication skills and able to provide reports when required.
  • Demonstrates ability to handle crisis situations.
  • Shows enthusiasm and preparedness to put athlete performance before personal considerations.
  • Available to attend all pre-competition meetings, training camps and meets if require.
  • Ability to work on weekends.
  • Ability to travel overseas.

Lead Age Group Coach

  • Level of Commitment Full Time
  • Position Type Assistant Coach
  • Level of Team Club
  • Sport Swimming
Black Hawk Area Swim Team

Date posted: January 27, 2021

Location: Cedar Falls, IA, USA

with Black Hawk Area Swim Team

Exciting employment opportunity in Cedar Falls, Iowa!  The Black Hawk Area Swim Team (BLST) is in search of a Lead Age Group Coach.  BLST is a board run USA Swimming club.

The Lead Age Group Swim Coach’s responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Coach specific training groups (assigned by Head Coach) on a daily basis and other groups on a temporary basis as may be required to maintain the continuity of the training groups.
  • Reporting directly to Head Coach on all matters concerning all swim programs, staff and parent concerns, and other projects assigned at staff meetings
  • Being responsible for the behavior, discipline, and actions of athletes & staff during practice, competitions, and other team activities.
  • Assist the Head Coach with the day-to-day operation of the BLST program.
  • Abiding by the team policies and the staff handbook.
  • Responsible for the daily upkeep of the facility, as needed and demanded by Cedar Falls Rec Center/Cedar Falls School District.



Head Swim Coach

  • Level of Commitment Part Time
  • Position Type Head Coach
  • Level of Team Club
  • Sport Swimming

Date posted: January 27, 2021

Location: 164 Smith Ridge Road, New Canaan, CT, USA

with New Canaan Field Club

New Canaan Field Club is seeking a highly-motivated, fun and experienced swim professional to lead an established swim program. Under the direction of the Aquatics Director, the Head Swim Coach oversees three teams of swimmers of all ability levels, and supervises the Assistant Swim Coach. The Head Swim Coach will coordinate and be present for all 4 regular season FCSL Swim Meets as well as both the Divisional Meet and the Counties, which will be held during the 1st week of August. 

The Summer Swim Team Coach will be responsible for all aspects of the Field Club’s Summer Swim Team program including but not limited to: setting up pool for practice, breaking down pool after practice, training and educating participants about Swimming Fundamentals, organizing meet rosters and coaching of summer season’s Inter Club meets.

Afternoon practices begin the week after Memorial Day. Morning practices will start the week after school has ended. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to practice for set up and get dry-land ready.
  • Promote a fun, safe and team-oriented environment for all participants.
  • Provide direct stroke-developing coaching to three teams, five half-days per week.
  • Plan and run technical development drills clinics to include stroke, start, turns etc.
  • Provide more competitive training for older age groups 
  • Be willing to get in the water to fine tune stroke mechanics
  • Offer encouraging feedback and discuss meet results with swimmer to aid development
  • Coordinate with the Aquatics Director regarding home meet organization, practice planning and other pool/deck/locker room issues
  • Attend all preseason, regular, and postseason swim meets. 
  • Coordinate preparation of pool for swim/diving meets with Aquatics Director. 
  • Plan and attend swim team activities that include, but are not limited to the following: Ice Cream Social/Suit Fitting Events, Time Trial, Blue and White Night, post swim meet BBQ’s, pep rallies, team trip, awards banquet. Work with the Aquatics Director and other Head Water Polo Coach to plan and implement the awards presentation at the end of season awards event
  • Prepare all meet entries and record and communicate meet results to parents via email within 24 hours 
  • Lineups should be posted 24 hours in advance. Ensure fairness and inclusion in lineups for participating aquatics team members. 
  • Coordinate with the Aquatics Director to communicate information about upcoming meets via email 
  • Update and maintain all swim team records, bulletin boards and record cases. 
  • Supervise Assistant Swim Coaches. 
  • Communicate and meet with Aquatics Co-Chairs on a weekly basis to discuss summer schedules and any other program-related issues. Attend all aquatics staff meetings. 
  • Attend required FSCL meetings.



US Swim Coach Certifications or equivalent

Experience as head or assistant swim coach

Familiar with phone based timing system – Swimmingly

Good communication with children and swim parents. 

