2022 Big 12 Championships: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


The third day of racing at the Big 12 championships kicks off at 10 AM EST this morning in Morgantown, West Virginia. The session will include men’s and women’s races in the 100 fly, 400 IM, 200 free, 100 breast and 100 back.

Unsurprisingly, both the Texas men and women have opened up massive leads in the team race. The headline of the morning will be Texas sophomore Anna Elendt competing in the individual 100 breast after putting up a blazing 56.42 breast split last night on the 400 medley relay. In the men’s 400 IM, it will be a Texas family showdown  brothers Jake and Carson Foster set to face off.

Women’s 100 fly

  • NCAA A Standard: 50.92
  • NCAA B Standard: 53.76

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Olivia Bray (TEX): 51.38
  2. Morgan Brophy (TEX): 54.19
  3. Ava Longi (TEX): 54.29
  4. Autumn Looney (KAN): 54.29
  5. Rylee Moore (TCU): 54.90
  6. Jeanne Dahmen (TCU): 54.90
  7. Lezli Sisung (KAN): 55.00
  8. Trinity Gilbert (ISU): 55.19

Texas will have the top three seeds heading into tonight’s final, with sophomore All American Olivia Bray leading the way in 51.38, three tenths off of her seed. Freshman Morgan Borphy was just off of her seed to qualify second in 54.19, while Longhorn sophomore Ava Longi dropped 8 tenths from her seed to qualify third in 54.29.

Kansas and TCU both will have a pair of A finalists tonight. The Jayhawks will have junior Autumn Looney, who qualified 4th, and freshman Lezli Sisung, who qualified 7th. TCU will be represented by Rylee Moore and Jeanne Dahmen, the 5th and 6th qualifiers.

Notably, Texas sophomore Emma Sticklen exhibitioned the event, though posted the top time in 50.77.

Men’s 100 fly

  • NCAA A Standard: 44.96
  • NCAA B Standard: 47.43

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Zac Van Zandt (TEX): 45.48
  2. Tim Connery (TEX): 45.56
  3. Sam Artmann (TEX): 46.50
  4. Alvin Jiang (TEX): 46.73
  5. Halvor Borgstroem (TEX): 47.22
  6. Piotr Sadlowski (TCU): 47.39
  7. David Snider (WVU): 47.61
  8. David Dixon (WVU): 47.94

The Texas Longhorns took the top five spots, with sophomore Zac Van Zandt leading the way with a 45.48. Coming in just behind him was freshman Tim Connery, who dropped nearly a full second from his seed to qualify 2nd in 45.56, a time that likely punches his ticket to the NCAA Championships.

Top seed Alvin Jiang added over a second from his seed to qualify fourth in 46.73 for the Longhorns.

TCU’s Piotr Sadlowski was the top non-Texas swimmer this morning, qualifying 6th in 47.39. West Virginia earned a pair of A finalists in junior David Snider and senior David Dixon, who qualified 7th and 8th, respectively.

Notably absent from the A final is Texas freshman Anthony Grimm, who added nearly two seconds from his seed to finish in a tie for ninth with a 48.01.

Women’s 400 IM

  • NCAA A Standard: 4:03.62
  • NCAA B Standard: 4:17.30

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Kelly Pash (TEX): 4:11.10
  2. Evie Pfeifer (TEX): 4:12.52
  3. Olivia McMurray (TEX): 4:18.66
  4. Erica Sullivan (TEX): 4:19.58
  5. Brigid Gwidt (KANS): 4:19.73
  6. Emily Knorr (WVU): 4:21.10
  7. Paige Riekhof (KANS): 4:21.38
  8. Ellie Wehrmann (KANS): 4:23.14

Leading the way out of the prelims was Texas junior Kelly Pash, who cruised to the top seed in 4:11.10. That swim is over 6 seconds off of her seed time of 4:04.93. Coming in behind her was her senior teammate Evie Pfeifer, who qualified second in 4:12.52. Pfeifer’s season best of 4:08.25 currently sits 23rd in the country this year. Distance freestyler Erica Sullivan made a surprise appearance here, qualifying fourth in 4:19.58, as opposed to racing the 200 free.

The Kansas Jayhawks qualified three swimmers into the A final, with freshman Brigid Gwidt qualifying 5th in 4:19.73, senior Paige Riekhof qualifying 7th in 4:21.38 and sophomore Ellie Wehrmann qualified 8th in 4:23.14.

West Virginia will also be represented in the A final by freshman Emily Knorr, who qualified 6th.

