Mexico Pulls Out of Hosting 2017 World Aquatics Championships

According to several news reports coming out of Mexico, the Mexican Swimming Federation has pulled out of hosting the 2017 World Aquatic Championships in Guadalajara from July 15-30, 2017.

We reported last month that FINA had given the Mexican Swimming Federation until February 10th to complete the following three tasks, or risk losing the right to host the 2017 Worlds:

  • Form an organizing committee,
  • Legalize an organizing committee, and
  • Form a trust to manage the event’s expenses.

Mexico’s decision is based on economics. The high cost of hosting the event, coupled with the current economic crisis befalling countries whose economies are tied to the weak oil market, put Mexico in a difficult position. In accepting to host Worlds, Mexico had agreed to invest $100 million in infrastructure. So far, they have only invested $9.5 million.

“We have seen the notice of CONADE, which surprised us, as the benefit of organising the FINA World Championships is much higher than the cost of running the event,” FINA Executive Director Cornel Marculescu told SwimSwam via email after the news broke, saying that the organization is preparing to share the next steps in finding a new host shortly.

The president of the Comisión Nacional del Deporte (Conade), Jesús Mena, informed FINA president Julio Maglione of the decision by telephone today. According to the agency DPA, Maglione regretted Mexico’s decision and said it would be difficult to find another host. “Today we have only two years to find another site, when normally the process takes four to six years. This is difficult for us.”

Mexico will have to pay a fine of $5 million to withdraw as host.

Links to articles in Mexican press:


La Jornada

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5 years ago

Wowzers. So does Hong Kong get another shot at it? Doesn’t seem likely, with Korea in 2019. Budepest in 2021. Can the US or Montreal pull it off?

Reply to  TheTroubleWithX
5 years ago

I’m sure Toronto could do it…

Reply to  Max
5 years ago

Would they use Toronto though? The 2016 short course worlds are in Windsor just 7 months before? Doesn’t really make sense to me to hold 2 FINA meets in nearly the same location less than a year apart.

Reply to  splash
5 years ago

Ah, forgot about Windsor. Seems Toronto would be highly unlikely unless no other country stepped up. However, I can’t see that happening. Off to somewhere else then…

Reply to  Max
5 years ago

My guess is that it’ll either end up being in Berlin (first runner-up for the UAE-to-Barcelona relocation) or some place in China. Or we can be extremely cynical and say it will go to a newly rebuilt Donetsk, Russia because FINA can’t get enough of the glory of Putin and the Russian Republic ^H^H^H Soviet Empire and all.

Gina Rhinestone
Reply to  beachmouse
5 years ago

Oh that could be great value . I notice the Donetsk Repub President was out in the snow at the front lines in Dabaltseve . Got shot in the leg but being there is a first for a leader since theVietcong .

There ought be a place in FINA for a Man Of Action like him. Nah – what we got instead – pussies.

Reply to  beachmouse
5 years ago

Your stupid cinism is inappropriate. Ordinary people – kids, seniors, women – are dying in Donetsk every single minute. Have some respect for christ’s sake

5 years ago

Couple the economic situation with the internal security situation, and it was probably a wise decision.

5 years ago

Based on FINA’s recent actions, I’m thinking they’ll enlist their golden boy Putin and the meet will end up at a temporary pool in Moscow’s Red Square.

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