Brown University Adds 11 to Women’s Team for 2018-19

Courtesy: Brown University Athletics

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The Brown women’s swimming & diving program will welcome nine swimmers and two divers to the team this coming fall as head coach Kate Kovenock heads into her fifth season at the helm.

“We’re very excited for the Class of 2022 to join us on College Hill this fall,” said Kovenock.”Athletically, they have the ability to raise the competitive standing of our program right from the start. That said, I think their collective presence will add more than simply athletic prowess. We took a holistic approach in recruiting this class and it shows. These are bright, driven, and talented young women who connected not only with our team and the core philosophies of BWSD but also with the foundational principles of Brown University itself.  That can be a really powerful combination.”


  • Charles River Diving (Coaches Agnes Miller & Keith Miller)
  • Bancroft School

Top Scores:

  • 1-M – 337.45
  • 3-M – 313.49

Why Brown? “After spending a weekend at Brown in the fall, I knew that there was nowhere else I would rather spend my college years. I was drawn to the Open Curriculum and the academic freedom the school fosters, but most of all I loved the people that I met here and the culture of the school. The coaches and girls all seem so supportive, and I cannot wait for the next four years!”

VICKY GONG, Laguna Niguel, CA

  • Mission Viejo Nadadores (Coach Richard Hunter)
  • Aliso Niguel High School (Coach Ryan Cox)

Top Times:

  • 100 Backstroke – 56.39
  • 200 Backstroke – 1:59.53
  • 200 Freestyle – 1:50.93

Why Brown? “Brown offered me everything I wanted, an amazing coaching staff, an amazing team, outstanding and flexible academics, a sense of belonging, and an exciting new journey that I cannot wait to begin. I am so excited to see what the next four years has in store for me and my future teammates! Go Bruno!”


  • Cape Cod Swim Club (Coaches Marc Solomon & Ron ZuWallack)
  • Cape Cod Academy

Top Times:

  • 200 Freestyle – 1:51.94 / 2:05.88
  • 500 / 400 Freestyle – 4:59.08 / 4:22.89
  • 1000 / 800 Freestyle – 10:08.17 / 9:05.12

Why Brown? “Brown’s academic philosophy closely mirrors my own, and the opportunity for me to pursue my own intellectual pathway is one unique to Brown. In addition, the friendliness and warmth of the team and the coaches makes me so excited to spend the next four years here!”


  • The Olympic Club (Coaches Paul Carter, Chris Rodgers, & Gaku Ito)
  • Lick-Wilmerding High School

Top Times:

  • 100 Breaststroke – 1:03.94
  • 200 Breaststroke – 2:16.52
  • 200 IM – 2:04.63

Why Brown? “Brown is a great fit for me on all fronts; academically, athletically, and socially. I’m excited to take advantage of Brown’s unique open curriculum as I study biology while pursuing other interests. Moreover, the drive of the coaching staff and the camaraderie of the team made for a dedicated and cohesive environment that I can’t wait to join. I’m very honored to be a part of Swimming and Diving’s class of 2022! Go Bruno!!”

LIV MITCHELL, Laguna Beach, CA

  • SoCal Divers (Coach Scott Reich)
  • Laguna Beach High School (Coach Kari Damato)

Top Scores:

  • 1-M – 409.20
  • 3-M – 421.25

Why Brown? “Coming from a small, close-knit club team and hometown, the team camaraderie I experienced on my visit to Brown made me feel right at home. I instantly fell in love with the campus, and I knew that the open curriculum would be compatible with my learning style and academic goals. I am so excited for the next four years at Brown!”

MAIJA NINNESS, Santa Barbara, CA

  • Santa Barbara Swim Club (Coach Mark Warkentin)
  • San Marcos High School (Coach Brian “Chuckie” Roth)

Top Times:

  • 50 Backstroke – 26.08
  • 100 Backstroke – 55.14
  • 200 Backstroke – 2:03.83
  • 100 Butterfly – 55.73
  • 200 Butterfly – 2:01.82

Why Brown? “I chose Brown because I connected with everyone immediately. It feels like home. I couldn’t be happier with the incredible opportunities that will be offered to me, in both the classroom and the pool. I’m so excited to swim for an amazing coaching staff, and to join such a welcoming and vibrant community! Go Bruno!“


  • Hershey Aquatic Club (Coaches Greg Fastrich & Jeff Fastrich)
  • Hershey High School (Coaches Greg Fastrich & Jeff Fastrich)

Top Times:

  • 100 Butterfly – 54.54
  • 200 Butterfly – 2:00.57
  • 100 Breaststroke – 1:04.68
  • 200 Breaststroke – 2:21.74
  • 400 IM – 4:28.48

Why Brown? “There is no match to the academic opportunities a school like Brown can provide of course, but aside from that, both Sam and Kate were some of the most down to earth people I had ever talked to and their enthusiasm for college swimming was contagious, I couldn’t help get excited listening to them. The team was also so incredibly welcoming and by just spending time on campus and with them I saw such a good fit for where I should spend the next couple of years.”


  • Blue Devil Aquatics (Coaches Bill Ball & Lauren Pallone)
  • Glastonbury High School

Top Times:

  • 200 IM – 2:02.43
  • 400 IM – 4:19.24
  • 200 Backstroke – 2:02.86

Why Brown? “I chose Brown because of the great academics and equally amazing athletics. I felt that at this school there was a good balance between the two and while it will be challenging, the student-athlete experience would be worthwhile. I loved the diversity of the student body at Brown as well as the support everyone gives to each other. I can’t wait to pursue my goals as both a student and swimmer here for the next four years!”

ALLYSON TY, North Andover, MA

  • ANA Hurricanes (Coach Dan Reilly)
  • Phillips Academy (Coach Paul Murphy)

Top Times:

  • 100 Backstroke – 55.86
  • 50 Freestyle – 23.91
  • 100 Freestyle – 52.42

Why Brown? “Ever since I first experienced life on campus, I felt right at home. From its strong academic program to its welcoming community, I saw a life at Brown for me. I love the spirit and opportunities that the school offers, and I cannot be more excited to spend the next four years here with such an amazing team!”

ANDREA WEI, Hopkinton, MA

  • Crimson Aquatic Club (Coaches Matt Craven & Susan Trainer)
  • Hopkinton High School (Coach Jeff Libby)

Top Times:

  • 50 Freestyle – 23.24
  • 50 Butterfly – 25.28
  • 100 Butterfly – 54.13
  • 200 Butterfly – 1:58.84

Why Brown? “Brown’s academic program is not only incredible, but it also allows students to shape their own course and future. The swim team is composed of a group of amazing women and men, and is coached by two of the most friendly and compassionate people I’ve met: Coach Kate and Coach Sam. From the moment I stepped onto the Brown campus, I was met by a warm and welcoming vibe. I’m so excited to spend my next four years at Brown! Go Bruno!”


  • Seacoast Swimming Association (Coach Bill Reeves)
  • Berwick Academy (Coach Jenny Priester)

Top Times:

  • 500 Freestyle – 4:56.99
  • 1,000 Freestyle – 10:02.66
  • 1,650 Freestyle – 16:38.09
  • 400 IM – 4:22.31

Why Brown? “Being from New England, I had known of Brown my whole life, but it wasn’t until I set foot on the campus and viewed the school from a student’s perspective that I realized Brown was my dream school. The school itself offers an amazing education with the Open curriculum allowing me to explore all of my academic interests instead of forcing me into a major right away. Brown also offered an incredibly supportive team with passionate coaches and energetic teammates who would push me to be my best every day. I can’t wait to see what the next four years bring!”



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