Jillian Cox on Making Worlds: “It just shows you can never count yourself out”


18-Year-Old Jillian Cox surprised many, including herself, by touching 2nd in the women’s 800 free (8:20.28). This was not only a huge PB for the incoming college freshman but it also put her on the world champs team.

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4 months ago

Jillian is so much fun to watch. She really knows how to finish a race. Not sure there is anyone I enjoy seeing compete more right now.

4 months ago

Everyone knew she was going to be special since age 10. Grew up swimming at ATAC for Doug Russell.

4 months ago

On the women’s side, Jillian Cox is number two on the shocker list behind Alex Shackell. Alex Shackell is the definition of “a bolt from the blue” especially in the W 200 FR as opposed to the W 200 FL.

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  Weinstein-Smith-Ledecky-Sims
4 months ago

Is anything really a shocker in women’s distance swimming? It’s like a tennis tournament with only one seeded player.

There should have been waves of 8:15-8:18 types by now, given Ledecky’s prominence for more than a full decade. But the top talents simply don’t want to swim those events. And nowadays Grimes swims it like she’s determined to get out of camera view as soon as possible.

Reply to  Awsi Dooger
4 months ago

You have it upside down. It’s Ledecky who swims her races like she wants no one else with her in the camera frame. As for “top talents” not wanting to swim the distance events, plenty have (Janet Evans, Shane Gould, Debbie Meyer, Brooke Bennett, Rebecca Adlington, etc. etc. — many of the greatest women ever to swim.) And plenty of current greats do so now. There have been scores of tremendously talented, highly decorated and Olympic medalist swimmers from multiple countries who have chased after Ledecky over the course of more than 12 years in multiple events–you need to appreciate Ledecky more and criticize others less.

4 months ago

Okay didn’t know who she was til last week but I’m a fan after this interview

4 months ago

She seems so wonderful! So excited for her! Really appreciates making the team.

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