2021 SC World Champs: Day 3 Finals Live Recap


The 2021 Short Course World Championships continue with the third finals session featuring finals of the men’s 200 breast, women’s 100 free, women’s 200 back, men’s 100 free, women’s 800 free, and mixed 4×50 medley relay, along with semis of the men’s 100 IM, men’s 50 free, women’s 50 fly, women’s 100 IM, and men’s 50 back.

Quite a few stars who have already won events over the first two days will racing tonight, ranging from Maggie MacNeil to Daiya Seto to Shaine Casas.

At least two prominent names who you might’ve been expected to be racing in this session will not be. Ilya Shymanovich failed to make the 200 breast final after winning the 100. breast yesterday, while Canadian teen Summer McIntosh will not be competing in the 800 free after having the 2nd-fastest time in yesterday’s heats, and neither will American teen Katie Grimes.

Men’s 200 Breaststroke – Final

  • World Record: 2:00.16 – PRIGODA Kirill (RSF) 13 DEC 2018
  • Championship Record: 2:00.16 – PRIGODA Kirill (RSF) 13 DEC 2018
  • World Junior Record: 2:03.23 – YAMAGUCHI Akihiro (JPN) 14 DEC 2012

Top 3:

  1. Nic Fink (USA) – 2:02.28
  2. Arno Kamminga (NED) – 2:02.42
  3. Will Licon (USA) – 2:02.84

Nic Fink of the USA was in 4th with a lap to go, but he split a field leading 30.84 over the final 50 to touch first, earning his first gold medal with a time of 2:02.28. That time is just 0.08s shy of the American Record that Fink set earlier this season while competing in the ISL. This is Fink’s second medal of the meet, after he earned bronze in the 100 breast yesterday. The USA men hadn’t won this event since 2004, when Brendan Hansen captured gold.

The Netherlands’ Arno Kamminga took 2nd in 2:02.42 after having slowly moved ahead each lap of the race. Yesterday Kamminga finished 4th in the 100 breast, again finishing just behind Fink. The USA’s Will Licon was in the lead heading into the final lap, but couldn’t hold off Fink or Kamminga and ultimately settled for bronze with a time of 2:02.84.

German Marco Koch saw his medal streak in this event snapped after finishing 7th tonight with a 2:05.42. The former world record holder medaled in this event in the last three SC World Championships, including a gold in 2016.

Women’s 100 Freestyle – Final

  • World Record: 50.25 – CAMPBELL Cate (AUS) 26 OCT 2017
  • Championship Record: 51.14 – KROMOWIDJOJO Ranomi (NED) 13 DEC 2018
  • World Junior Record: 51.45 – SANCHEZ Kayla (CAN) 14 DEC 2018

Top 3:

  1. Siobahn Haughey (HKG) – 50.98
  2. Sarah Sjostrom (SWE) – 51.31
  3. Abbey Weitzeil (USA) – 51.64

Hong Kong’s Siobahn Haughey earned her second individual medal of the meet, clocking a 50.98 to break the course record of 51.14. Haughey has already set the world record in the 200 free with her swim on the first day.

Familiar names rounded out the rest of the podium. Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom took silver thanks the second-fastest back half of the race (26.48), behind only Haughey, as the sprint star touched in 51.31. American Abbey Weitzeil was in 2nd at the halfway point, only 0.05s behind Haughey, and she hung on to just touch out Poland’s Katarzyna Wasick for bronze, 51.64 to 51.71.

Men’s 100 IM – Semis

  • World Record: 49.28 – DRESSEL Caeleb (USA) 22 NOV 2020
  • Championship Record: 50.63 – KOLESNIKOV Kliment (RSF) 14 DEC 2018
  • World Junior Record: 50.63 – KOLESNIKOV Kliment (RSF) 14 DEC 2018

Top 8:

  1. Kliment Kolesnikov (RSF) – 51.33
  2. Tomoe Hvas (NOR) – 51.39
  3. Daiya Seto (JPN) – 51.52
  4. Thomas Ceccon (ITA) – 51.86
  5. Andreas Vazaios (GRE) – 51.89
  6. Finlay Knox (CAN) – 51.99
  7. Bernhard Reitshammer (AUT)/Marco Orsi (ITA) – 52.03
  8. (tie)

Russia’s Kliment Kolesnikov is in pole position after qualifying first for tomorrow’s final with a time of 51.33. Kolesnikov is the reigning champion in this event, having won in 2018 with a meet record and world junior record time of 50.63. Norway’s Tomoe Hvas was just behind him with a 51.39, setting a Nordic record in the event, followed by 200 IM champion Daiya Seto of Japan (51.52).

