All the Links You Need to Follow the 2018 Jr. Pan Pacs

2018 Jr. Pan Pacific Swimming Championships

FijiTV is supposed to provide live streaming coverage of this weekend’s meet, free and open to the world, at the link above – a vast improvement already from what we’ve seen for this summer’s other big meets.

As far as when to watch, the below table outlines the start times in the different time zones of the 4 charter nations of the meet.

All times based on a 24-hour clock:

Fiji U.S. Canada Japan Australia
Local Time Eastern Time Eastern Time Tokyo Time Sydney Time
Prelims 9:00 17:00 (Day before) 17:00 (Day before) 6:00 (Same day) 7:00 (Same day)
Finals 17:00 1:00 (Same Day) 1:00 (Same Day) 14:00 (Same day) 15:00 (Same day)

Daily Meet Schedule

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3 years ago

How fast is a turtle?
The average turtle swims at a pace of 10 to 12 mph (4 to 5 m/s) and walks at 3 to 4 mph (1 to 2 m/s). Newborn hatchling turtles swim about 25 miles (40 km) in 30 hours on average.

3 years ago

Dear Parents of Jr Pan Pac Athletes,

We received the following information for livestreaming the competition from the meet organizers in Fiji: or on the Fiji one Facebook page

Competition begins tomorrow, Thursday, August 23 and runs through Sunday, August 26:
Prelims start at 9:00 am Fiji Standard Time
Finals start at 5:00 pm Fiji Standard Time

3 years ago

Rw Livestream / Web cast – something maybe here: for live stream…from their FB page

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