Five Italians Drop Off Aqua Centurions Roster, Others Weighing Withdrawals

At least five Italian swimmers have dropped off the Aqua Centurions roster for the 2020 ISL season, with more weighing withdrawals.

An updated Aqua Centurions roster obtained by SwimSwam shows the following names now absent from the team:

Three names have been added:

A source tells SwimSwam that some athletes could be facing conflicts with military service, which would make a five-week absence difficult. Other swimmers are also weighing their options, with more withdrawals potentially in the coming weeks.

The International Swimming League is planning to hold its second season during a five-week training camp in Budapest, Hungary. But that plan has come up against coronavirus pandemic travel restrictions. Most Australian athletes have already withdrawn from the league.

The Italy news comes on the same day that the ISL released a statement criticizing unnamed national federations for what the league called “bullying” of athletes.

With the coronavirus pandemic still affecting travel and athletic competitions around the world, the ISL has said it plans to test athletes upon arrival in Budapest and every five days during the regular season. But the league still has not announced whether it will conduct its season in a ‘bubble’ in Budapest or whether athletes, coaches and officials will be quarantined while the season is taking place.

The five withdrawals from the Italy-based Aqua Centurions leaves that lineup very thin, with just 10 women and 14 men on the roster.

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11 months ago

I honestly think some athletes are dropping out because of the changes that open the gap between the top 0.1% of the athletes and the other athletes even more. I tried to read the rating system on the ISL page and that guy is nuts honestly…..
that coupled with the stealing of price money and points that he introduced make the league which was an incredible idea in the beginning, less appealing for athletes and fans….

Reply to  Averagejoe
11 months ago

I wish it was true but I bet a big majority of the athletes doesn’t even know what you’re talking about.
An Athletes Association is still needed to ensure the ISL is a serious and reliable organization.

11 months ago

I don’t think most athletes would feel comfortable spending 5 weeks “quarantined” in Hungary with all of this going on? Unless they do not have adequate training options at home. Maybe doing multiple meets is not the best option this year? Thats just my two cents.

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