All the Race Videos from Day 5 at 2018 U.S. Nationals

2018 U.S. National Championships

Below are videos of all the championship final races from Day Five of the 2018 U.S. National Championships in Irvine, California. The B, C, and D finals, as well as all other videos, can be found on USA Swimming’s YouTube channel.

Women’s 1500 Free

  1. GOLD: Ashley Twichell– 15:55.68
  2. SILVER: Ally Mchugh– 16:02.56
  3. BRONZE: Erica Sullivan– 16:02.88

Women’s 200 IM

  1. GOLD: Kathleen Baker– 2:08.32
  2. SILVER: Melanie Margalis– 2:09.43
  3. BRONZE: Ella Eastin– 2:10.84

Men’s 200 IM

  1. GOLD: Chase Kalisz– 1:55.73
  2. SILVER: Abrahm DeVine– 1:57.21
  3. T-BRONZE: Andrew Seliskar– 1:58.23

Men’s 800 Free

  1. GOLD: Zane Grothe– 7:44.57
  2. SILVER: Jordan Wilimovsky– 7:47.51
  3. BRONZE: Robert Finke– 7:51.45

Women’s 50 Free

  1. GOLD: Simone Manuel– 24.10
  2. SILVER: Abbey Weitzeil– 24.56
  3. BRONZE: Margo Geer– 24.79

Men’s 50 Free

  1. GOLD: Michael Andrew– 21.49
  2. SILVER: Caeleb Dressel– 21.67
  3. BRONZE: Nathan Adrian– 21.85




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25 free champ
3 years ago

So the 21.49 would be fast enough for a medal at every Olympics ever. Gold medal for everything before 2008. I’m really interested to see what Dressel can do fully rested. I know everyone is expecting the WR. I’d guess 21.0. My dream is for MA and CD to go back and forth with the record a la Jager and Biondi.

Reply to  25 free champ
3 years ago

It’s exciting for sure. Big props to MA for proving all the haters wrong and throwing down this week across the board. For MA it seems like the sky is the limit as he matures the next few years. I’m interested to see if he’ll ever develop his 100 free. It doesn’t make sense that it’s this slow when he has such speed (and he can do the 100 fly and 100 breast just fine, so it’s not like he can’t do 100s).

As far as Dressel goes, it looks like he trained up until almost the start of this meet. We will see how he shapes up at panpacs. His freestyle looked pretty off this meet, it looked… Read more »

Reply to  SVIRD
3 years ago

You gotta think a 50.50 with little to no taper for this meet means a 49 is possible. We all know swimming and it’s kind of hard to believe some swimmers, very few, didn’t taper for this meet. Chase Kalisz and Dressel are 2 guys who didn’t actually taper for the meet. Didn’t affect Chase, but Dressel missed his 100 free because of it. I imagine tapered, he’ll be flying around the pool…i know it’s not fair to the guys who beat him fair and square, and i don’t think they even do it that way, but it’d be hard not to consider Dressel for the 400 free relay at international meets.

Reply to  Jim
3 years ago

Dressel can just enter the 100 free and prove himself in prelims (as if he needs to prove himself after last year). Remember that if you qualify for panpacs you can enter any event you want.

The more interesting question is if Dressel will try and throw down a 200 free during the prelim session to put his name in the hat for the 800 free relay (Even if he went a solid time I doubt he actually swims semis and finals, he’s busy enough as it is).

Reply to  25 free champ
3 years ago

Dressel was tapered His interview he never said he wasn’t tapered. He said in the 100 fr he had a bad swim. It would be stupid for a sprinter to not taper for the U.S. Swimming Nationals especially where international team selections are on the line. Everyone else on the men’s side is going to be tapered. It would be like a sprinter not tapering for the NCAA. Even the distance men were tapered because if they didn’t they wouldn’t make the team. Moreover there are only about 10 days to Pan Pacs including travel days so this would be a very short taper. TBH on the 100 free he had a very bad turn and lost his momentum.

Reply to  Rotroh
3 years ago

At best he was half tapered. I think in interviews he just didn’t want to give excuses to the media. But plenty of top swimmers don’t fully taper for this meet because the selection for pan pacs are so much more forgiving.

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