The other five qualifiers were tightly bunched, Thomas Ceccon (51.86) and Andreas Vazaios (51.89) within a whisker of each other, then the final three three men — Finlay Knox, Bernhard Reitshammer, and Marco Orsi — all touching with 0.04s.

Women’s 200 Backstroke – Final

  • World Record: 1:58.94 – McKEOWN Kaylee (AUS) 28 NOV 2020
  • Championship Record: 1:59.23 – HOSSZU Katinka (HUN) 5 DEC 2014
  • World Junior Record: 2:00.03 – FRANKLIN Missy (USA) 22 OCT 2011

Top 3:

  1. Rhyan White (USA) – 2:01.58
  2. Kylie Masse (CAN) – 2:02.07
  3. Isabelle Stadden (USA) – 2:02.20

It was no surprise to see this race quickly turn into a battle between Rhyan White of the United States and Kylie Masse of Canada. White led after the first 50, but Masse took over the lead for the middle 100. White picked up the pace on the last lap, though, splitting 30.86 to Masse’s 31.61. That split proved decisive, as White won by nearly half a second with a time of 2:01.58.

Masse ended up in 2nd with a 2:02.07. That’s her second individual silver medal of the meet, after she also touched 2nd in the 100 back. The USA’s Isabelle Stadden split 30.68 on the last lap to grab bronze with a 2:02.20.

Men’s 50 Freestyle – Semis

  • World Record: 20.16 – DRESSEL Caeleb (USA) 21 NOV 2020
  • Championship Record: 20.26 – MANAUDOU Florent (FRA) 5 DEC 2014
  • World Junior Record: 20.98 – SIMONS Kenzo (NED) 22 DEC 2019

Top 8:

  1. Ryan Held (USA) – 20.81
  2. Joshua Liendo Edwards (CAN) – 20.88
  3. Ben Proud (GBR) – 20.95
  4. Thom de Boer (NED) – 20.98
  5. Lorenzo Zazzeri (ITA) – 21.02
  6. Szebasztian Szabo (HUN) – 21.06
  7. Maxime Grousset (FRA) – 21.16
  8. Ian Ho (HKG) – 21.22

This is shaping up to be a great race tomorrow night, and the USA’s Ryan Held will swim in lane 4 after posting the fastest semi-finals time with a 20.81 in the second heat. Four other men from that heat will compete in the final: Ben Proud (20.95), Lorenzo Zazzeri (21.02), Szebasztian Szabo (21.06) and Ian Ho (21.22).

Canada’s Joshua Liendo Edwards had the second-fastest overall time after winning the first heat with a 20.88. Thom de Boer (20.98) and Maxime Grousset (21.16) will also swim in tomorrow night’s final out of that first semi.

Women’s 50 Butterfly – Semis

  • World Record: 24.38 – ALSHAMMAR Therese (SWE) 22 NOV 2009
  • Championship Record: 24.47 – KROMOWIDJOJO Ranomi (NED) 14 DEC 2018
  • World Junior Record: 25.14 – IKEE Rikako (JPN) 14 NOV 2017

Top 8:

  1. Ranomi Kromowidjojo (NED) – 24.61
  2. Sarah Sjostrom (SWE) – 24.94
  3. Zhang Yufei (CHN) – 24.97
  4. Maaike de Waard (NED) – 25.19
  5. Arina Surkova (RSF) / Claire Curzan (USA) / Torri Huske (USA) – 25.20
  6. (tie)
  7. (tie)
  8. Silvia di Pietro (ITA) – 25.25

Ranomi Kromowidjojo is in positron to defend her title in this event after posting the fastest semi-finals time with a 24.61. That’s just 0.14s away from her meet record mark set in 2018.

Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom (24.94), who split 23.9 on Sweden’s mixed medley relay, and China’s Zhang Yufei (24.94), who won the 200 fly,  were also under 25 seconds.

Kromowidjojo teammate Maaike de Waard qualified 4th in 25.19, just ahead of a three-way tie, as the Russian Swim Federation’s Arina Surkova and the USA’s Claire Curzan and Torri Huske all touched in 25.20.

Italy’s Silvia di Pietro was the final qualifier with a time of 25.25.

