Pan Am Games Doping Updates: 8 Positive Tests, Fiol’s Medal Reinstated?

by Robert Gibbs 5

July 22nd, 2015 International, News

There have been a total of eight official positive doping tests at the Pan American Games this year, according to an Associated Press report that quotes Dr. Eduardo De Rose, the head of the medical commission for the Games.

That list of eight includes three baseball players, three wrestlers, one boxer, and one weightlifter.

It was not immediately clear why the official list does not include the one swimmer who reportedly tested positive during the games, Peruvian Mauricio Fiol.  His status as the silver medal winner in the 200 fly is a bit unsettled at the moment.  Several days ago, it appeared that his medal was no longer listed in the official medal counts, but he was still in second place in the official results.  Today, his medal once again appears in Peru’s list of medals from the official website.

Fiol denied knowing how his sample tested positive and recently asked that his “B” sample be tested after his “A” sample tested positive for Stanozolol, an anabolic steroid that reportedly helps athletes cut fat without sacrificing muscle.

Before the games, The World Anti Doping Agency asked that Canada’s anti-doping agency, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, save all samples collected during these games for future testing, just like in the Olympics.  Samples collected during the Olympics can be saved for up to ten years and retested during that time period, if new technology becomes available that would enable detection of substances previously undetectable.

According to the AP report, De Rose estimated that nearly 2,000 tests have been, or will be, conducted, out of approximately 6,000 athletes, over the course of the Pan American Games.  He also stated that eight positive tests seems to be just about the right amount thus far, saying, “I would take this number as something acceptable. I would not say we are having too many, or too few. We are exactly in the average range.”

DeRose also applauded the recently revised WADA code, which allows for targeted testing.  Athletes in different disciplines will be tested specifically for the substances most likely to be used in their particular sport.

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bobo gigi
6 years ago

baseball players, weightlifter, wrestlers
Big surprise!

Steve-O Nolan
Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

Do you honestly think none of the swimmers are?

I could be wrong, but I assume there’s not nearly as much money involved in an Olympic year for a gold medal weightlifter or wrestler as there is for a swimmer.

Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

LOL , same sports having problems with drug testing .

6 years ago

Just make me wonder what would happen if doping control were severe on NFL and baseball leagues..

6 years ago

In regard to Fiol: must be because his failed test sample was taken before the Games started. Perhaps when the results of the B-sample come through (any day now I’d imagine) it will be more clear what is going to happen.