Full Ryan Lochte Post-200 IM Press Conference (Video)


Reported by Torrey Hart.

Five-time Olympic champion Ryan Lochte swum his first official race since June 3, 2018, at the 2019 Phillips 66 National Championships in Palo Alto, California, Wednesday morning.

He went 1:57.88 in a 200 IM time trial – official splits have yet to be posted. Lochte’s best time since Rio before Wednesday was 1:58.90, and his world record from 2011 sits at 1:54.00. His swim qualifies him for 2020 Olympic Trials; he’s also entered to swim the event on Sunday.

Lochte is also entered in the 100 fly, 100 back, 200 free and 400 IM this week.

The nearly-35-year-old did not strictly need to swim at Nationals to get back on the United States’ 2019-2020 National Team, and receive the funding that comes with it. Lochte just has to be in the top six American swimmers, based on FINA world rankings, in an individual Olympic event – from the combined results of USA Swimming or FINA sanctioned meets – with his qualifying swims occurring on or before August 25. Note that time trials do not count toward making the team, but that his time from Wednesday would rank him as the No. 4 man in the nation behind Chase Kalisz and Michael Andrew this season.

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1 year ago

Why is it so hard to find live results for this meet?

Reply to  Joe
1 year ago

its not. Omega timing is practically live. Each session recap on swim swam has a link to the results.


1 year ago

Ryan lochte dad is peak Ryan Lochte

1 year ago

Oh he looks like a quarterback!
Aged and wised up.

1 year ago

I wish Sun Yang was this candid. Might go something like this…

“Yeah, I roundhouse kick people in the warm down pool, I smash vials and scream at people on the podium. I have learned the error of my ways, vow to change and accept any and all consequences”

Reply to  Lpman
1 year ago

Ahh yes – the most American of acts: faking ownership of mistakes to placate the gummy public without any intention of actually changing anything.

Johnny Football was the king of this.

Reply to  DriveBee
1 year ago

Yeah but what happened to him in the end? He got tossed out with the trash.

Side of Guac
1 year ago

Love this dude

1 year ago

not sure i’d want any affiliation w A-rod coming off a suspension

Reply to  phillymark
1 year ago

I didnt know A-Rod is a genius.

Reply to  phillymark
1 year ago

Well, if you want to talk about a guy who has done nearly a full 180 on his image, then A-Rod is a great person to associate with.

On jah
1 year ago

a happy, fun loving guy.

Ol' Longhorn
1 year ago

“Vitamin 12.” My man.

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