DCA in Sun Yang Incident was an Untrained Construction Worker, Report Says

The doping control assistant whose alleged questionable credibility led to the infamous Sun Yang blood vial-smashing incident was an untrained construction worker, according to a report from Xinhua News.

Sun alleged in his hearing last Friday that the male DCA who was supposed to watch him urinate began taking photos of him, and said he was a “fan.” Neither the DCA nor the presiding doping control officer showed up for any of Sun’s hearings.

In an interview with Xinhua, which is the official state-run press agency of China, the DCA admitted he had no prior training, and added that he had planned to testify at the CAS hearing — but allegedly, no one ever followed up with him.

“I am a builder and I am always busy at work, day and night. No one ever trained me about the doping test, and it is unnecessary for me to undertake such training,” he said. “I agreed to give my words at a video conference before the public hearing as they requested. I was ready, but no one had ever contacted me about this.”

The DCA had already admitted earlier this year to being a childhood friend of the DCO, and that she had asked him to help out on the testing mission at hand. Corroborating Sun’s account from the hearing, the DCA told Xinhua he took pictures during the mission.

“She called me to pick up her at the railway station and drove her to Sun’s home at that night. In fact, there was another lady with the DCO at the station. She was the BCA.”

“Before we entered the test room, the DCO asked me to escort Sun into the bathroom. As my understanding, she was asking me to watch Sun Yang urinating. Because both of them were ladies, I agreed,” he said. “Sun is a big star in China and it was my first time being near him. I was excited. I took a couple of pictures outside the room with my cellphone. When I tried to take pictures of him again when we were sitting in the room, Sun told me not to do so.”

When Sun started to discuss his credentials with the DCO, the DCA said he didn’t understand what was going on.

“I knew nothing about the doping test and nothing about my role that night. I just came to help my middle school classmate at her request. I am a builder,” he said.

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I don’t care if he is an untrained construction worker kr the freaking pope. He still realized that one of them was trained and still smashed blood tests.


Lol no. Just no


Xinhua News = Communist Party mouthpiece


Mike_in_dallas = everything wrong about patriotism


Mike in Dallas is actually right. That station will only ever report on stuff that’s in the best interest of the party. It’s kinda a theme in communism and totalitarian governments (which China basically is)

Mr Piano

Well, technically t’s more like state capitalism. Communism is where the people collectively control society. In communism, there is no state, money, or class. China certainly isn’t that. In an actual communist society, the news station would be owned by the workers who run it, not the state, and not a corporation.

PolSci 😉


You are stating the definition of Communism. Dude is stating reality of Communism.


I see my friend needs a reading list from Marx, Lenin, and Mao.
I’m happy to provide one since I studied them all in history of philosophy.


Right on Mike

Karl W Hallesy

Your so wrong its sad! You almost sound like having Communism is a good thing! Communism means having to cut your hair one of the ways the government wants. It means a point system where if you go to church you get bad points against you. Communism means the government controls what you see on TV and the media. Communism means if you are a Muslim you will get sent to a reeducation camp. I could go on and on but your comment shows you to be anything but intelligent!


It’s nice to know that the truth has friends.


They said harsh things about. Ousamma, but he bounced back.
And do will sun.
Keep your head up and keep swimming.


Would you like to see my Vietnam draft card, friend? I’m 65 years old.
Or, is yours from WWII? No one questions my patriotism after Vietnam.


I never questioned your patriotism. You clearly love America. I said that you are everything wrong about patriotism

Corn Pop

March 1973 . Nixon withdraws all but a rump security team for advisers left in Saigon ..All the battles were fought by the Sth & Nth Vietnamese ( maybe some others on the latter) . If you are 65 Nov 2019 then you must be a Dec 1953 baby . Or later . In this case I cannot see how you were drafted for Vietnam ( other than the usual registration that exists today still ) . Mike I realise China & the USSR were facilitating Ho Chi Minh ‘s forces as was their right but you never faced them across the jungle . Your personal objection to Chines3 Communist Party may be real but it is not from the… Read more »


The last draft call was on December 7, 1972 (I was in college on that date) – and I turn 66 in a month – so, my draft card is not an illusion.


I’m starting to see sun’s side…


Most definitely. Who knows how it could have been contaminated or tainted.

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