Men’s 100 Butterfly – Final

  • World Record: 47.78 – DRESSEL Caeleb (USA) 21 NOV 2020
  • Championship Record: 48.08 – le CLOS Chad (RSA) 8 DEC 2016
  • World Junior Record: 49.53 – LI Zhuhao (CHN) 19 NOV 2017

Top 3:

  1. Matteo Rivolta (ITA) – 48.87
  2. Chad le Clos (RSA) – 49.04
  3. Andrei Minakov (RSF) – 49.21

Italy’s Matteo Rivolta finished ahead of a strong field to take the gold in 48.87. That’s a bit best off of his own best time for Rivolta, who set the Italian record on multiple occasions while competing for the Aqua Centurions during the recent ISL season. That’s the second individual gold medal of the meet for the Italian men, after Alberto Razzetti won the 200 fly.

Defending champion Chad le Clos of South Africa took 2nd in 49.04, over half a second shy of his winning time of 48.50 from 2018. Le Clos took bronze in the 200 fly two days ago. RSF’s Andrei Minakov touched 3rd in 49.21.

Women’s 100 IM – Semis

  • World Record: 56.51 – HOSSZU Katinka (HUN) 7 AUG 2017
  • Championship Record: 56.70 – HOSSZU Katinka (HUN) 5 DEC 2014
  • World Junior Record: 57.59 – SHKURDAI Anastasiya (BLR) 22 NOV 2020

Top 8:

  1. Maria Ugolkova (SUI) – 58.25
  2. Mariia Kameneva (RFS) – 58.45
  3. Costanza Cocconcelli (ITA) – 58.58
  4. Anastasia Gorbenko (ISR) – 58.65
  5. Beryl Gastaldello (FRA) – 58.66
  6. Bailey Andison (CAN) – 58.74
  7. Marrit Steenbergen (NED) – 58.75
  8. Melanie Margalis (USA) – 58.96

Maria Ugolkova set a Swiss record en route to posting the top time in the semis, leading the field with a 58.25. RSF’s Mariia Kameneva, also in the first heat, took 2nd with a 58.45. Italy’s Costanza Cocconcelli won the second heat with a time of 58.58, just ahead of Israel’s Anastasia Gorbenko (58.65).

France’s Beryl Gastaldello, Canada’s Bailey Andison, and Marrit Steenbergen of the Netherlands were all within a tenth of a second of Gorbenko, while the USA’s Melanie Margalis (58.96) just snuck into the final ahead of teammate Abbey Weitzeil (59.00).

Men’s 50 Backstroke – Semis

  • World Record: 22.22 – MANAUDOU Florent (FRA) 6 DEC 2014
  • Championship Record: 22.22 – MANAUDOU Florent (FRA) 6 DEC 2014
  • World Junior Record: 22.77 – KOLESNIKOV Kliment (RSF) 14 DEC 2018

Top 8:

  1. Pavel Samusenko (RSF) – 22.74
  2. Kliment Kolesnikov (RSF) – 22.78
  3. Christian Diener (GER) – 22.89
  4. Lorenzo Mora (ITA) / Shaine Casas (USA) – 23.13
  5. (tie)
  6. Michele Lamberti (ITA) – 23.15
  7. Kacper Stokowski (POL) – 23.17
  8. Apostolos Christou (GRE) – 23.26

Russian Swim Federation teammates Pavel Samusenko and Kliment Kolesnikov will swim side-by-side in tomorrow’s final after finishing 1-2 in the semis. Samusenko won the first heat with a. 22.74, while Kolesnikov won heat two with a 22.78. That puts the Russians in good position to earn a second-consecutive gold medal in this event, even without defending champion Evgeny Rylov. Germany’s Christian Diener finished third with a 22.89 as the only other man under 23.

The semis were pretty bunched up after those top three finishers. Italy’s Lorenzo Mora and the USA’s Shaine Casas, swimming in different heats, tied with matching times of 23.13. Mora’s teammate Michele Lamberti was just behind at 23.15, followed by Poland’s Kacper Stokowski (23.17), and Greece’s Apostolos Christou (23.26).

Women’s 800 Freestyle – Final

  • World Record: 7:59.34 – BELMONTE Mireia (ESP) 10 AUG 2013
  • Championship Record: 8:03.41 – BELMONTE GARCIA Mireia (ESP) 4 DEC 2014
  • World Junior Record: 7:59.44 – WANG Jianjiahe (CHN) 6 OCT 2018

Top 3:

  1. Li Bingjie (CHN) – 8:02.90
  2. Anastasiia Kirpichnikova (RSF) – 8:06.44
  3. Simona Quadrella (ITA) – 8:07.99

China’s Li Bingjie continues to have a torrid season, setting a course record time of 8:02.90 as she won this event by over three seconds after leading from start to finish. That’s almost a seven-second improvement on her time of 8:09.81 edition of this meet, where she finished 4th with a 8:09.81.

