Celina Li Scratches 100 Fly for Thursday’s Prelims

Earlier, we broke the news that Ryan Lochte would be scratching three of his four entries on Thursday: the 400 IM, where he’s the defending Olympic gold medalist, the 50 backstroke, and the 50 breaststroke (with the latter being basically a given).

Other than him, though, a majority of the entries for Thursday have remained in-tact from the pre-meet psych sheets.

The biggest scratch perhaps is Celina Li of the Pleasanton Seahawks. The future Cal Golden Bear dropped the 100 fly from her schedule for Thursday. That’s not her best chance at making the Worlds team, and though she was only 31st at the Olympic Trials last year, she is considered the best butterflier in the high school class of 2013.

There were a few other scratches aside from those two, but none of much significance. Clary scratched the 400 IM as well. Lindsay Clary, that is: the sister of the new favorite in the men’s 400 IM Tyler Clary. She and SwimMAC’s versatile Kathleen Baker are both out of that race. Dimitry Dolgov and Scott Weltz also scratched the men’s 400 IM.

Lochte was the only scratch in the men’s 50 backstroke and the men’s 50 breaststroke.

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bobo gigi
9 years ago

Please, can someone on earth give me a comprehensive definition of the word hater? I hate the world hater. It seems very funny and very sensitive. So, one example. If I write Allison Schmitt has, unfortunately as expected, a bad meet, am I a hater? I hope it’s not the case.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  bobo gigi
9 years ago

Yeah, saying that about Schmitt might get some people to label you a “hater.”

Because most people that refer to others as “haters” are idiots.

9 years ago

Lochte’s the man and a great advocate for our sport. I’m assuming something personal must have happened between the two of you because your passionate dislike for him is consistent and nauseating…

9 years ago

Hagino is now pretty safe on 400 IM.. Pereira and Cseh too if they swim..

Reply to  Rafael Teixeira
9 years ago

Hagino was safe even if Lochte swam the 400m IM and was probably cherishing the chance to drop the hammer on Ryan in Barcelona.

Typical Lochte though, sign up for a bunch of events to get some extra attention and then drop them all.

Reply to  NoLochteFan
9 years ago

Yeah, that was probably his coach, not him.

Reply to  NoLochteFan
9 years ago

lol, I think you’re just trolling the website bad mouthing Lochte 🙂

Jean Michel
Reply to  CB
9 years ago

let him do ! he never got where Lochte is anyway . no problemo . Such a surname can’t deliver anything interesting . Pfffffffff

Reply to  NoLochteFan
9 years ago

I seem to remember another very versatile male swimmer who would sign up for more events than he knew he would swim and wouldn’t disclose his schedule which would generate more buzz and attention…

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