Solid organizational skills

Letters of recommendation (3)


Certification Requirements: Current Adult and Child CPR Certificate, Current Advanced First Aid, Water Safety Instructor Certification.


Aquatics Director

  • Level of Commitment Full Time
  • Position Type Head Coach
  • Level of Team Recreational
  • Sport Swimming

Date posted: January 26, 2021

Location: 254 Essex Street, Beverly, MA, USA

with YMCA of the North Shore

Are you an experienced Aquatics Professional with the ability to inspire a team while adhering to safety guidelines? Are you interested in utilizing your experience to ensure the safety and well-being others by providing access to important programs and services to the community? This may be the opportunity for you?
As an Aquatics Director you will help the YMCA of the North shore support our community and members by ensuring the safe operating and robust and consistent programming of our Aquatics Center. The Aquatics Director is responsible for all aspects of the instructional and recreational aquatics experience. The YMCA of the North Shore provides swim lessons to youth weekly, offers aqua activities for all ages, and is host to a local Swim Teams. Key responsibilities of this role include recruiting, retaining and transitioning swimmers of all ages and abilities through the programs and working collaboratively with the competitive team to achieve a successful conversion rate of instructional swimmers to the competitive program. Through strong leadership, efficient planning, high quality engagement, and direct service, the Aquatics Director manages staff, provides guidance on the technical and physical skills of swimming, creates an environment of fun that develops relationships, achievement and belonging while fostering a lifelong love of swimming and the water. The incumbent in this role will enjoy connecting with participants and visitors of all ages, have the ability to carry out Aquatics initiatives that meet the goals of the organization, and have a strong skill set in planning and leading others.
To thrive in this role you must have a background of progressive aquatics experience leading to the oversight and management of multiple team members, previous experience maintaining the functions of an aquatics center, and the ability to successfully prioritize and respond to a variety of tasks including the emergency response to members of visitors in the pool. You must have the ability to engage and direct others as well as provide instructions and assessment to staff and members in the pool.
The YMCA is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all employees and qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religious creed, protected genetic information, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, or veteran’s status.

Dana Hills Swim Team Assistant Coach

  • Level of Commitment Part Time
  • Position Type Assistant Coach
  • Level of Team Recreational
  • Sport Swimming
Dana Hills Swim Team

Date posted: January 23, 2021

Location: 298 Mountaire Circle, Clayton, California, USA

with Dana Hills Swim Team

Purpose of Job:  Provide coaching to all swim team members during practice sessions and at dual and invitational swim meets

Reports To:  Head Coach


  1.  Provide technical swimming instruction to swimmers ages 4 through 18 at daily practices and at swim meets.
  2. Maintain an environment that is safe and supportive for swimmers; ensure safe swimmer-to-coach ratios are maintained during practices and at swim meets.
  3. Ensure Dana Hills pool water is routinely tested (each hour) during practices and at home swim meets and appropriate chemical levels are maintained. Contact a DHST board member or the Dana Hills Homeowners Association swimming pool supervisor with any problems.
  4. Assist the Head Coach with the scheduling of team swim meets and with practice preparation.
  5. Adhere to weekly training plans for the swimmers prepared by the Head Coach or their designate (these plans will be reviewed and communicated by the Head Coach during the weekly coaches’ meetings by the Head Coach).
  6. As directed by the Head Coach, ensure that all meets for the assigned age group are appropriately seeded and that all paperwork is completed accurately and timely.
  7. Attend all team functions, as deemed necessary and appropriate by the Head Coach.
  8. Assist the Head Coach in fostering a positive and professional atmosphere among the coaching staff.
  9. Support and help administer the DHST Board approved swimmer recognition program to encourage individual goals and self-improvement.
  10. Maintain CPR and First-Aid Certifications (if already qualified)- preferred
  11. Participate in selection process of swimmer recognition programs, including attendance at DHST social events, post invitational awards presentations and full team Spirit Night- individual schedule permitting.
  12. Review and maintain knowledge (including updates) of DHST Code of Conduct, Coaches Conduct and DHST Handbook, along with website postings throughout the season.
  13. Act in such a way as to reflect the position of respect, authority, integrity and good sportsmanship at all times.
  14. Other duties as required and mutually agreed upon between Head Coach and Assistant Coach.

