Aussie Women’s Polo on 2016 Gold: “We’re Not Scared of the Challenge”

Rowie Webster says that the Australian women’s water polo team is going to “come out very hard” during the Olympic tournament this week.

In 2000, at their home games in Sydney, the Australian women’s water polo team was locked in a very tough battle with the American team in the gold medal match. The Aussies stuck it out, though, and finished with a hard-earned win for the gold medal. The score was 4 to 3.

This time around, the Aussie women are taking that gold medal run from 2000 as their inspiration and motivation. Bronwen Knox, one of Webster’s teammates, says in the video above that she was a swimmer before her parents took her to see the 2000 team play in Sydney. “I just remember never sitting down during that game,” she said, and has wanted to find Olympic glory in water polo ever since watching that game. Her dreams could come true this week.

“We look great, we feel great… and we are great,” said Webster. Group play begins this week, and the Australian team will take on the women from Russia on Tuesday. Should they make it to the gold medal match, that will be contested on Friday the 19th of August, with Olympic dreams, a medal, and glory all on the line.

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