RSF’s Anastasiia Kirpichnikova moved into 2nd by the 200m mark and never relinquished that spot, earning a silver medal with her time of 8:06.44. Italy’s Simona Quadrella, the 2018 silver medalist, captured bronze today with 8:07.99 effort.

Mixed Medley 4×50 Relay – Final

  • World Record: 1:36.18 – Netherlands – 7 NOV 2021
  • Championship Record: 1:36.40 – United States – 13 DEC 2018

Top 3:

  1. Netherlands – 1:36.20
  2. United States – 1:37.04
  3. Italy – 1:37.29

The Netherlands closed out today’s session with a resounding victory in the mixed 4×50 medley relay, as the Dutch quartet set a new meet record, and nearly clipped their own world record, with a time of 1:36.20.

The team employed the same Female-Male-Female-Male strategy they did when they set the world record last month, once again using Kira Toussaint (26.21) on back, Arno Kamminga (25.40) on breast, and Thom de Boer (20.23) on free, while Ranomi Kromowidjojo (24.36) subbed in for Maaike De Waard on fly.

The US took 2nd in 1:37.04, using Shaine Casas (23.16), Nic Fink (25.82), Claire Curzan (24.85), and Abbey Weitzeil (23.21). Italy’s quartet of Lorenzo Mora (23.28), Nicolo Martinenghi (25.60), Elena di Liddo (24.91), and Silvia di Pietro (23.50) earned bronze with a time of 1:37.29, with RSF not too far behind at 1:37.44.

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Vaccines Work!
2 years ago

why on earth did USAS drop so much $$ & resources to send MA to this meet? Also has MA been out of the pool since Tokyo? The underperformance is on another level

2 years ago

Liendo 20.88 at 19 years old. Arguably has like 7 years until he reaches the standard ‘peak’ age of male freestyle sprinters. Reckon he might be the first ever 19.xx in the future?

Reply to  SwimFan99
2 years ago

It’s definitely not out of the realm of plausibility. But, 20.88 to 19.xx is a gulf to gap that takes more than just sort of a “progression on par with other 19 year olds,” know what I mean?

Lionel Messi the legend
Reply to  SwimFan99
2 years ago

Dressel didn’t hit his turn perfectly last year at ISL, which he mentioned at the SS podcast with Mel.

His 20.16 wasn’t perfect. He will be the first going 19 sec in the 50 SCM.

Captain Ahab
2 years ago

Michael Andrew = Todd Marinovich

Reply to  Captain Ahab
2 years ago

Not exactly. According to the 30 for 30, Marinovich did A LOT of drugs.

Reply to  Captain Ahab
2 years ago

Who is Todd? What/where/when did he swim?

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  anonymous
2 years ago

Oakland Raiders, then cell block 457.

NornIron Swim
2 years ago

I think Li Bingjie would consider her season pretty successful. Quite the opposite of torrid.

Reply to  NornIron Swim
2 years ago

Robert is American, so doesn’t use the Britishism version of Torrid, though if you’re from the commonwealth, I could see that being confusing.

NornIron Swim
Reply to  Braden Keith
2 years ago

Fair enough. Cheers.

Reply to  NornIron Swim
2 years ago

Li Bingjie had a great season. She is an excellent 800 free swimmer
Showed how good Titmus swim in the Olympics after big swims in 200 & 400 to win silver in the 800 was a tremendous effort.

Of Course there is Ledecky, the GOAT, her casual stroll swim in the 800 free is faster then anyone else has ever swam.

2 years ago

Rivolta didn’t win the 200 fly, Razzetti did

Greg Peter
2 years ago

This just in: Michael Andrew retires from swimming to pursue professional surfing.

Stewart 100 back gold in Fukuoka
Reply to  Greg Peter
2 years ago

I can’t tell this is joke or not.

Reply to  Stewart 100 back gold in Fukuoka
2 years ago

its literally a joke that started years ago, boomers love to laugh about unoriginal sh*t that is repeated 100s of times

Greg Peter
2 years ago

What a great split by Shymanovich 24.93!

2 years ago

Dutch dominance🤘🏻 Finally the first gold medal for us.

Last edited 2 years ago by ISL

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