DiRado, Jaeger Win Richmond SwimSquads, But Adams Still Leads


Maya DiRado’s DiradSquad edged Connor Jaeger’s Jaeg-Train by half a point in Richmond, but it’s Cammile Adams and the Adams Family who continue to lead the 2019 SwimSquad Battles.


  • Prior to each meet, the captain will select 6 swimmers from their overall roster to score.
  • Each of the six athletes is designated for one specific category, and can score in up to two events from that category. The categories are:
    • Free (50 through 1500)
    • Back (50 through 200)
    • Breast (50 through 200)
    • Fly (50 through 200)
    • IM (200 and 400, not the mystery order 200 IM)
    • Flex (any two races)
  • An athlete must make the top 8 to score points:
    • 1st: 10
    • 2nd: 8
    • 3rd: 7
    • 4th: 5
    • 5th: 4
    • 6th: 3
    • 7th: 2
    • 8th: 1

Running Totals

Total Knoxville Des Moines Richmond
Adams Family 268 101 93 74
Jaeg-Train 230 88 60 82
DiRadSquad 209.5 91 36 82.5
Beisel Bunch 205 71 74 60

Here’s a look at the team-by-team scoring:


DiRadSquad 82.5
Starter Events Points
Free Simone Manuel 50/100 FR 17.5
Back Ryan Murphy 100/200 BK 20
Breast Nic Fink 100/200 BR 15
Fly Jack Conger 50/100 FL 2
IM Chase Kalisz 200/400 IM 18
Flex Hannah Moore 800/1500 FR 10

DiRado got the expected great showings from Manuel, Murphy and Kalisz. She also correctly predicted a big 1500 free swim from Moore, even if Moore scratched the 800 and didn’t score anything there.


Jaeg-Train 82
Starter Points
Free Katie Ledecky 400/800 FR 20
Back Matt Grevers 50/100 BK 15
Breast Annie Lazor 100/200 BR 20
Fly Caeleb Dressel 50/100 FL 20
IM Andrew Wilson 200 IM 0
Flex Katie Meili 50/100 BR 7

Ledecky and Lazor were almost sure things to score huge. Dressel was somewhat of a wild card, but looked a lot more like a prepared Dressel than a beat-up, in-season one. Grevers had some risk without much competing this year, but came through very well. Missing points in the IM was tough, but Jaeger really had no good options beyond Wilson, who was a longshot at best.

Adams Family

Adams Family 74
Starter Points
Free Margo Geer 50/100 FR 11
Back Olivia Smoliga 50/100 BK 20
Breast Emily Escobedo 100/200 BR 9
Fly Kelsi Dahlia 50/100 FL 18
IM Gunnar Bentz 200/400 IM 0
Flex Michael Andrew 50FR/50FL 16

Bentz scratching the meet hurt a lot for Adams. But Smoliga made up for it with probably the best showing of any athlete in Richmond. Dahlia and Andrew were expectedly great. Geer wasn’t quite as good as she’s been, scoring-wise, on the tour, but got the job done.

Beisel Bunch

Beisel Bunch 60
Starter Points
Free Zane Grothe 400/800 FR 18
Back Elise Haan 50/100 BK 1
Breast Kevin Cordes 50/100 BR 13
Fly Justin Wright 100/200 FL 3
IM Leah Smith 200/400 IM 7
Flex Hali Flickinger 200 FL/200 BK 18

Grothe and Flickinger were good. Cordes was way better than expected. Unfortunately, a scratch from Smith in the 200 IM hurt, as did Haan’s scratch from the 50 back.

Our Projections

We published our own suggested starters before the meet. You can view them here. While they by-and-large matched what each captain did, there were a few changes. We’ll run through them here, and track how well each team would’ve done had they used our projected starters and starting events instead:


Position Their Starter Points Our Starter Points
Change with our lineup
Nic Fink
Nic Fink
100/200 BR 50/200 BR
Hannah Moore
Ella Eastin
800/1500 FR 200/400 IM

We justified our odd breaststroke pairing based on Fink’s superior results in the 50 and 200 at both previous stops. But his 3rd-place finish in the 100 was better than a 9th in the 50, so DiRado outdoes our projections. Good call, Maya.

On the other hand, DiRado’s decision to use Moore in the flex role instead of Eastin (400 IM winner, 200 IM runner-up) yielded 8 less points. So it’s pretty close to a wash here. DiRado probably regrets not starting the Stanford IMer following in her own footsteps, but Moore would’ve also been a great call had she swum the 800 free.


Position Their Starter Points Our Starter Points
Change with our lineup
Katie Ledecky
Katie Ledecky
400/800 FR 200/400 FR
Katie Meili
Molly Hannis
50/100 BR 50/100 BR

Ledecky’s events are basically splitting hairs. She’d have been a perfect 20 either way. On the other hand, Hannis did outscore Meili in the sprint breaststrokes by six.

Beisel Bunch

Position Their Starter Points Our Starter Points
Change with our lineup
Justin Wright
Katie Drabot
100/200 FL 100/200 FL
Hali Flickinger
Hali Flickinger
200 FL/200 BK 200 FL/400 IM

We picked Drabot over Wright because of the ceiling – Drabot is a likely 2-event scorer, while Wright is only a real scoring factor in the 200. As it turned out, pretty stiff 200 fly competition crowded out Wright, while Drabot swam great in her fly races.

On the other hand, we picked Flickinger in the 400 IM, which she ultimately scratched. Beisel escaped there with 8 more points than our lineup, while losing 9 in the butterfly. Once again: about a wash.

Adams Family

Position Their Starter Points Our Starter Points
Change with our lineup
Emily Escobedo
Josh Prenot
100/200 BR 100/200 BR
Michael Andrew
Michael Andrew
50 FR/50 FL 50 FR/50 BK

We noted in our projections how Andrew had been on a tear in the 50 backstroke, and he remains undefeated through this Pro Swim Series in the 50 back. Meanwhile we bet on Dressel to give him a run in the 50 fly, which he did.

The breaststroke choice also came down to Escobedo vs Prenot. Both were pretty solid scorers, though Prenot’s 14 points would’ve made him Adams’ fourth-highest scorer.

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Random Swimmer/ Swim Fan
3 years ago

Swimswam’s prediction of the order was correct!

3 years ago

We need to make this more engaging for the fans. this is a great start, but people get bored watching other people pick who will swim fast. They need to do it themselves. Lets make a fantasy swimming app that goes meet by meet or series by series. Have national rankings and prizes for people who do well. Might be fun

Waiting for the isl
Reply to  really?
3 years ago

Also if they want to make it more engaging, actually mention it once in a while during the meet…

Reply to  really?
3 years ago

I would love this

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