Men’s 400 IM

  • NCAA A Standard: 3:39.16
  • NCAA B Standard: 3:51.46

Top 8 finishers:

  1. David Johnston (TEX): 3:43.50
  2. Jake Foster (TEX): 3:44.82
  3. Carson Foster (TEX): 3:47.49
  4. Ethan Heasley (TEX): 3:47.59
  5. Braden Vines (TEX): 3:50.00
  6. Geremia Freri (TCU): 3:52.13
  7. Luke Dimiceli (TCU): 3:53.15
  8. Josh Harlan (WVU): 3:55.71

Texas sophomore David Johnston will swim in lane four this evening after taking the top qualifying spot in 3:43.50, over a second clear of the field. He will be flanked by Fosters on both sides, with older brother Jake qualifying 2nd in 3:44.82 and younger brother Carson qualifying 3rd in 3:47.49. Carson currently holds the second fastest time in the country this season, while Jake currently sits fourth.

TCU will have a pair of swimmers in the A final this evening, with Geremia Freri qualifying 6th in 3:52.13 and Luke Dimiceli qualifying 7th in 3:53.15. West Virginia senior Josh Harlan will be the sole Mountaineer in the A final after qualifying 8th in 3:55.71.

Women’s 200 free

  • NCAA A Standard: 1:42.98
  • NCAA B Standard: 1:47.12

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Kyla Leibel (TEX): 1:47.62
  2. Serena Gould (TCU): 1:48.31
  3. Bridget Semenuk (TEX): 1:48.44
  4. Mary Smutny (TEX): 1:48.77
  5. Abby Reardon (WVU): 1:49.40
  6. Claudia Dougan (KAN): 1:49.86
  7. Lucia Simovicova (TCU): 1:50.34
  8. Brinley Horras (ISU): 1:50.94

Texas junior Kyla Leibel will head into finals as the top seed this evening after posting a 1:47.62 this morning, 7 tenths off of her seed. Her classmates Bridget Semenuk and Mary Smutny will join her in the A final after qualifying 3rd and 4th, respectively.

TCU’s Serena Gould dropped a second and a half from her seed time to qualify second for the final this evening. Gould is the highest non-Texas finisher in any event so far today. She will be joined in the A final by sophomore teamate Lucia Simovicova, who qualified second in 1:50.34.

West Virginia will be represented tonight by Abby Reardon, who qualified 6th in 1:49.40 and Iowa State will have their second A finalist tonight in sophomore Brinley Horras.

Men’s 200 free

  • NCAA A Standard: 1:32.05
  • NCAA B Standard: 1:36.32

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Drew Kibler (TEX): 1:32.88
  2. Peter Larson (TEX): 1:33.24
  3. Daniel Kruger (TEX): 1:34.72
  4. Coby Carrozza (TEX): 1:35.14
  5. Luke Hobson (TEX): 1:35.95
  6. Alex Zettle (TEX): 1:39.19
  7. Noah Cumby (TCU): 1:37.34
  8. Roanoke Shirk (WVU): 1:37.41

The Texas men flexed their muscle in the 200 free, qualifying the top six swimmers into tonight’s finals. Leading the way is senior Olympian Drew Kibler, who qualified first in 1:32.88. He was followed by his junior teammate Peter Larson, who dropped nearly 2 tenths from his seed to qualify second in 1:33.24.

TCU junior Noah Cumby dropped nearly 4 seconds from his seed to qualify 7th in 1:37.34, while West Virginia sophomore Roanoke Shirk dropped over a second from his seed to qualify 8th in 1:37.41.

Women’s 100 breast

  • NCAA A Standard: 58.46
  • NCAA B Standard: 1:01.84

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Anna Elendt (TEX): 58.07
  2. Katie Steward (KAN): 1:00.20
  3. Lehr Thorson (ISU): 1:00.57
  4. Martha Haas (ISU): 1:01.47
  5. Channing Hanley (TEX): 1:01.86
  6. Claire Chahbandour (TCU): 1:02.21
  7. Ellie Andrews (TEX): 1:02.27
  8. Dannie Dilsaver (KAN): 1:02.39

In her encore showing after last night’s relay, Anna Elendt cruised to the top seed by over two seconds in 58.07, a tenth off of her season best. If her relay swim was any indication, there may be fireworks in store for tonight’s final for Elendt.

Kansas senior Katie Steward took the second overall seed in 1:00.20, a half second drop from her seed. Iowa State senior Lehr Thorson was just behind, qualifying third in 1:00.57. Based on current NCAA ranks, somewhere in the 59.6 range will likely receive an NCAA invite, not completely out of the question for either Steward or Thorson with a great swim tonight.

This event has had the greatest amount of parity as any this morning, with Kansas earning two A finalists, Iowa State earning 2 and TCU earning 1 in addition to Texas’ 3.

