Adding To Their Rio Headache, Aussies’ Laptops Stolen During Fire

The Australian Olympic contingent in Rio continues to get their Games off to a rocky start. First, the Aussies were due to move into the Athletes’ Village on July 21st, but opted to live in nearby hotels due to plumbing and electrical issues encountered in their apartments upon arrival in Brazil.

Once those were resolved and the team moved into the Village, the squad’s building experienced a small fire.  The small fire broke out in the rubbish in the underground car park of Building 23 in the Village, causing smoke to rise through the building, according to the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) statement.

During the incident, about 100 team members were evacuated for approximately 30 minutes, but even that short amount of time proved to be enough time for a theft to occur.  In another headache for the Aussies, the AOC has confirmed that laptops, as well as team shirts and other personal items were stolen from the squad’s residence during the fire evacuation.

Said AOC spokesman Mike Tancred today, “We did lose some shirts and a couple of laptops, one on the fifth floor from a cycling official and one in the office downstairs.”

The AOC reportedly immediately took the precaution of stationing security guards on all floors of their building. The athletes involved in the robberies have not yet been identified.


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Lane Four
6 years ago

There is just way too much negative karma going on. I am afraid to ask, what is next?????

Reply to  Lane Four
6 years ago

X Terrorists come in & kill Y athletes ? If these are all there are then be grateful.

6 years ago

Is it too late to change the loacation for the Olympics?

6 years ago

Cycling official ? That would be targeted ..

6 years ago

It seems clear the fire was set to allow the burglary. This is the Olympic Village we’re talking about here. WTF? Get it together, Rio.

Attila the Hunt
Reply to  Dave
6 years ago

If this was really some burglars executing their plan that easily, you can imagine what it would be if some terrorists with well-planned design on creating havoc.

Lane Four
6 years ago

Would someone please take the curse off the Aussies! This is ridiculous!

6 years ago

Guess who aint hosting the olypics again anytime soon

Joel Lin
6 years ago

I guess security is another issue. Just sayin.

6 years ago

Why couldn’t they have stolen the Russian’s computers and personal items smh

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