2023 NCAA Division I Women’s Championships: Day 4 Relay Analysis


The final relay of the 2023 Women’s NCAA Championships has been swum, and we’re back with another relay breakdown. This time, it’s in the 400 free relay, where the Virginia quartet of Kate Douglass, Alex Walsh, Maxine Parker, and Gretchen Walsh won in a time of 3:05.84 to break the NCAA, US Open, and American record.

Douglass had the fastest relay leadoff, swimming a 46.37. Close behind her was Torri Huske, who swam a 46.59. Huske was just slightly off her best time of 46.46 that she clocked to finish second in the individual 100 free final earlier today. G. Walsh had the fastest rolling split of the field at 45.85, also just a bit off her 100 free winning time of 45.61. Other sub-47 relay splits came from A. Walsh, Taylor Ruck, and Laticia Lehigh-Transom.


Team Swimmer Time
Virginia Kate Douglass 46.37
Stanford Torri Huske 46.59
NC State Katharine Berkoff 47.06
Ohio State Katherin Zenick 47.14
Louisville Gabi Albiero 47.38
Texas Kelly Pash 47.87
Virginia Tech Sarah Shackelford 48.14
Florida Ekaterina Nikonova 48.19
Michigan Lindsay Flynn 48.39
Indiana Anna Peplowski 48.46
Cal Emma Davidson 48.5
Missouri Molly Gowans 48.63
Northwestern Lindsay Ervin 48.66
USC Anicka Delgado 48.71
Auburn Lexi Mulvihill 48.89
Tennessee Mona McSharry 48.93
Arkansas Bella Cothern 48.98
UNC Greer Pattison 48.99
Wisconsin Abby Carlson 49.07
UCLA Rachel Rhee 49.2
Duke Tatum Wall 49.25
Texas A&M Bobbi Kennett 49.38
Georgia Eboni McCarty 49.58
Hawaii Holly Nelson 49.62

Rolling Splits

Team Swimmer Time
Virginia Gretchen Walsh 45.85
Virginia Alex Walsh 46.58
Stanford Taylor Ruck 46.74
Stanford Claire Curzan 46.85
Hawaii Laticia Lehigh Transon 46.98
Virginia Maxine Parker 47.04
Indiana Kristina Paegle 47.2
Louisville Christiana Regenauer 47.24
Tennessee Brooklyn Douthwright 47.43
Ohio State Amy Fulmer 47.45
Louisville Ella Welch 47.46
Louisville Julia Dennis 47.49
Florida Micayla Cronk 47.57
NC State Kylee Alons 47.59
Texas A&M Chloe Stepanek 47.73
NC State Abby Arens 47.73
Texas Olivia Bray 47.81
Virginia Tech Carmen Weiler Sastre 47.85
Ohio State Teresa Ivan 47.86
Indiana Ashley Turak 47.94
Cal Isabelle Stadden 47.99
Ohio State Catherine Russo 48.07
UNC Grace Countie 48.09
NC State Abbey Webb 48.13
Arkansas Kobie Melton 48.21
Tennessee Julia Mrozinski 48.21
Auburn Polina Nevmovenko 48.23
Florida Talia Bates 48.26
USC Hanna Henderson 48.26
Virginia Tech Emily Claesson 48.32
USC Elise Garcia 48.33
Stanford Amy Tang 48.36
Tennessee Sara Stotler 48.37
Northwestern Ally Larson 48.4
Texas Grace Cooper 48.41
UNC Olivia Nel 48.42
Wisconsin Phoebe Bacon 48.43
Virginia Tech Emma Atkinson 48.45
Texas Kyla Leibel 48.5
Arkansas Andrea Sansores 48.51
Auburn Meghan Lee 48.55
Missouri Sierra Smith 48.57
USC Hannah Kuchler 48.58
Georgia Zoie Hartman 48.58
Florida Katie Mack 48.6
Wisconsin Abbey Wanezek 48.66
Michigan Brady Kendall 48.68
Michigan Claire Newman 48.7
UCLA Claire Grover 48.7
Northwestern Jamie Brennan 48.73
Wisconsin Mackenzie McConagha 48.75
Cal Ayla Spitz 48.76
Cal McKenna Stone 48.77
Arkansas Alessia Ferraguti 48.78
Indiana Ella Ristic 48.79
UCLA Gizem Guvenc 48.79
UNC Sophie Lindner 48.79
Michigan Christey Liang 48.81
Texas A&M Jordan Buechler 48.97
Northwestern Ashley Strouse 48.98
Duke Sarah Snyder 48.98
Georgia Sloane Reinstein 49.07
Georgia Callie Dickinson 49.13
Duke Catherine Belyakov 49.28
UCLA Brooke Schaffer 49.34
Texas A&M Olivia Theall 49.41
Missouri Alex Moderski 49.44
Missouri Meredith Rees 49.48
Hawaii Anna Friedrich 49.63
Hawaii Gabby Scudamore 49.67
Auburn Emma Steckiel 49.79
Duke Yi Xuan Chang 50.13

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