Beyond The Lane Lines: Charlton’s Thank You Letter To Swimming

Get your news fix on happenings outside the pool with the latest ‘Beyond the Lane Lines.’  With each edition, we collect personal stories, little known facts, and general items of interest from around the world. Read on and learn something new this week.

#1 Hangzhou 2022 Jet Airplane Unveiled

The next edition of the quadrennial Asian Games may not be taking place until September 2022, but the host nation of Hangzhou is moving full speed ahead….literally.

Games sponsor Loong Air has revealed its special edition passenger jet for the 19th edition of the Games, uniquely outfitted with the 2022 logo, mascots, and slogans. ‘Fly Loong Air for amazing Asian Games’ is the tagline associated with the partnership.

The Asian Games are set to run from September 10th – 25th with more than 10,000 athletes expected to compete over 40 sports.

You can view a photo of the sponsored jet here.

#2 Olympic House Receives Award

The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Olympic House has been awarded the European 2020 US Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership Award. The House, which holds LEED Platinum certification as well, is touted as one of the most sustainable buildings in the world.

The building is powered by renewable energy, part of which is produced on-site. Ninety-five percent of Olympic House construction waste was recycled, and more than 95 percent of the former IOC building was recycled or reused. The design makes user comfort a priority with flexible spaces, high indoor air quality, and high-quality views for 90 percent of regularly occupied spaces. Carbon emissions from the building’s construction and operations have been compensated through the IOC-Dow carbon partnership.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious recognition, which emphasizes the importance of sustainability in shaping our future,” said IOC President Thomas Bach.

The award recognizes “those advancing the development of sustainable, healthy and resilient buildings, cities and communities in regions around the world”. It has been given to five organizations that are “a model for how LEED can be used to improve communities, support human health and well-being and contribute to a more sustainable future for all”.

#3 Teen Completes ’20 Bridges Swim’

16-year-old Vera Rivard completed the ’20 Bridges Swim’ around Manhattan on July 5th, about a month earlier than she was scheduled to swim it. The rising junior at Kearsarge Regional High School of Sutten was selected from numerous applicants to complete the 28 1/2 mile swim, which circumnavigates Manhattan via the East River, Harlem River and Hudson River.

Produced by New York Open Water, the ’20 Bridges’ race typically groups swimmers together in pairs or trios over 8 separate date windows. Rivard was selected to swim on August 5th, but the entire schedule was reconfigured due to the coronavirus pandemic. She wound up being the first swimmer of the season.

The teen finished in a time of 7 hours, 53 minutes, although Rivard said, “I wasn’t aiming for a time. I was just hoping to finish and I was there for the experience.”

Criteria necessary for consideration to attempt the swim include one’s history of marathon swims, cold water experience and participation as a NYOW volunteer.

Rivard was joined by her mom and sister as they followed her along in a boat, while her father as a member of the land crew.

#4 Niagara’s Hannah Charlton Pens Ode to Swimming

Niagara University butterfly specialist Hannah Charlton penned a heartfelt letter to the sport of swimming, something she says has given her so much joy and purpose over career.

The just-graduated Purple Eagle’s letter embodies what many of us feel about what is not only our, job, hobby, or sport of choice, but is also our genuine passion.

Dear Swimming, 

You have been my outlet ever since I was a little girl. At just six years old, I had no idea you would become so important to me and lead me on an amazing 16-year journey.

I love that in just seconds, I can submerge myself and be in a completely different, quiet world. A world that has pushed me to my limits, tested my strength and endurance and has shaped me into the person I am today. 

It is hard for me to put into words how much I love you and how incredibly thankful I am for what you have given me over all these years. 

You led me to Niagara University, which gave me my life-long friends and a great education. You taught me to be disciplined and hard-working, which I have carried over into my nursing career. You gave me the best memories of my life, from laughing in between sets with my coaches and teammates, to going best times after working hard all season to get them. You have sparked a fire in me that will never go out. 

Thank you, swimming, for the best 16 years of my life. I learned more about myself than I could have ever imagined. 

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