5 Reasons to attend the Advanced Speed and Power Camp

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February 18th, 2015 Club, Training

The Fitter and Faster Swim Tour Presented by Swimoutlet.com, will be hosting a two day, Advanced Speed and Power Camp – Eastern Region on April 18 and 19 in Madison, NJ (just 20 minutes outside of Newark).

Kara Lynn Joyce, 4-time Olympic Medalist & Swim Like A Champion host (courtesy of the Fitter & Faster Swim Tour presented by SwimOutlet.com)

Kara Lynn Joyce, Olympic Medalist (Fitter & Faster)

The Advanced Camp will focus specifically on teaching swimmers who are at a higher level to make big improvements in their starts, turns as well as generating more “power” in all four strokes.

Leading the Elite Camp will be Olympians Tyler McGill, Kara Lynn Joyce and world renowned Strength and Conditioning expert, Keenan Robinson. Qualifying times in the 100 yard free of 54.99 to 1:04.99 (boys) and 58.99 to 1:08.99(girls) are required to attend. The camp is open to 66 swimmers max and is nearing capacity very quickly – expected to be sold out by March 1. The Advanced Camp is attracting swimmers from all over the Eastern Region, everyone from high school aged athletes looking to make big improvements to age group swimmers wanting to improve their power in all four strokes.

Here are a five reasons why attending the Elite Speed and Power Camp is a must:


This is one of the only camps that takes place at the beginning of the long course season, instead of during the middle or end. All athletes will be able to apply what they learn, over the course of the season and get big results in August.


This is an opportunity to train and practice with other athletes who you normally only see at big meets. The positive effects of getting to train with your biggest competition in a camp is tremendous and very rare. Levels of focus, concentration, willingness to improve and mental attitudes are often improved in environments such as the Advanced Camp.


The Advanced Camp will have a huge emphasis on improving starts, turns and teaching swimmers how to maximize their “power” at different points in a race and in all four strokes. In shorter races, it is often times the swimmer with the better start, breakout, turn and finish who is able to beat other swimmers that may be faster in the water.


The Advanced Camp is open to all coaches who wish to attend and learn from Tyler McGill, Kara Lynn Joyce and Keenan Robinson. It is a fantastic opportunity to pick their brains, learn new training concepts and learn training philosophies that will help improve your own training program. The Camp will feature an exclusive Q&A session just for coaches and the Camp clinicians.


Keenan Robinson is one of the leading experts on strength and conditioning in the sport today and works with many of the best athletes in the world. Keenan will be working with Advanced Camp participants and teaching them how to improve their strength on dryland to create more power, balance and agility during the start, turn and breakout portions of the race.

If your swimmer achieves the times standards in the 100 YARD Free and is looking to immensely improve their starts, turns and gain more POWER – they must attend the Advanced Speed and Power Camp – Eastern Region!

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I’m interested in this clinic for my 15 year old. If their time is faster than the 54.99, can he still attend? He swims a 52 but is trying to get to 49. I figure anyone could benefit from learning from an Olympian.

Aimee, those are qualifying times, so it’s the slowest you can swim to get in. It’s a camp for swimmers on his level and better. Hope you can get a spot!

thank you. Yes, I got him in!