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I Russi Potranno Gareggiare Sotto La Bandiera Nazionale In Bosnia-Erzegovina

I nuotatori russi potranno gareggiare rappresentando la loro bandiera nazionale in un prossimo incontro in Bosnia-Erzegovina.

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Official Indicates Russia Won’t Block Neutral Athletes From Competing at Paris Olympics

“If the athletes have the opportunity, then they probably should go,” Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said last week.


Russian Swimmers Allowed To Compete Under National Flag In Bosnia and Herzegovina

Athletes will be able to wear the Russian flag at the Ana Cuckovic International meet, scheduled for April 13-14 in the city of Banja Luka.


I Giochi Olimpici Degli E-Sports Potrebbero Esserci Nel 2025 o 2026

Il Presidente del CIO Thomas Bach ha dichiarato che i Giochi Olimpici degli Esports potrebbero essere organizzati nel 2025 o nel 2026.

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Thomas Bach Says IOC Could Add Olympic Esports Games In 2025 Or 2026

The IOC had its first “Olympic Esports Week” last year at the end of June in Singapore which featured 10 game titles and sports.


Approvata La Tregua Olimpica, Ma Russia E Siria Si Sono Astenute

L’Assemblea Generale delle Nazioni Unite ha approvato la risoluzione sulla Tregua Olimpica per i Giochi Olimpici e Paralimpici del 2024

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Russia and Syria Abstain From Vote As United Nations Adopts Olympic Truce For 2024

Russia and Syria abstained from voting for the Olympic Truce, which is a revival of the Greek tradition to allow safe passage for athletes to the Games.

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Bach: Paris 2024 Olympics Will Not Be Canceled Due to War

“We have a very strong geopolitical tension,” Bach said on Monday. “To say that we are sacrificing the Games, that would be completely the wrong approach.”


Kirsty Coventry Eletta Nel Comitato Esecutivo Del CIO

La sette volte medaglia olimpica Kirsty Coventry è stata eletta, senza alcuna opposizione, per un posto nel Comitato Esecutivo del CIO

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Decorated Zimbabwe Swimmer Kirsty Coventry Elected to IOC Executive Board

Seven-time Olympic medalist Kirsty Coventry was elected in an unopposed race for a spot on the IOC Executive Board last month.


Russian Officials Claim IOC’s Support of Israeli Athletes Highlights Double Standard

Russian officials said the IOC’s stance on whether athletes should bear collective responsibility for the actions of their government is inconsistent.


Why Was Flag Football Added To The Olympics? It’s The Future, Says LA28 Sports Director

The sport, although not as wildly-popular as the full-contact version, opens the door for mass participation without the same risk of serious injury.


Russia Will Not Pay Olympians for Paris 2024 Participation — Medals, Maybe

“If someone wins a medal of any value, the corresponding question will be raised,” Russian sports minister Azat Kadyrov said of potential Olympic prizes.

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Ukrainian Fencer Disqualified from Worlds for Refusing to Shake Hands with Russian

Four-time Olympic and world champion fencer Olga Kharlan offered to tap blades rather than shake hands after beating Russia’s Anna Smirnova.


World Aquatics President Husain Al-Musallam Loses Shady OCA Election to Sheikh Talal

Sheikh Talal Fahad Al-Sabah beat out World Aquatics president Husain al-Musallam (pictured) by four votes in the OCA’s presidential election.