2024 US Olympic Trials Day 7 Roster Update: Bacon and Casas Make the Team


We only had three finals tonight, and between the men and women, there were only two new additions to the team.

In the women’s 200 back, Phoebe Bacon made the team by placing 2nd in the 200 back. Bacon qualified in the same event at the 2021 Trials. Regan Smith added a third event to her schedule by winning the 200 back. After last night, the women already had enough doubles to ensure that they’d be able to take all eligible swimmers to Paris without bumping up against the 26-swimmer roster cap.

On the men’s side, Caeleb Dressel and Chris Guiliano went 1-2 in the 50 free, adding two doubles to the men’s team and ensuring that all second-place finishers will make the team.

Guiliano had previously qualified in the 200 and 100 freestyles, and he’ll be the first US male swimmer Matt Biondi to contest all three events at the Olympics. Dressel was already on the team in the 4×100 free thanks to a 3rd-place  finish in the 100.

Carson Foster earned his second individual spot with a win in the 200 IM after a great race with training partner Shaine Casas. It’ll be the first Olympic team for Casas, who scratched the 100 fly this morning to focus on the 200 IM tonight.

With finals spots in the 100 fly and the 1500 free to go, the US men have 7 doubles and 25 men eligible for the roster. With a 26-swimmer roster cap, that means that if more than one of the four remaining spots go to someone not already on the team, at least one relay swimmer will have to stay home. The good news, though, is that tonight’s doubles ensured that all 2nd-place finishers will be able to go to Paris.

That 7th double also means than Ryan Held is now locked into the roster after finishing 5th in the 100 free. Brooks Curry finished 5th in the 200 free, putting them in the same priority, but Held’s 100 free time was closer to the Olympic Qualifying Time as a percentage.

Women’s Roster Through Day 7

  1. Katharine Berkoff (100 back)
  2. Phoebe Bacon (200 back)
  3. Erika Connolly (4×100 free relay)
  4. Kate Douglass (100 free, 200 breast)
  5. Erin Gemmell (4×200 free relay)
  6. Katie Grimes (400 IM, 1500 free)
  7. Torri Huske (100 free, 100 fly)
  8. Lilly King (100 breast, 200 breast)
  9. Katie Ledecky (400 free, 200 free, 1500 free)
  10. Paige Madden (4×200 free relay, 400 free)
  11. Simone Manuel (4×100 free relay)
  12. Anna Peplowski (4×200 free relay)
  13. Alex Shackell (200 fly, 4×200 free relay)
  14. Regan Smith (100 back, 200 fly, 200 back)
  15. Gretchen Walsh (100 fly, 4×100 free relay)
  16. Claire Weinstein (200 free)
  17. Abbey Weitzeil (4×100 free)
  18. Emma Weber (100 breast)
  19. Emma Weyant (400 IM)

*listed alphabetically by last name


Men’s Roster Through Day 7 (Priority 1)

  1. Jack Alexy (100 free)
  2. Hunter Armstrong (4×100 free relay, 100 back)
  3. Shaine Casas (200 IM)
  4. Caeleb Dressel (4×100 free relay, 50 free)
  5. Matt Fallon (200 breast)
  6. Nic Fink (100 breast)
  7. Bobby Finke (800 free)
  8. Carson Foster (400 IM, 200 IM)
  9. Chris Guiliano (200 free, 100 free, 50 free)
  10. Ryan Held (4×100 free relay)
  11. Thomas Heilman (200 fly)
  12. Luke Hobson (200 free)
  13. Chase Kalisz (400 IM)
  14. Drew Kibler (4×200 free relay)
  15. Keaton Jones (200 back)
  16. Josh Matheny (200 breast)
  17. Ryan Murphy (100 back, 200 back)
  18. Aaron Shackell (400 free)
  19. Kieran Smith (4×200 free relay, 400 free)
  20. Charlie Swanson (100 breast)
  21. Luca Urlando (200 fly)
  22. Luke Whitlock (800 free)

Other Eligible Swimmers 

  1. Brooks Curry (4×200 free relay)
  2. Matt King (4×100 free relay)
  3. Blake Pieroni (4×200 free relay)

*listed alphabetically by last name

Doubles Explanation

When we use the term “Doubles” to refer to a swimmer qualifying in more than one event, i.e., doubling up on a roster spot. If a swimmer qualifies in three events, for the purposes of the article, it would be considered two doubles. We track ‘doubles’ to determine when the swimmers’ next priority can be officially added to the team.

The Magic Numbers:

  • 6 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side mean all priority 2 athletes (2nd-place finishers) can be added for that gender
  • 8 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side mean all priority 3 athletes (5th-place in 100/200 free) can be added for that gender
  • 10 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side mean all priority 4 athletes (6th-place in 100/200 free) can be added for that gender

So far, the doubles are as follows:

Women   Men
Katie Ledecky – 400 Free, 200 Free 1 Kieran Smith – 400 Free, 4×200 Free Relay
Katie Ledecky – 1500 Free 2 Hunter Armstrong – 4×100 Free Relay, 100 Back
Paige Madden – 400 Free, 4×200 Free Relay 3 Chris Guiliano – 100 Free, 200 Free
Gretchen Walsh – 100 Fly, 4×100 Free 4 Ryan Murphy – 100 Back, 200 Back
Katie Grimes – 400 IM, 1500 Free 5 Caeleb Dressel – 4×100 free, 50 feee
Torri Huske – 100 free, 100 fly 6 Chris Guiliano – 50 free
Lilly King – 100 breast, 200 breast 7 Carson Foster – 400 IM, 200 IM
Regan Smith – 100 back, 200 fly 8
Kate Douglas – 100 free, 200 breast 9
Alex Shackell – 4×200 free relay, 200 fly 10
Regan Smith – 200 back 11

Some notes on the charts

  • Colors delineate priorities for ease of viewing
  • If there is a strikethrough, that means said athlete qualified in a higher priority
  • Bolded events were events added this evening


As a reminder, the selection procedures for the US Olympic Team are as follows.  The US is limited to 26 swimmers per gender and only 12 relay-only swimmers (which is shared between both teams).

