Aussie Coach Dean Boxall Channels Passion Into New Vodka Drink

Olympic coach Dean Boxall is known for his enthusiastic and demonstrative reactions on the pool deck but now the 4-time Australian Coach of the Year award winner is channeling his passion into another endeavor.

The ecstatic leader whose antics at the Tokyo Olympic Games garnered him a cult following from swim fans and non-swim fans alike, has been revealed as the new face of adult beverage company Brookvale Union’s latest product, Vodka Passionfruit drinks.

The campaign features Boxall energetically packing boxes of the Vodka Passionfruit product with the same fervor in which he inspires his successful athletes.

The specially-boxed Dean Boxall boxes of Brookvale Union’s Vodka Passionfruit will be available in stores while stocks last and the campaign featuring the mentor of World Record holders Ariarne Titmus and Mollie O’Callaghan is appearing across social media.

Lucy Pratt, senior brand manager of the product says, “Vodka Passionfruit joins Brookvale Union’s line up of epic tasting, ridiculously refreshing, full-flavoured Aussie classics.

“With Brookvale Union being all about Quality Nonsense, what better way to announce the launch of this new passion-filled liquid gold than with a barrage of hip-thrusting, fist-pumping, and whoop-whooping from arguably Australia’s most passionate individual? Dean was a great sport; we just hope he doesn’t sue us for losing his voice in the process.” (

Says Ellie Dunn and Hugh O’Connor, senior creatives, Clemenger BBDO, “Dean’s passion for life made him the perfect partner for Brookvale Union. He’s an absolute delight and he really did put a lot of passion into boxing those boxes.” (

Not everyone was thrilled about the campaign though. One consumer research consultant SwimSwam spoke to, who didn’t want to be named, observed that the product is targeted at the kind of young women that Boxall has had so much success with in the pool, but that he, as their male coach, got the slot instead.

“It is a confusing message and won’t go down well with parents of swimmers,” the consultant observed, noting that he “is cool” with Boxall’s behavior on the pool deck.

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22 days ago

“I want a vodka drink, I want a whiskey drink’ “Oh Danny Boy – OH DANNY BOY”

Reply to  Oceanian
22 days ago

“I get knocked down. Then I get up again.:

23 days ago

Randy “Macho Man” Savage is still alive!?!

23 days ago

This is my kind of stupid, is it being sold in North America? I’ll buy a few 6 packs.

24 days ago

This 100% makes sense

Here Comes Lezak
24 days ago

I was personally hoping for it be called “The Railing Vodka Co” but I wasn’t consulted ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Reply to  Here Comes Lezak
24 days ago

Shaken, not stirred.

24 days ago

If this doesn’t have the caffeine of 37 Red Bulls, then it’s not on par with Boxall’s energy.

Boxall's Railing
24 days ago

Whatever keeps him out of the stands and distracted with other endeavors is a win for me.

Pieter H
24 days ago

It’s good and refreshing that a swim coach go mainstream.

Last edited 24 days ago by Pieter H

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