European Champ-Gregorio Paltrinieri Doesn’t See Second Place LCM


Gregorio Paltrineri, the Olympic, World and European Champion in the 1500 free (long course) this time came in second.

Mykhaylo Romanchuk, once again proved the most dangerous opponent for the Italian in the longest race of pool swimming.

Gold came for the Ukrainian with a time of 14’14 “59. Gregorio arrived second with a time of 14’22 “93. Also on the podium was the Norwegian Henrik Christiansen, who finished about three seconds later, inuching to 14’25 “66.

In any case, the competition must be analyzed in the context of Gregory’s preparation.

This European Championship, in fact, arrived in the middle of his preparation in Australia and even the many-time Champion knew that he should not expect much.


Immediately after the race, we collected the fresh impressions of Paltrinieri.

“Now it’s the best I could do,” he said “I’m convinced of everything I’m doing. I have no regrets.”

“I started with my usual rhythm, but I lasted probably 500 meters, not more. For now it’s what I have.

“With all I have done in previous years and with all that I have learned in Australia, I think I will come back even stronger, convinced of myself and competitive in many things.

“Obviously I’m sorry to have lost a 1500. I do not like losing, but oh well, for now that’s what it is.”

  • How did you feel today in the pool? Yesterday you said you weren’t feeling great.

“I felt the same. It is obvious that in the final, you hope to always have something more, so a little time has dropped, but 14.22 is an absolutely normal time, nothing special.

“But I did a lot of changes, I trained in a totally different way from how I trained for all my life. I’m convinced that this can lead me to something amazing in the future.

“Now I’m not ready, but it’s worth it.”

Con l’autorizzazione del fotografo Fabio Cetti – KCS Media srl –


  • Did you regret the decision to come here to do the Europeans by interrupting your preparation in Australia?

“Absolutely not. I would do it all again.

“I came here to see where I was and now I go back to Australia. I can not wait to go back to Australia, but I would definitely do everything, even race here. It is always a European.

“The Australian experience is doing me good and soon the results will be seen because I am convinced that they will be great.

“Australia is an experience that I had to do not only from a technical point of view, but also from a human point of view.

“I felt I had to try something completely new. After so many years that you always train the same way you feel the need to detach and try something different.”


  • How did you find the workouts in Australia?

“In Australia they do completely different workouts. Maybe they are not good for me or maybe they are fine up to a certain point.

“The aim of everything is to come back to Italy to train with Morini and bring 100% in the race. Even this race I had to do it, even if I finished second.”

  • In perspective of long course, how do you see Romanchuk?

“Behind me.

“I was not well in the water today. I have also downloaded for this race, but anyway with the two months of training in Australia that I was wearing it was really difficult to face this to the fullest.

“The goal is the long course. Glasgow is definitely my next goal. To tell the truth for me is a source of motivation to have someone who is strong and fast, I’m pumped, but I do not think there will be a second place in the long course (laughs) for me, maybe for him.”

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2 years ago

“Downloaded what for this race”? ?
Ok, I hope that was clear that Paltrinieri did his taper for these EuroChamps, but he tried something different in his training (in Australia) in the last few months.
Paltrinieri very confident to win the next challenges (LCM EuroChamps 2018, Worlds2019) towards Olympics2020.
He is a motivational machine: one defeat (also at a minor event) is more than enough.

Reply to  nuotofan
2 years ago

He was 2nd in the 1500 free at the 2016 short course World Champs as well.

Reply to  Dan
2 years ago

Maybe because his turns aren’t the best.

2 years ago

Love the trash talk

Reply to  Markster
2 years ago

I watched the interview (in Italian) and Paltrinieri said: “I’m happy for Romanchuk, he always lost last summer”.
And then also what written in this article. At the question: “In perspective LC how do you see Romanchuk”?
“Behind me” replied Paltrinieri.

Human Ambition
Reply to  nuotofan
2 years ago

Great Guys! Always humble when I have talked to them.

2 years ago

“Behind me” LOL

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