Champions Awarded, Destro Machines: Swimming Power Championships

Courtesy of Destro Machines, a SwimSwam partner.

We are thrilled to announce the winners of this summer’s Destro Machines: Swimming Power Championships! This social media-driven event brought excitement to swimming enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing incredible talent and fierce competition.

We saw standout performances by the likes of Thomas Verhoeven, Zoe Skirboll, and Ellie Lange.

Thomas was the overall champion with a 25-yard swim pulling a full bucket of water in just 11.83 seconds. This was fast enough to best an unofficial submission from the 50 free World Champion Cam McEvoy.


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Zoe Skirboll threw down a time of 16.32 which gave her the largest margin of victory over her peers across any category in the competition.

Ellie Lange at just 12 years old, rounded out the standouts by posting a 19.56 which likely could have put her on the leaderboard for the 15-16 age bracket. We are excited to see her age-up in future competitions.

Team Prize Winners:

  • DM Double Tower: [Bellevue Swim Club]
  • DM Single Tower: [RacerX Aquatics]
  • DM SwiMeter2.0: [Middletown HS]
  • 25% Off Store-Wide Coupon: [Greater Orlando Aquatic Club]
  • 15% Off Store-Wide Coupons: [Albion Swimming, Hinsdale Swim Club, Middletown HS, Bellevue SC, RacerX Aquatics]
  • DM 24 X 48 Banners: [Albion Swimming, Hinsdale Swim Club, Middletown HS, Bellevue SC, RacerX Aquatics]

Every participant in this groundbreaking event also receives a 5% off coupon, a testament to our appreciation for their dedication and spirit.

Champion Prize Winners:

1st Place:

  • Men 17+ – Thomas Verhoeven, Netherlands
  • Men 15-16 – Ryan Barlett, Bellevue, NE
  • Men 13- 14 – Caden Zhao, Pittsburgh PA
  • Women 17+ – Zoe Skirboll, Pittsburgh PA
  • Women 15-16 – Brielle Buchanan, Orlando FL
  • Women 13-14 – Ellie Lange, Pittsburgh PA

Winners were awarded the prestigious DM Swimming Power Champion Tee and a 20% Off Coupon.

Podium Athletes:

  • Danny Tucker, David Morgan, Zach Zornan Ferguson, Ryan Barlett, John HunterH, Caleb Decker, Lukas Middletown HS, Cameron Wincko, Luke Kleman, Grant Anger, Bryan Christiansen, Jared Fasnacht, Alex Jones, Soren Cooper, Ethan Wiegel, Caden Zhao, Dylan Shipe, Brielle Buchanan, Grace Thayer, Helen Yee, Ellie Lange, Whitney Calhoun, Sophia Danker, Ellis Bekman, Danika Senekal, Lillian Thayer, Allison Rutherford, Lauren Beers, Bryony Shipe

Podium athletes receive the DM Swimming Power Podium Tee and a 10% Off Coupon.

Our prizes, valued up to $50,000, were awarded through a combination of random drawings and leaderboard rankings. The leaderboard was a dynamic feature that allowed participants and fans to track progress throughout the competition.

We congratulate all our winners and express our heartfelt thanks to every participant who made the Destro Machines: Swimming Power Championships a resounding success. Let’s make 2024 even better!

About Destro Machines

Destro Machines is a family and swimmer-owned company. We were founded in 2015 when we realized that swimmers and coaches were lacking the effective and affordable training technology required for them to reach their goals. Our team of engineers, has spent years working with Division I College and top tier high school programs to develop equipment that’s not only less expensive, but also more effective than any other resistance training system available.

Courtesy: Destro Machines, a SwimSwam partner. 

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