Brazilian Pan Am Water Polo Player Wanted For Sexual Assault

The substitute goaltender for the Brazilian Pan American games water polo team is currently wanted on a warrant for sexual assault, Toronto police announced Friday.

Thye Mattos Ventura Bezerra was part of the silver medal winning water polo team at the Pan American Games, and prior to leaving Canada allegedly went home with a 22-year-0ld women and assaulted her in her bedroom.

“The victim was asleep when she was sexually assaulted,”  said Inspector Joanna Beaven-Desjardins during a press conference.

Bezerra was in Toronto from July 3 to 16, with the alleged sexual assault happening just after his team lost to the Americans in the water polo finals.

Bezerra left Toronto on the 16th just hours after the alleged attack and is currently in Kazan, Russia for the 2015 World Championships. The Brazilian team is set to compete in Kazan Monday.

Toronto police have not yet out-ruled the possibility of multiple victims.

Beavan-Desjardins said that Canada does not have an extradition treaty regarding the offense with Brazil, however negotiations are underway to return him.

Another Brazilian water polo player was allegedly in the victims home at the time of the alleged sexual assault, however he is not considered to be a suspect. One of the alleged victim’s friends was also present at the time of the alleged assault.

Beaven-Desjardins declined to give details of the alleged assault or the condition of the alleged victim.

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6 years ago

Canada and Russia are not excactly on good terms nowadays so that might be a problem for extradition? Regardless I hope the FINA and/or Brazilian federation do not let him play!

Reply to  Alz
6 years ago

I think Canada and Brazil might not be on the best terms either.

Reply to  G3
6 years ago

That might be true. I saw the Toronto Police press conference, the detective said that they do not have an official treaty but they are already in talks with Brazilian officials. They didn’t seem to know he is on Russia?

Reply to  Alz
6 years ago

Why not? Was he already judged and condemned? I wonder how can a serious police force make such a show of something that should be treated with secrecy, since it’s a thing which can undermine one’s reputation even if innocence is proved. As for extradition, it’s prohibited in Brazil’s constitution, except for cases of drug traffic and I doubt Russia would even consider doing this with a Brazilian citizen.

Reply to  BR
6 years ago

Why not? Because he is accused of a serious crime, that’s why??? Hello?
I don’t know how it works it Brazil or anywhere else you can are from but that’s what happens every time someone is accused of a crime. The picture, name revealed… athlete or not.. that’s how it works!!!
They for sure have evidence, just not revealing it to the public, that’s also how it works. In most developped countries..
I don’t what the obsession everyone in sports has with defending alleged criminals but it’s a little sick..
Also no, it does not ruin reputations if found innocent, that’s BS. People are already defending him and he might actually be guilty… so yeah that’s just not true.

Reply to  Alz
6 years ago

He is innocent until proven guilty, and to quote you, “that’s how it works!!!”

Gina Rhinestone
6 years ago

Multiple victims who like the above take him home & something happens in the bedroom?

Omg . When did this sort of thing start happening ? Why wasn’t I told ?

6 years ago

if he is innocent, as will be his life? Canadian police said he did not know how it is treated these cases in Brazil , but here we do not judge a person before having evidence.

Reply to  Hurt
6 years ago

They do have evidence, that’s why there’s an arrest warrant.. Come on.. Since when do police have to reveal evidence to the public when the investigation is on going?
And since people are already jumping to his defence, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be alright if proven innocent.

5 years ago

we are in october now and no evidence of the rape was given by canadian authorities…That is really strange…It seems that they rushed and accused the guy with no prove.

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