Australian Coach Admits To ‘Tickle Torture’, Denies Assault Of Child

Former swim coach Anthony O’Donnell admitted to police that he subjected at 13-year-old girl to “tickle torture,” but denied allegations that he indecently assaulted her.

The Age of Victoria, Australia reports that O’Donnell told police he had the girl raise her hands above her head so he could tickle her, but denied the alleged assault for which he is being charged.

O’Donnell pleaded “not guilty” to three charges last December, including indecent acts toward a child under 16. O’Donnell still maintains his innocence of those charges, but according to The Age, he is admitting to tickling the girl, who was one of his swimmers at the time.

The Age reports that O’Donnell would visit the girl at her home to discuss her swimming performance. O’Donnell is accused of creating a bizarre system of punishments that included the “tickle torture” and spanking the girl’s bare bottom.

O’Donnell had been a swim coach for many years at the Waterlions Swimming Club in the city of Keysborough, which is near Melbourne, Australia.

He was let go from the club before these allegations about his punishment system came to light. O’Donnell’s hearing in from of the Melbourne Magistrates Court continues in February with testimony from the girl’s parents.

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7 years ago

Strange how this article emphasises the tickle torture and then casually throws in that he was also spanking her bare bottom! Tickling is one thing but spanking takes it to a whole new level.

7 years ago

Maybe this guy will get the tickle torture in the prison and change his mind about a few things.

Gina Rhinestone
7 years ago

I don’t like ‘tickling” or forcing similar sensations onto others (psychological or physiological ). However I don’t like the “torture” tag added either .

Some words should stay where they belong .

7 years ago

I get tickling/playing with your OWN child – But somebody elses? Not only that, but just saying “put your arms up so I can tickle you” is bizarre and quite sinister, even if it was your own child.

David Berkoff
7 years ago

Sorry. But unless the 13-year old is your own child (and even then it’s weird), “tickle torture” is creepy and has no place in coaching.

Reply to  David Berkoff
7 years ago

Even in the event he’s NOT actually abusive in more sinister ways…that’s hella weird to do that to a 13-year old as punishment.

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