Germany Announces Roster for 2019 World Championships

29 swimmers have been selected to represent team Germany at the 2019 FINA World Championships this summer, the German Swimming Federation (DSV) announced today.

The roster includes 2018 European Champion Florian Wellbrock, 2018 European Championships silver medalists Sarah Köhler and Philip Heintz and 2017 World Championships silver medalist Franziska Hentke.

13 swimmers are eligible to race in individual events, they have cracked the German nomination times during the qualifying period which ended officially last Tuesday. But the German nomination standards provide an extended qualification period until 12 May, but swimmers can no longer recommend themselves for the relays, only the remaining places in individual competitions can be filled. Two swimmers can start per individual event in Gwangju. Three competitions are held until the end of the second qualifying period in Germany which are FINA approved: The “Süddeutschen” and “Norddeutschen Meisterschaften” this weekend in Freiburg and Magdeburg and the German Open in Essen on May 10th-12th. If nobody earns further qualifying times, it has been customary at past championships to give the relay swimmers the chance to compete in individual events.

Over the men’s 200m breaststroke, 1500m freestyle and the women’s 800m and 1500m freestyle the two start places are already occupied.

Youngest swimmer in the team is Isabel Gose, born in 2002, oldest swimmer is Franziska Hentke, born in 1989. Marius Kusch and Alexander Kunert are two athletes in the German team who currently train in the USA.

Germany earned just 1 medal in swimming at the 2017 World Aquatics Championships: a silver from Franziska Hentke in the women’s 200 fly (2:05.39). In 2017, they sent 10 men and 4 women to the World Championships in swimming, and raced only 3 relays: the men’s 800, the men’s 400 medley, and the mixed 400 medley.

13 women and 16 men will represent the German colors in Gwangju. Swimmers who have qualified for individual competitions are written in italics.


Leonie Beck (400/800m freestyle)
Annika Bruhn
Lea Boy (1500m freestyle)
Anna Elendt
Reva Foos
Isabel Gose
Franziska Hentke (200m butterfly)
Angelina Köhler (100m butterfly)
Sarah Köhler (800/1500m freestyle)

Julia Mrozinski
Marie Pietruschka
Laura Riedemann (100m backstroke)
Jessica Steiger

Männer (16):

Christian Diener
Christoph Fildebrandt
Jacob Heidtmann
Philip Heintz (200/400m IM)
Marco Koch (200m breaststroke)
Alexander Kunert
Marius Kusch (100m butterfly)
Rafael Miroslaw
Max Pilger (200m breaststroke)
Josha Salchow
Fabian Schwingenschlögl
David Thomasberger (200m butterfly)
Ruwen Straub (1500m freestyle)
Florian Wellbrock (400/800/1500m freestyle)
Damian Wierling
Poul Zellmann


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