Aussie Coach Appealing ‘Tickle Torture’ & Assault Charges

Former Melbourne, Australia coach Anthony Ronald O’Donnell appeared before the Victorian County Court on Monday, March 27th to appeal his convictions for 2 counts of indecent assault against a former swim student. As reported last year, O’Donnell pleaded ‘not guilty’ to 3 charges in December of 2015, which included indecent acts toward a child under 16. At the time it was reported that O’Donnell would visit the girl at her home to discuss her swimming performance. O’Donnell is accused of creating a bizarre system of punishments that included the “tickle torture” and spanking the girl’s bare bottom.

Australian media reports that O’Donnell admitted to tickling the girl swim student, but he denied to police the alleged assault for which he was charged. The coach was sentenced to 300 hours of unpaid work and 2-year community corrections order, but O’Donnell is now appealing that decision, per The Australian Associated Press.



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3 years ago

So they let him keep coaching but just without pay? What??

3 years ago

From another article: After spanking the girl, O’Donnell would look at her bare bottom by lifting up the waistband of her shorts, Ms MacDougall said.

These acts point towards a “tendency of a sexual interest”, the prosecutor said.

Nice to know. He is appealing as his career is over. And of course she doesn’t swim any more.
The unpaid work is community service. he gets a slap on the wrist but thinks he’s the victim.

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