Carson Foster: “My time’s gonna come and I’m ready for it when it does”


Reported by James Sutherland.


  • World Record: Ryan Lochte (USA) – 1:54.00 (2011)
  • American Record: Ryan Lochte – 1:54.00 (2011)
  • US Open Record: Ryan Lochte (USA) – 1:54.56 (2009)
  • World Junior Record: Hubert Kos (HUN) – 1:56.99 (2021)
  • 2016 Olympic Champion: Michael Phelps (USA) – 1:54.66
  • 2016 US Olympic Trials Champion: Michael Phelps – 1:55.91
  • Wave I Cut: 2:04.09
  • Wave II Cut: 2:03.02
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut: 1:59.67
  1. Michael Andrew (RPC), 1:55.26
  2. Chase Kalisz (ABSC), 1:57.19
  3. Kieran Smith (FLOR), 1:57.61
  4. Carson Foster (RAYS), 1:57.77
  5. Sam Stewart (YHF), 1:58.37
  6. Ryan Lochte (GSC), 1:58.65
  7. Andrew Seliskar (CAL), 1:58.92
  8. Trenton Julian (ROSE), 1:59.21

As we’ve become accustomed to, Michael Andrew absolutely torched the first 150 in the second semi-final of the men’s 200 IM, but we’ve never seen him out quite so fast.

Andrew was out in an unbelievably fast 23.90 at the 50, with no one else in the field even under 25 seconds. He extended that lead with a 29.19 back leg, and then blew everyone away again with a blazing 32.21 breast split. That put him at 1:25.30 at the 150, 1.21 seconds under Ryan Lochte‘s world record pace.

Andrew went from being the fastest in the field on each of the first three 50s to the slowest on freestyle, closing in 29.96, but ultimately it was a moot point tonight as he qualified first for the final by almost two seconds in 1:55.26.

Carson Foster touched second in Andrew’s heat in a time of 1:57.77, just off his 2019 best of 1:57.59, to qualify fourth for the final.

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1 month ago

Uh huh…..

Michael Andrew Wilson
Reply to  Yup
1 month ago

What the hell is wrong with you guys (or more likely one guy with 10 handles) and the Foster trolling? Dude is 19 and made 3 finals at OTs. So he swam a couple of best times in-season in the weirdest year ever. Give it a rest.

Reply to  Michael Andrew Wilson
1 month ago

Probably just some dudes from high school he smoked

Reply to  Pvdh
1 month ago

Absolutely this!

Jake fr State Farm
Reply to  Michael Andrew Wilson
1 month ago

Well said M A W, I have no idea why the heavy trolling on Carson. The young brother embraces the daily grind, and we will see him again in 3 yrs.

Irish Ringer
Reply to  Michael Andrew Wilson
1 month ago

Yup, love this kid. Fell short in a few events that were well within reach and he’s ready to go back to the lab and keep working towards his dream.

Reply to  Michael Andrew Wilson
1 month ago

Not sure who “you guys” are, or what you’re asking. I was also a bit “uh huh” by this interview. He’s a great swimmer, but did he actually say “trusting in God’s timing”? I’m confused. Sound like he thinks God plays an active role in sporting outcomes which, for me, is, ya, “uhhhhhh huh…”

Reply to  LaBlom
1 month ago

What’s your problem? if it was your interview you could say whatever you wanted…Why it bothers you what other folks are trusting in?

1 month ago

Great job Carson

Not Tapered 🏊
1 month ago

Stay strong young fella 💪

Dan Flack
1 month ago

100% – that’s why you are a DUDE

1 month ago

I love this kid!! One season with Eddie and he is bursting with more confidence than a year ago!! #PARIS2024

1 month ago

I feel really sad for this young swimmer because this ruined his chances to fulfill his Olympic dreams.

Reply to  NANCY LAM
1 month ago

True, these will be the last Olympic Games ever, as we all know

Reply to  NANCY LAM
1 month ago

He’s 22 in 2024 my dude 😂

Texas Tap Water
1 month ago

The most overpredicted swimmer in America.

Remember when SwimSwam predicted outrageous results for this swimmer?

Yeah I remember.

Last edited 1 month ago by Texas Tap Water
Ew David!
Reply to  Texas Tap Water
1 month ago

The true test of a champion is not when you succeed, but how you respond to “failure” and set backs. He is more than capable of those things, but sometimes the timeline is wrong. He has a really bright future ahead of him.

Ew David!
Reply to  Ew David!
1 month ago

Also, I say “failure” because anyone who finals in multiple events is a f**kin baller

Reply to  Texas Tap Water
1 month ago

Why do you take joy in criticizing elite athletes during some of the biggest low points in their athlete careers?

Reply to  Coach
1 month ago

Cuz he’s bitter and jealous? Or just a troll. Too much metal in his drinking water.

Reply to  Texas Tap Water
1 month ago

This statement alone explains a lot about every post you have made and who you really are. Sad.

Reply to  Texas Tap Water
9 days ago

carson was seeded 2nd in one event and 3rd in another. at just 19 years old, he was poised to make the team from a numerical standpoint, and he only barely missed it.


i’m confused. what about swimswam’s predictions was “outrageous”?

is it so “outrageous” to suppose that a swimmer who’s literally seeded 2nd… places 2nd?

1 month ago

ok there

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Coleman Hodges

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