Men’s 100 breast

  • NCAA A Standard: 51.59
  • NCAA B Standard: 54.27

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Caspar Corbeau (TEX): 52.00
  2. Jadon Wuilliez (TCU): 52.54
  3. Charlie Scheinfeld (TEX): 52.78
  4. Janis Silins (TCU): 53.04
  5. Andrew Couchon (TEX): 53.67
  6. Hugh McPherson (TCU): 54.52
  7. Fausto Huerta (WVU): 54.62
  8. Joe Schaefer (WVU): 55.19

Texas sophomore Caspar Corbeau cruised to the top seed in the 100 breast, touching in 52.00, 1.2 seconds off of his seed. TCU’s Jadon Wiulliez dropped  two tenths from his seed to qualify second in 52.54, a time that now ranks 38th in the country this season, meaning he will need to drop more tonight to give himself a shot at an NCAA invite in the event.

Texas senior Charlie Scheinfeld matched his seed of 52.78 to qualify third and will need to drop this evening to secure and NCAA invite.

Women’s 100 back

  • NCAA A Standard: 50.93
  • NCAA B Standard: 53.94

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Julia Cook (TEX): 52.62
  2. Emma Sticklen (TEX): 53.43
  3. Rylee Moore (TCU): 53.81
  4. Ana Zortea (WVU): 53.99
  5. Jacqeuline McCutchan (WVU): 54.34
  6. Emily Haan (ISU): 54.43
  7. Ellie Howe (KAN): 54.50
  8. Liz Richardson (ISU): 54.43

Texas senior Julia Cook cruised to the top seed in 52.62, exactly a second off of her seed of 51.62, which is the 15th fastest time in the nation this year. Her sophomore teammate Emma Sticklen qualified second in 53.43, also a second off of her seed.

TCU’s Rylee Moore qualified third in 53.81, just ahead of West Virginia senior Ana Zortea, who finished 4th in 53.99.

Iowa State owned the pair of biggest drops of the morning, with Emily Haan and Liz Richardson both dropping over a second to qualify 6th and 8th, respectively.

Men’s 100 back

  • NCAA A Standard: 44.94
  • NCAA B Standard: 47.77

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Cameron Auchinachie (TEX): 45.86
  2. Ethan Harder (TEX): 46.35
  3. Chris O’Connor (TEX): 46.65
  4. Jason Park (TEX): 47.09
  5. Anthony Grimm (TEX): 47.19
  6. Alvin Jiang (TEX): 47.21
  7. Justin Heimes (WVU): 47.39
  8. Nathan Quarterman (TEX): 47.92

Texas senior Cameron Auchinachie qualified first in 45.86, 8 tenths off of his season best of 45.01, which currently sits 4th in the country this year. The Longhorns then placed 7 of the top 8 swimmers tonight, with junior Ethan harder having the biggest Longhorn drop of the morning to qualify second in 46.35.

The lone non-Texas representative will be West Virginia’s Justin Heimes, who qualified 7th in 47.39. That swim was a 1.29 second drop from his seed.

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Lil Swimmy
11 months ago

oh hi erica

11 months ago

So interested to see how Texas women do at NCAAs. They look solid here and I like that they aren’t swimming lights out (like in year’s past). But not sure about their overall depth to get back in top 3..

Hook em!!

11 months ago

Love to see Charlie get back to nationals after last season good luck tonight y’all

Charlie Scheinfeld
Reply to  PFA
11 months ago


Reply to  PFA
11 months ago

I was not planning to comment here but saw all those downvotes, so…

I second that. I would love to see Charlie at NCAAs. I think it will help him that he swam a lot of off events this Fall. You can tell he has been enjoying himself this Fall. Lots of smiles. Charlie is a great student and a great athlete (if I remember correctly, an unofficial Texas swim team vertical jump champion this year).

Louis Scheinfeld
Reply to  PsychoDad
11 months ago

Charlie’s been lying about his 40 inch vertical since high school

Last edited 11 months ago by Louis Scheinfeld
Reply to  Louis Scheinfeld
11 months ago

Your right if I remember right runkle told me he got 42 inches

Team Regan
11 months ago

Does Olivia McMurray have an NCAA invite time in the 500?

Reply to  Team Regan
11 months ago

4:43 is putting her in the mid 40s right now with some people above her who wont swim it.

11 months ago

why does WVU have a kid that went 47.6 in 100 fly as an exhibition swimmer?

Reply to  Joe
11 months ago

vic riggs has no clue what he’s doing

Reply to  Towelie
11 months ago

What a shame with that beautiful pool

Reply to  Joe
11 months ago

Definitely. Sad to see them trend downward since building it