Aquatics Facilities Director

  • Level of Commitment Full Time
  • Position Type Other
  • Level of Team Club
  • Sport Swimming
Greenwich Country Club

Date posted: January 22, 2021

Location: 19 Doubling Road, Greenwich, CT, USA

with Greenwich Country Club

Aquatics Facilities Director


Related Titles: Swimming Pool Director; Swim Center Manager; Director of Aquatics; Aquatics Director; Director of Youth and Aquatics

Reports to: Position is self-supportive, however the General Manager will directly oversee member related concerns at the pool. The Aquatics Director will also collaborate with the Seasonal Chair (Pool, Swim and Camp Committees) in determining the priorities of the Club’s aquatic programs.


Supervises: Swimming Instructor; Lifeguard;

Education and/or Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Education, Physical Education, Recreation Management or Health Sciences
  • Maintains all proper certifications and training for self and pool staff.
  • Three years of experience as an Assistant Pool Manager at a club of comparable size and stature.
  • Competitive swimming experience as either a coach or athlete preferred but not essential.
  • Lifeguard training and experience teaching swim lesson required.
  • Private club experience preferred.


Job Knowledge, Core Competencies and Expectations

  • Broad knowledge and experience in pool chemistry, operations and management.
  • Monitors and coordinates pool safety programs and risk management.
  • Employs only those methods and teaching techniques outlined and approved by the American Red Cross, StarGuard or equivalent.
  • Thoroughly understands specific state and local laws and statutes regarding pool safety and inspections.
  • Knowledge of and ability to perform personal role in emergency situations.


Job Summary (Essential Functions)

Responsible for the entire pool operation, including the safe and effective use of chemicals, Supervise safe, clean, well-maintained and appealing club swimming facilities.


Job Tasks/Duties

  • Hires, trains, supervises and evaluates staff.
  • Performs all end of season exit interviews
  • Formulates weekly work schedules and rotation schedules for all pool employees.
  • Maintains proper chemical balance in pools and maintains mechanical equipment in coordination with the club’s maintenance department.
  • Maintains correct payroll records.
  • Registers members at pool and charges for all guests, lessons, etc.
  • Provides necessary orientation and training for pool staff.
  • Enforces club rules of safety and conduct.
  • Assists in rendering First Aid according to the standards established by the American Red Cross and American Heart Association or equivalent
  • Plans and directs special events.
  • Represents the club in activities as required.
  • Develops annual operating and labor budget to be approved by the General Manager; takes corrective actions as necessary to assure that budget goals are attained.
  • Maintains and keeps all necessary records concerning pool attendance, pool chemicals, accident reports, problem-member reports, lifeguard and instructor schedules, etc.
  • Develops and implements pool safety program and schedules staff to provide adequate protection for members and their guests.
  • Assists in pool opening and closing at the beginning and end of season.
  • Provides aquatics-related information for club newsletter.
  • Manages pool area, including lockers and changing rooms for cleanliness and lost and found articles.
  • Maintains presence during special pool events.
  • Operates pool and surrounding area in compliance with OSHA requirements; maintains all necessary MSDSs.
  • Attends and participates in Aquatics Committee meetings.
  • Performs other appropriate tasks assigned by the General Manager
  • Maintains facility by reporting needs to the engineer and ensuring facilities are optimal and presentable


Licenses and Special Requirements

  • Must have current Red Cross Lifeguard Certificate or equivalent.
  • Red Cross progressive Swimming Instructor Certificate Desirable.
  • American Red Cross Basic First Aid required, training on AED units and possession of a current Red Cross CPR card.
  • Pool Operator certification (if required by state or local jurisdiction).
  • Certified Pool/Spa Operator (CPO) offered by the National Swimming Pool Foundation desirable.
  • The Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) offered by the National Recreation and Park Association.
  • Lifeguard certification offered by the American Red Cross strongly recommended.


Physical Demands and Work Environment

  • Working conditions are often, hot, humid, slippery and wet.
  • Able to work in a busy, noisy environment.
  • Able to tolerate the smell of chlorine and frequent exposure to cleaning agents.
  • Able to meet and perform the physical requirements and to work effectively in an environment, which is typical of this position.
  • Frequent lifting, bending, climbing, stooping and pulling.
  • Frequent repetitive motions.
  • Continuous standing and walking.

