Head Swimming Coach Upper Valley Aquatic Center

Applications due 07/15/24

Job Description:

Date posted: June 12, 2024

Location: 100 Arboretum Lane, White River Junction, VT, USA

Job Title: Head Swim Team Coach                               Department: Swim Team

Reports to: Executive Director                                     

FLSA Classification: EXEMPT


Job Summary:
The role of the Head Coach is to develop a regionally strong competitive swim team with 120-160 swimmers while assuring growth of the team competitively and financially. The Head Coach will support the other coaches and interact often with UVAC management staff to assure coordination of swim lane usage, communication about team events, maintenance and cleaning issues, swim meet logistics, and team successes. The Head Coach must be able to promote the team through lectures, press releases and social media.



  1. Set up squad guidelines. Plan and schedule all UVAC swim team programs
  2. Set up workouts and provide technical direction to all assistant coaches
  3. Provide written evaluations of coaches and programs at the end of short and long course seasons
  4. Work with coaches to make recommendations on professional development and training (seminars, workshops, conventions)
  5. Plan, schedule and conduct practices
  6. Assist and participate in non-swim team UVAC activities, open houses, fund-raisers and special events unless excused by the ED
  7. Responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, development, and performance management of all coaches
  8. Assure that accurate daily attendance records for practices are maintained and delivered to the team registrar
  9. Maintain membership in USA Swimming and complete all safety training for coaches. Including staying current in AED/CPR certifications
  10. Assure that all swimmers have completed the application form and have made payment prior to the start of workouts
  11. Develop and enforce  a coaches and  team travel “code of conduct”
  12. Work with UVAC management to ensure coordination of swim lane usage.
  13. Communicate with the marketing manager on a bi-weekly basis to disseminate information about team results, practices, blogs, and make frequent Facebook postings
  14. Develop and manage annual budget for team income and expenses and assure that the net profit goals are met
  15. Have at least one formal group parent meeting for each season to outline goals, establish parent behaviors, and answer questions as needed
  16. Submit weekly report to the ED by 6 pm on Monday.( If away for a meet Tuesday at 6pm)
  17. Work closely with the parent committee to maximize communication, help direct fund-raising activities, and determine use of the money that is raised
  18. Work with parent committee to host an annual swim team banquet and one other “field trip” type of team building experience
  19. Assure that attendance records are kept accurately and that all registration and meet fee income has been collected by the Team Registrar
  20. Recruitment and scheduling of swim meets as agreed upon annually with the ED
  21. Continue to develop coaching and leadership skills by attending conferences, workshops, reading, and webinars
  22. Determine product, organize orders, and distribute team apparel
  23. Negotiate and maximize the TYR sponsorship to assure we get everything outlined
  24. Perform other reasonably related functions as determined by management


Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Demonstrated ability to supervise, motivate, and train other coaches and volunteers
  • Computer literacy with Word, Excel, Power Point, Page maker or similar programs
  • Experience with using swim team specific software such as Team Unify or the equivalent
  • Strong budgeting and planning ability
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • The Head Coach must have dynamic, high energy personnel skills to relate positively with children and their parents.



Education and Experience:

  • Minimum ASCA 3 level coach, level 4 preferred
  • 6 or more years as a head coach, preferred



Physical and Schedule Requirements:

The position requires a mix of days, nights, and weekends. Travel to swim meets locally, regionally, nationally, and inter-nationally is also required. Frequent long weeks during meet season should be expected.

How to Apply

Please send your resume, three references, and a cover letter to: Patrick Henry, [email protected]

Contact Information

Patrick K Henry

186 Vine St

phone: (817)905-7665