45 Thoughts All Swimmers Have During Practice

  1. Most of my friends are still asleep right now.
  2. I wonder what it’s like to sleep in?
  3. I wonder what’s for breakfast?
  4. I wonder what’s for lunch?
  5. I wonder what snack I should eat after this?
  6. I wonder what’s for dinner?
  7. I wonder what we are doing next?
  8. Why does this person have to swim on top of me?
  10. Should I stop and let them pass me?
  12. I hate swimming.
  13. Why do I even swim?
  14. I wonder what it’s like to be normal?
  15. I wonder when’s a good time to go to the bathroom?
  16. Now is a good time.
  17. The pool is freezing
  18. Why can’t my coach give us a long warm up and now throw the main set at us after 5 minutes?
  19. I wonder what I should wear to class?
  20. I think I have a test today?
  21. I am so tired.
  22. I wonder if you can nap while swimming?
  23. I’m going to try and close my eyes.
  24. Oh crap! There’s a lane line there.
  25. This set is really hard.
  26. Why does my coach want to kill me?
  27. What am I going to do when I’m a swammer?
  28. My goggles are gross.
  29. I think I’m dying.
  30. I wonder how Michael Phelps feels everyday at his practices?
  31. How do people actually love swimming?
  32. I think my arms are going to fall off.
  33. I hope this is the last set.
  34. Staring at this black line all day is boring.
  35. Why is she trying to race me?
  36. I hate when people sprint warm up.
  37. I’m gonna sleep forever after this.
  38. Chipotle sounds good.
  39. Panera sounds good too.
  40. When is practice over?
  41. I wonder what dry-land is going to be.
  42. I hope it’s not hard.
  43. I’m scared.
  44. I wonder if coach is watching me?
  45. I hope not, I just took a breath off that wall.

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3 years ago

My swimming career ended long ago. The only one of these I remember distinctly is #29. Over and over. You’ll forget the rest, but not that one.

3 years ago

Maybe it’s just me, and I don’t want to be one of ‘those people’, but if I may, I’d add a few things… how about some positives? (other than food?). This is so focused on the dread of practice…I LOVE practice (after 35 years). I love challenging myself, figuring out new things, finally getting that challenge set! Let’s add some – “Man, I nailed that turn.” “Tokyo here I come!” “I don’t think I’ve ever felt my tempo so awesome!” “When did I learn how to kick?”

Reply to  JoeMama
3 years ago

Nope no. Your forgetting the difficulty of swimming and the tiredness. It’s not bad to be dreadfull of 5 am practice outside in the freezing.

3 years ago

46. Hmmmm, I wonder whose butt I just touched.

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