8 Ways You Know You’re a Swimmer


Your face is peeling off. No matter how much lotion you put on, your face is still peeling off. Eventually you just give up and accept being a snake.


The wet bun look is your signature.  A typical day for you is rolling into class with your hair still dripping wet, and in a bun. If the person sitting behind you is lucky, you’ll give it a little squeeze, and let him or her enjoy the magic.


Sweat pants all day everyday.  You dread thinking about the fact of putting on jeans, especially after practice.  You definitely don’t want to do more exercise than you already have to.


You walk into class with a giant lunch box filled with 5 meals, most likely to eat in one sitting


“It smells like chlorine”, We’ve all heard that one before.


Over your swimming career you’ve snatched tons and tons of swim caps.  Now you have a giant stack in your swim bag.  The best cap is the one you steal from your rival team.


You are friends with all swimmers, and when you get a friend outside your team, it’s a big deal.  Some people consider the swim team to be a “colt”, but we are just one big happy family.


You see how long you can go without taking a shower.  Because you “shower” everyday when you jump into the pool.

Originally published 5/17

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4 years ago

The lotions one is so true. Winter time and chlorine = dry skin to the max!
For #7, maybe you mean “cult”? — or perhaps you’re making a pun about a young horse that I’m missing.

Delainey Yarbrough
4 years ago

8 sounds just like me

Not A Very Fast Swimmer
4 years ago

I shower after getting out of the pool. I barely shower at home anymore!

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