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August 20th, 2019 Learn to Swim

Learning to swim is often a scary new skill for kids. It’s the first big fear your child has to conquer on their own. But somehow kids amaze us every day by making magical transformations from fearful to confident.

Your child’s journey at Big Blue Swim School doesn’t just stop when they’re safer in the water or when they stop being afraid. We guide your child through a series of developmental milestones that extend beyond the pool. We call these BIG Moments. It’s why we say Life’s BIG Moments Start HereTM.

“I’m not afraid anymore”

The first step in their journey of Big Moments helps kids get over their initial fear of the water. This skill may be putting their face in the water, or floating independently, or swimming across the pool. Regardless of where your child starts, the first step is the most important.

“I’m becoming a swimmer”

When kids are beginning to gain some independence in the water their mindset begins to shift. They no longer see the water as a threat. They sense they now have a level of safety they didn’t have before.

“I’m a swimmer!”

Swimming across the pool and underwater is a huge step. This is typically when we start to see kids have an increased sense of belonging as they think of themselves as a “swimmer.”

“I’m a strong swimmer”

Swimming multiple lengths of the pool as well as performing different strokes adds tremendously to your child’s confidence in the pool. Their self-confidence will even begin to show up in other areas too.

“I can do anything!”

The final stages of our program are where we start to see kids go beyond being confident swimmers. They leave our doors ready to take on even bigger life challenges. Studies have shown that children who participate in formal swim lessons perform better in literacy, numeracy, mathematical reasoning, visual motor skills, and oral expression.*

Whether it’s learning to tie their shoes, ride a bike, read and write, it’s no problem for a Big Blue kid. It’s a magical transformation that gives kids the confidence they need to do anything they set their minds to.

*Jorgensen, R. 2013. Early Years Swimming: Adding Capital to Young Australians.


Big Blue Swim School was founded in 2009 by competitive swimmer Chris DeJong. The first location opened in Wilmette, Illinois, followed by Niles, Buffalo Grove and Hoffman Estates. In 2017, Level 5 Capital Partners acquired a majority stake in the brand, and is rolling out an aggressive strategy to grow through franchising to 150 locations by 2020. Big Blue Swim School’s real estate footprint, proprietary technology Lesson Buddy, coupled with its practice of employing full-time child engagement specialists that teach based on a proprietary distance-based swimming methodology sets Big Blue up for long-term success. To learn more about franchise opportunities with Big Blue Swim School, visit

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