Stingrays Swimming have an opening for a Full Time Age Group Coach

  • Level of Commitment Full Time
  • Position Type Assistant Coach
  • Level of Team Club
  • Sport Swimming
Stingrays Swimming

Date posted: January 21, 2021

Location: Marietta, GA, USA

with Stingrays Swimming

The Age Group Swim Coach’s responsibilities include coaching varying degrees of groups

  • Implement, and oversee the Stingrays Athlete parameters to meet the goals of our program.
  • Coach specific training groups (assigned by Head Coach) on a daily basis and other groups on a temporary basis as may be required to maintain the continuity of the training groups.
  • Reporting directly to Head Coach on all matters concerning all swim programs, staff and parent concerns, and other projects assigned at staff meetings
  • Being responsible for the behavior, discipline, and actions of athletes & staff during practice, competitions, and other team activities.
  • Supervise staff at the location. Oversee their training programs
  • Assist the Head Coach with the day-to-day operation of the Stingray program.
  • Abiding by the team policies and the staff handbook.
  • Responsible for the daily upkeep of the facility, as needed and demanded by CCAC.
  • Acting as lead liaison with facility management
  • Oversee all locations programming

Head Swim Coach

  • Level of Commitment Full Time
  • Position Type Head Coach
  • Level of Team Other
  • Sport Swimming

Date posted: January 19, 2021

Location: 1 YMCA Drive, Hannibal, MO, USA

with YMCA of Hannibal

The YMCA of Hannibal is seeking a full-time Head Swim Coach. The ideal candidate would have a proven track record of successfully coaching participants in a wide variety of age and ability ranges. The Hannibal Hurricane’s Swim Team has both competitive and recreational swimmers and has a focus of welcoming all types of swimmers. Job Summary and Responsibilities are listed below:
Job Summary:
The Head Swim Coach is responsible for providing leadership, organization and motivation to both swimmers and
coaching staff in a competitive swimming environment. Creating a safe, positive atmosphere where youth
development, active living in accordance with the YMCA standards are the focus.

Head Swim Coach General Responsibilities:
 Plan, prepare and conduct team practices.  Have knowledge of proper swimming skills and be able to communicate these clearly to swimmers  Demonstrates sportsmanship and the YMCA core values (respect, honestly, caring & responsibility) and works
for these traits in swimmers.  Hire and work with assistant coaches to develop and administer appropriate individual and team wide goals for
all swimmers in the HHST Swim Team.  Be proficient in creating work outs for all age groups and skill levels  Train and develop assistant coaches to ensure continuity in athlete development on a regular basis.  Actively participate in and work with the Heartland Area, River Country, and Ozark swim leagues in order to
assure team participation in all available swim meets, invitational meets and championships meets  Attend scheduled Practices and Swim Meets  Prepare meet entries and provide on deck coaching at all age group meets.  Maintain accurate records of attendance and training. Plan and monitor incentive program for swimmers.
 Establish group guidelines for swimmers and evaluate athletes periodically and make recommendations for
progression through the program.  Work closely with Aquatics Director in coordinating pool needs; practice times, meets, etc.  Using the programing software DAXKO maintaining monthly enrollment & payments & reports.  Structures a dryland program for all swim groups and works closely with Wellness Director in coordinating dry
land sessions.  Perform various administrative duties, including communication with parents via email, phone, bulletin board,
mailbox system and team website and social media.  Coordinate parent volunteer responsibilities in the areas of; home and away swim meets (timers/recorders,
officials, score keepers, and runners), swim team fundraising, and working with any parent volunteer leaders.  Be proficient with Hytek (meet manager and team manager), On Deck, and Colorado Timing System. Maintain
routine maintenance of CTS  Maintain required certifications for YMCA and USA Swimming by attending recertification (see recertification
contract)  Interact positively with swimmers, parents, co-workers and the general public.

Skills, Education, and Experience:
 Certified Lifeguard, Principles of Aquatic Leadership, Swim Instructor certified preferred  USA swimming coach certification  Minimum 2-year experience as a swim instructor or swim coach.  College Degree preferred

Physical Qualifications:
Swimming, speaking, hearing, seeing, reading, writing, typing, lifting, walking, standing
Working Conditions:
The Head Swim Team Coach will work in both an office setting with use of computer and other office equipment to
perform job functions, as well as performing on the pool deck and other areas of the Aquatics Center.