Competitor Swim: Introducing the EZ-Tensioner

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September 20th, 2023 Industry, News

Courtesy of Competitor, a SwimSwam partner.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the EZ-Tensioner is the newest product available through Competitor Swim.

The EZ-Tensioner is exclusive to the Competitor Swim line. User-friendly and uncomplicated, the EZ-Tensioner represents a cutting-edge response to the challenges associated with conventional tensioners.

Competitor racing lanes attach to the pool wall using a stainless-steel spring at one end and a stainless-steel ratchet reel at the other for proper tension. The EZ-Tensioner differs from the original take-up reel, designed to be tightened with a removable wrench.

“Our goal was to make a very durable tensioner that was quick and easy to use, and you did not need a wrench to tighten the lane.” – Brad Underwood, Competitor President

Key Features:

  • 3 clicks to tighten your lane lines
  • One motion to release the tension
  • No wrench needed

Whether you need new lane lines or need to upgrade or replace your old tensioner, the EZ-Tensioner is designed to fit on any lane line and will be available to order in November 2023.

The EZ-Tensioner: Fast. Easy. No Wrench.

About Competitor Swim

Since 1960, Competitor Swim® has been the leader in the production of racing lanes and other swim products for competitions around the world. Competitor lane lines have been used in countless NCAA Championships, as well as 10 of the past 13 Olympic Games. Molded and assembled using U.S. – made components, Competitor lane lines are durable, easy to set up and are sold through distributors and dealers worldwide.

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