WATCH: Caeleb Dressel Swim 40.00 in 100 Yard Free


As reported by Lauren Neidigh:


Video filmed by Gerald Manke

Florida’s Caeleb Dressel is now a 3-time individual 2017 NCAA Champion. On the final night of competition, Dressel shot off the blocks en route to the fastest performance ever, flipping in 19.01 and touching in a final time of 40.00 to dominate a loaded field that included Olympic relay teammates Ryan Held and Blake Pieroni. That took down his former American Record of 40.46 from last season’s NCAAs.

Dressel now owns 5 of the 10 fastest performances ever in the event. Coming in 2nd was Missouri’s Michael Chadwick, who is now the 4th fastest performer ever at 40.95. Held rounded out the top 3, moving up to 7th on the all-time top performers list in 41.21.

Splits Comparison:

Swimmer 1st 50 Split 2nd 50 Split Final Time
Caeleb Dressel (2017) 19.01 20.99 40.00
Caeleb Dressel (2016) 19.23 21.23 40.46

Top 10 All-Time Performers: Men’s 100 Free

Place Swimmer Time
1 Caeleb Dressel 40.00
2 Vlad Morozov 40.76
3 Cesar Cielo 40.92
4 Michael Chadwick 40.95
5 Nathan Adrian 41.08
6 Simonas Bilis 41.18
7 Ryan Held 41.21
8 Ryan Hoffer 41.23
9 Matt Grevers 41.35
10 Blake Pieroni 41.44

Top 10 All-Time Performances: Men’s 100 Free

Place Swimmer Time
1 Caeleb Dressel 40.00
2 Caeleb Dressel 40.46
3 Vlad Morozov 40.76
4 Caeleb Dressel 40.86
5 Cesar Cielo 40.92
6 Michael Chadwick 40.95
7 Caeleb Dressel 41.07
8 Nathan Adrian 41.08
9 Caeleb Dressel 41.00
10 Nathan Adrian 41.10


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4 years ago

He will do it next year, then it won’t be done again for decades. He’s way ahead of this generation of swimming.

Reply to  Osuswimmer
4 years ago

Although I think he will beat this time next year, I don’t think we will wait decades to beat his mark.When Cielo did 40.92, we heard the same thing(Cielo won by 1.2s margin).The evolution in our sport is happening at amazing pace.

Reply to  DDias
4 years ago

Cielo did it in a super suit and Vlad has a suspicious background. The only other non asterisk sub 41 is Chadwick with a 40.95. I don’t think Hoffer is the one to do it either. The guy has already maxing out his underwaters and is not close to what dressel was over the water in high school. I don’t know how much improvement he’s going to have. Whatever mark dressel sets will last a long time, not decades though.

Reply to  Pvdh
4 years ago

Cielo made suited but wasn’t a super suit.It was a FS Pro(textile one).He got a lot faster wearing LZ Racer at Olympics going from 21.84 to 21.30 and from 48.51 to 47.67 in LCM.Hoffer probably will not be the one to do it, but we can’t predict what an only very good 15-16years-old right now can do in four to five years from now.
I am happy Cielo skipped his Senior year to turn pro.I can’t even guess what time he would do wearing a Jaked when he told he earned(in LCM) half a second per 50m.

Reply to  Pvdh
4 years ago

He can still get his underwaters better and he’s faster than Caeleb at his age, way faster

Reply to  Osuswimmer
4 years ago

I’d say he’s way ahead of this generation of SCY swimmers. He has a fair few around his age & younger at his level LCM (Chalmers, Condorelli, Scott, even McEvoy is still only 22 etc).

Reply to  Dee
4 years ago

Dee, at the end of the day we can only go by performances. And in LCM Dressel still has a lot to prove. Having said that people are making assumptions that his NCAA times in SCY from last year’s champs translate to his LCM times that he swam later during the summer. Given we have no other information that’s not necessarily an unreasonable approach. But I’m of the belief that he did not carry that form over to the summer. That was just my impression watching him swim, looking at his stroke, and how he rode on the water. Whilst he does have an explosive start and break out I don’t think he’s quite as reliant on turns or underwaters… Read more »

Schwingen My Schlogl
4 years ago

He makes it look easy.

4 years ago

Never thought I will be asking this but any video of the mile?

Gerald manke
Reply to  Zanna
4 years ago

I considered recording it, but 14 minutes on an iPhone is a problem. Never seen a more exciting mile

Max Kowal
4 years ago


Reply to  Max Kowal
4 years ago

I think he might be getting it colored in

Reply to  Pvdh
4 years ago

He has a new gator tatoo on his forearm. The eagle with spread wings on his shoulder is definitely being removed. How was that question was never asked over the course of 4 pressers? TMZ wants to know!

4 years ago


4 years ago

Amazing how much he breaths in a 40 second race. Even looks like he might be taking two breaths on a couple of the breakouts.

Bill Bell
4 years ago

Jim Mintgomery was first man sub- 50.0 for 100 meters with his 49.99 @ Montreal– and everyone said that was the end of the world. Two weeks Jonty Skinner went 49.44 @ Philly., outdoors and in a greatly inferior to what the Olympic champ swam in. How long before ” 40″ is considered chump change, just like the 44 second barrier in the 100 fly

Reply to  Bill Bell
4 years ago

Everyone knew Skinner was fast and since South Africa was banned, he made that meet in Philly his Olympics Ofcourse it was long course and they didn’t swim more than half the race on underwater push offs

Short course is like arena football or indoor soccer. Not quite the same game. That said 40 second 100 yd free is unbelievable

4 years ago

More impressive than this swim?

Reply to  Lopez
4 years ago

Yes because that converts to a 40.57. Very impressive swim but in conversion Caeleb has gone faster three times now.

IMs for days
Reply to  Swimmingabbeys
4 years ago

Never use conversions to compare times, they simply aren’t accurate. Generally Long course records > short course meters records > yards records

Reply to  IMs for days
4 years ago

i understand conversions aren’t accurate but as someone who has kids that regularly swim scm and scy there is pretty damn accurate conversions unlike scy to lcm. Both are impressive.

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