  • Priority #1. The first priority will be comprised of both (i) the four best finishing
    Available Swimmers based on finish order during the Finals of the Qualifying
    Competition in each of the 100-meter and 200-meter Freestyles, and (ii) the best
    finishing Available Swimmer based on finish order during the Finals of the
    Qualifying Competition in each of the Events other than the 100-meter and 200
    meter Freestyle.

    • Limitation: If an Available Swimmer Nominated to the Team under Priority #1 in
      the 100-meter or 200-meter Freestyle declines to swim the 100-meter Freestyle
      or 200-meter Freestyle Events at the Olympic Games (pursuant to the
      opportunity given to that athlete under Section 1.3.9) at any time prior to the
      announcement of the Team on June 23, but remains on the Team pursuant to
      Selection in another Individual Olympic Event, no additional swimmer will be
      added to the Team in the 100-meter or 200-meter Freestyle. This limitation will
      not apply if the Available Swimmer is removed from the Team pursuant to
      Section 3.
  • Priority #2. The second priority will be comprised of the second best finishing
    Available Swimmer based on finish order during the Finals of the Qualifying
    Competition in each of the Events other than the 100-meter and 200-meter
  • Priority #3. The third priority will be comprised of the fifth best finishing
    Available Swimmer based on finish order during the Finals of the Qualifying
    Competition in each of the 100-meter and 200-meter Freestyles.
  • Priority #4. The fourth priority will be comprised of the sixth best finishing
    Available Swimmer based on finish order during the Finals of the Qualifying
    Competition in each of the 100-meter and 200-meter Freestyles

Junior Pan Pacs

You can read more about the Junior Pan Pacs roster selection process here. There is a cap of 20 swimmers per gender.

Teagan O’Dell was the only swimmer eligible for Junior Pan Pacs to swim in a final tonight, and she was already likely on the team by virtue of her 100 back earlier this week. Likewise, Lilla Bognar was already on the team in the 400 IM. On the men’s side, Kaii Winkler and Josh Howat were the two highest eligible finishers in the 50 free.

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29 days ago

Will Blake have to stay at home, then do not worry..they can use Curry, Kibler, Armstrong/foster, Smith in heats and two fastest will join with Hobson and Guiliano..

Reply to  Swimz
29 days ago

Of course the relay team will be fine. We’re rooting for Blake to make the Olympic team.

29 days ago

Correction: you have put 50 free under Armstrong, it should go to Guiliano

29 days ago

Good for Ryan Held!

29 days ago

The big misses are MA, Curzan, Bella Sims, Walsh. Any others??

Reply to  Swimmer.
29 days ago

Alex Walsh still has the 200IM tonight.

Reply to  Zanna
29 days ago

I hope she makes it!!

29 days ago

Should Willis and Howat be Priority 5 for Junior PP?

Reply to  Boknows34
29 days ago

Rowan Cox is also guaranteed Priority 4 as the second junior qualifier in the 100 fly.

29 days ago

Claire Curzan – wow what a huge disappointment

Genevieve Nnaji
Reply to  Bunba
29 days ago

We all knew it’s an uphill battle for her to qualify.

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  Genevieve Nnaji
29 days ago

This event was right there for her if she had been as sharp as February world championships and then took the logical small step forward. Instead Curzan was okay all week but there was no hint of spark.

Tonight’s final reminded me of Walsh versus King at 200 breaststroke. Curzan needed a margin over Bacon at 25 remaining. It wasn’t there and the remainder was inevitable.

Paul Thomas
29 days ago

I joked around about it earlier this week, but I am genuinely curious whether we can get a second men’s open-water swimmer out of this meet. Has anyone committed to do it if they win a spot?

Reply to  Paul Thomas
29 days ago

Open water is a whole other qualifying process and there is no avenue through this meet or any other to add another American to the race. The open water field is set.

Club Coach
Reply to  Braden Keith
29 days ago

I could have misunderstood but I believe Lindsey has stated they would be offering the spot to 100/800 guys from this meet

Reply to  Club Coach
29 days ago

Do you have a link? I’m re-reading selection procedures and I still can’t see any Avenue to qualifying that hasn’t already happened. Open water isn’t a “every country gets 2” kind of game, so I think Ivan is the only one who gets to go for men.

But a couple of people have brought this up so I wanna make sure I haven’t missed anything.

Reply to  Braden Keith
29 days ago

The questions are coming from Category G, Additional Places. If this doesn’t mean the U.S. could enter a second man in OW who achieved the OQT in 800 or 1500 and competed in Paris in the 800 or 1500, in all sincerity, what scenario does it apply to?

“In addition to the process above, any NOC with qualified pool athletes who have achieved an Olympic Qualification Time (OQT) in either the 800-meter or 1500-meter freestyle (for both genders) and swims in any of the two events at the Olympic Games Paris 2024, may enter those athletes into the Marathon Swimming event, provided such entries will comply with NOC limits where no more than two athletes of the same gender per… Read more »

Reply to  Katie
29 days ago

Ahhh I had missed that piece of the selection procedure. Thanks for sharing that.

Genevieve Nnaji
Reply to  Paul Thomas
29 days ago

WAQ already completed the qualifying process (and what country gets how many participants) for Open Water.

29 days ago


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