“Being Second Doesn’t Concern Me Right Now” – Kristof MIlak


Hear from some of the winners on day 1 of the 2020 Hungarian Swimming Championships. Although the qualification period for the Olympic Games began in March 2019, this meet is still an important milestone for those that have not yet reached a minimum OLY standard for Tokyo.

It’s also an opportunity to shake off the racing cobwebs for anyone who hasn’t been able to compete due to the coronavirus pandemic which altered training and racing schedules for athletes around the world.

Refresh yourself on the day 1 prelims and finals recaps above and then get some inside information from the swimmers below, courtesy of the Hungarian Swimming Association.

Tamas Kenderesi, GOLD in 200m fly

“I’m happy with both 1:54 and the victory, I think that’s good feedback that we’re on the right track. I know I need to improve on everything, these are mostly things outside the pool, because I always try to go to the maximum in training.”

Kristof Milak, SILVER in 200m fly

“It is absolutely good now, 1: 54.9, I did not even think that so much could come together after illness. I knew Tomi was going to go from the beginning, as always, I let go, I thought maybe I could catch him in the last fifty, I ended up pretty close to him after all. As I am, the time under 1:55 is absolutely fine, being second does not concern me at all at the moment. ”

Zsuzsanna Jakabos, GOLD in 200m fly

“If you have to swim in the morning, you have to swim in the morning, I have nothing wrong with that. I swam in ISL two weeks ago, it wasn’t easy to move to short course, but I love challenges. ”

Adam Telegdy, GOLD in 100m back

“I am very glad that I managed to swim A-level last night, it was really the plan, individual peak and A-level. Now I want to improve my best in the 200m.”

Gerda Szilagyi, GOLD in 100m back

“It’s hard to tune in to the morning swim, that’s why this time surprised me, and also that it went so well now. I would like to thank everyone who helped with this, especially my father and coach. ”

Ajna Kesely, GOLD in 800m free

“I am much better spiritually than before, I liked this 800m. It was pretty much the ‘Ajna in March’, meaning if there was a race in the spring, I think I would have swim about that much even then.”

Maxim Lobanovszij, GOLD in 50m free

“I am glad that I managed the A-level yesterday – maybe it is easier to swim in the evening than in the first final in the morning, so the result was better last night. Considering the form I am in, these swims have been particularly successful, which means I am satisfied.”

Petra Halmai, GOLD in 100m breast

“I came home from America a week ago, I feel like I haven’t switched completely yet, and not only because of the time lag, but also because we’ve been training in a yard pool so far, I practiced for the first time in meters. I wanted the time to start at 1:07, and although it didn’t work out, I’m glad.”

Gergely Gyurta, GOLD in 1500m free

“I am very happy with the time, although I wanted to swim around 15 minutes. I think this December national championship came at a particularly good time because that’s how we get an idea of ​​who’s in preparation for the halfway point and, last but not least, the Olympic finals will be in the morning, so it’s a good test.”

Akos Kalmar, SILVER in 1500m free

“I overcame a minor illness that had to take me back from my workouts, and I haven’t fully recovered since, which is a bit of a hindrance. Morning swimming doesn’t matter, you have to be there in your head in the pool. I want to come to the come within 14:50 in the spring.”

Here is a list of Hungarian swimmers who have achieved Olympic ‘A’ cuts as of today:

Eszter Békési – 200 m breast
Péter Bernek – 200m/400m IM
Bence Biczó – 200m fly
Richárd Bohus – 100m back
Katalin Burián – 200m back
László Cseh – 200m IM, 100m/200m fly
Gergely Gyurta – 400m IM, 1500m free
Balázs Holló – 400m IM
Katinka Hosszú – 200m/400m free, 100m/200m back, 100m/200m fly, 200m/400m IM
Zsuzsanna Jakabos – 200m fly
Ákos Kalmár – 1500m freee
Boglárka Kapás  – 400m/1500m free, 200m fly
Tamás Kenderesi – 200m fly
Ajna Késely  – 400m/800m/1500m free
Dominik Kozma  – 200m free
Maxim Lobanovszkij – 50m free
Viktória Mihályvári-Farkas – 1500m free
Kristóf Milák – 100m/200m free, 200m fly
Nándor Németh – 100m free
Szebasztián Szabó – 100m free, 100m fly
Liliána Szilágyi – 200m fly
Ádám Telegdy – 100m/200m back
Dávid Verrasztó – 400m IM
Gábor Zombori – 400m free

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9 months ago

English translation (of the swimmers) is weird. Even some incorrect grammar.

Reply to  Jeki
9 months ago

Surprised that there is only 1 person from Hungary with an A cut in breaststroke (men & women combined).

Reply to  Dan
9 months ago

After Ágnes Kovács and Dániel Gyurta we’re not so happy about this.

Konner Scott
9 months ago

I think I’ve asked this before… but Hungary has to be the best swimming country on earth when you adjust for population, right?

Reply to  Konner Scott
9 months ago

Yes, very strong swimmers for a country with a population of 9.8 million!

Reply to  Konner Scott
9 months ago

Australia and Hungary when you look at the Olympic medals. With the relays Australia without them Hungary.

Reply to  Konner Scott
9 months ago

If your consideration is with the 2 per country limit than yes. Otherwise I’d say the US. Countless Talent in the US that hasn’t a shot at the international scene would have longer career. Take someone like Tate Jackson who’s a 47/21 guy and the guy basically is an afterthought while he’d be a star anywhere else.

Reply to  Pvdh
9 months ago

population wise they said.. the us has about 33x the population of hungary so they’d have to have 33 times as many elite swimmers as hungary does and they do not (on a comparable level).

now one can argue that many us swimmers who just dont get into the top5 or whatever get less funding and support and otherwise would have become even faster and better but thats a what if so we may never know

Sam B
Reply to  Konner Scott
9 months ago

For most Olympic periods, yes. 31 golds… If Phelps was a country, Hungary would beat it, barely

9 months ago

I recall reading that Malik had covid-19 earlier this year, and it had impacted his training a lot. Glad to see that he’s back competing. I definitely want to see him at the Olympics next year!

Reply to  bigNowhere
9 months ago

Pretty sure it did impact it. He got it well before the ISL season started and unlike others who’d tested positive he didn’t join the league later on but rather showed symptoms severe enough to drop out entirely.

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