Exclusive Bob Bowman Video Interview: Creating a New Culture at ASU

Swimming Video capture – Garrett McCaffrey / SwimSwam co-founder.

Video edit – Coleman Hodges / SwimSwam Production Manager.

NBAC Head Coach, Bob Bowman

Coach Bob Bowman

ASU Swimming and Diving Coach Bob Bowman sat down with Garrett McCaffrey for an exclusive interview this weekend.

Coach Bowman is one of the greatest coaches in swimming history.  Developing Michael Phelps, delivering the greatest Olympic-run in history, often overshadows his long, storied career, but Bowman has had enormous success in all areas of his coaching life.   Bowman didn’t emerge from college at Florida State University (where he swam and captained the team) and start pumping out champions.  It’s important to remember, Bowman paid his dues as a college assistant and club age group coach for many years.

Coach Bowman’s NBAC is, based on its size, the strongest club team in the USA Swimming family. NBAC is not a super club with 750+ athletes. It’s relatively small, under 250, yet NBAC has developed countless elites athletes and swimmers competing at the college level.

Bowman takes the reins at ASU Swimming and Diving as college swimming programs continue to get cut across the country. ASU’s choice to invest in Bowman and in swimming is beacon of light at this time in college swimming history.


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6 years ago

Too early for college graduating class of 2020 recruit rankings? Already received a few verbals on the women side, I’m eager to hear everyone’s input!

Reply to  !
6 years ago

What verbal commitments? Do you have any details to share?

Reply to  Hastimen123
6 years ago

Stanzi Moseley (USC), Veronica Burchill (UGA)…I mean college swimming.com has rankings, swim swam might as well put out some predictions as the year approaches. Especially since major high school championships have wrapped up and long course success doesn’t necessarily translate into yards for this coming summer.

6 years ago

He’s saying all the right things – if the correct implementation follows it should go well.

6 years ago

IMHO he will experience a huge improvement in his second full year at ASU. The current crop of swimmer will improve next year, but with a fist full of elite freshmen, plus a few transfers, the year after will be very good. He is a magnet for talent, no matter where you stand on the high versus low mileage issue.

Reply to  Billabong
6 years ago

Agree he is a magnet for talent. A couple questions IMO. One is will he be able to recruit without Michael around? (assuming Michael is done after 2016). He has had success getting talent to train with him (and Michael) but he has also had trouble keeping that talent…..big trouble.

Reply to  weirdo
6 years ago

I’m not so convinced that Michael will be done after 2016. If Rio goes reasonably well for him, I don’t think it’s too hard to envision him taking a year or so off, then go one for one more quad. In 2020, he’ll be as old as Lezak was in 2012, I’m pretty sure.

6 years ago

I’m happy to see an interview again by Garrett McCaffrey! I was wondering if Garrett left SwimSwam, because I haven’t seen anything from him in awhile. Whatever happened to those video discussions between Garrett and Braden? I really enjoyed them! 🙂

6 years ago

If his 2015 recruits training behind him are any indication, Coach Bowman has a long way to go!

Reply to  MarkB
6 years ago

I noticed that as well. The pool is open to the asu student body, staff, masters, water polo, kayakers (at least it was when I was part of the ASU kayak club). You can run across many not so good swimmers (at least they are swimming it long course!) and you can run across some awesome swimmers. I’m really wondering what the 2016 recruit class will look like. Honestly, I’d be much happier to train there after 2016, because like it or not, Rio will be a distraction from the team.

Reply to  Fivers
6 years ago

I was kidding! I swam and taught at ASU so I know the lap swim situation (especially before they built the student 50 meter pool).

Gina Rhinestone
6 years ago

With Police Free Baltimore now at 40 murders this month , I am 100% certain Coach Bowman will put in a big effort in his new location. Who would not take this opportunity & run with it ?

Necessity is the mother of – well necessity .

bobo gigi
Reply to  Gina Rhinestone
6 years ago

If only we could have a Gina free swimswam…. 🙄

Hulk Swim
Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

This x1000. Bobo wins the Internet today.

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