Adam Peaty Gives Gold Medal To Fan After Euros 100 Breast


It happened last night after the awarding of the 100-meter breast.

Adam Peaty won gold in a tough final in 55.94. With that swim, Peaty achieved not only a new European Record but also a new European Championships record.

After the awards ceremony, Peaty approached the stands, where fans were waiting for him in delirium.

He found a young English fan, who gave him her tablet for an autograph. Peaty signed the tablet, but also took the medal off his neck and gave it to the young fan, whose speechless expression you can check out below:

coutesy of Eurosport


  1. Adam Peaty,  55,94 (2017)
  2. Adam Peaty 56.24 (2017)
  3. Adam Peaty, 56.35 (2014)
  4. Adam Peaty, 56.43 (2014)
  5. Adam Peaty, 56.74 (2017)
  6. Adam Peaty, 56.84 (2015)
  7. Adam Peaty, 57.02 (2014)
  8. Adam Peaty, 57.03 (2015)
  9. Michael Jamieson, 57.52 (2013)

The World Record sits at 55.61 from Cameron van der Burgh, done back in 2009.

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Probably one of the most memorable moments, even more than most of the races.


He explained it in some video a while ago after he did the same with his Rio Gold. I think he wants to inspire young athletes or something along those lines.

Or maybe it was his Worlds medal. Either way, same idea

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