IOC Announces Three Finalists for 2018 Youth Olympics

After a fun, and relatively successful, debut of the IOC’s Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, the International Olympic Committee is already peering over its bow at potential hosts for the 2018 event.

The three finalists are Buenos Aires, Argentina; Glasgow, Scotland; and Medellin, Colombia. Eliminated from the finalists were Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Guadalajara, Mexico.

The official report, which can be read in its entirety here, stated that the Working Group believed Guadalajara would present “some risk,” while Rotterdam would present “many risks” to the IOC. Specifically, the group in charge of narrowing the field felt that Rotterdam’s estimate for a budget was incomplete and “underscoped” in a number of areas. Guadalajara, meanwhile, brought concerns over government subsidies covering 83% of the budget’s estimated revenues that were not guaranteed, and did not guarantee the coverage of any budget shortfalls.

Rotterdam was also cited for presenting a 6 lane, 25-meter pool to host the swimming competition: the lone reference specifically to aquatics in the report.

The Report by the IOC Evaluation Commission, the next round of approvals, is due in June of 2013, with the election for the host being held on July 4th, 2013.

Though the exact dates of the 2018 Games are not yet known, 2014 would be an interesting bid as this event comes right before their hosting of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. That gives great assurances that the facilities will be of an international standard and quality and ready in time.

For anyone curious about what specifically is looked at to determine hosts for these major events, read as much of the 39-page report as you can stand. It’s quite an interesting study in what the IOC feels makes for a successful Olympic host.

The next edition of the Games will be held in 2014 in Nanjing, China.

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