2021 ISL Match 10 – Day 1: Live Recap


A lot is on the line for the 4 ISL teams competing today as Aqua, Iron, Tokyo, and New York go head to head, each on the hunt for their first-ever match win.

This match is the last one before Match 11 which will serve as the play-in match. We know for certain that Match 11 will feature DC Trident, along with 3 out of 4 of the team racing in Match 10. Read more about what each team needs to do in order to escape Match 11 and advance automatically to semi-finals here.



  • Lanes 1 & 2 – New York Breakers
  • Lanes 3 & 4 – Iron
  • Lanes 5 & 6 – Tokyo Frog Kings
  • Lanes 7 & 8 – Aqua Centurions

Note that in the results below, JP means Jackpot and signifies a swimmer had their points stolen, and TS means Time Standard, meaning a swimmer failed to meet the minimum time standard in the race and thereby loses their points, though it is possible to both fall below the time standard and have points jackpotted.


  1. di LIDDO Elena AQC 56.28  10.0
  2.  TETZLOFF Aly TOK 56.56 7.0
  3.  CHIMROVA Svetlana NYB 56.60 6.0
  4. BECKMANN Emilie IRO 57.21 5.0
  5. di PIETRO Silvia AQC  57.51  4.0
  6.  THOMAS Alys IRO  57.54 3.0
  7.  JONES Harriet TOK  57.93  2.0
  8.  STEENBERGEN Marrit NYB 59.44  -1.0

After 2 2nd place finishes and a 3rd place finish in the women’s 100 butterfly this season, Elena di Liddo managed to pull off the win for Aqua to open up match 10. Thanks to a jackpotting of New York’s Marrit Steenbergen, di Liddo and teammate di Pietro raked in a combined total of 14 points for Aqua.

Aly Tetzloff was not far off for Tokyo, touching in a 56.56 for 7 points but teammate Harriet Jones came in 7th, just escaping the jackpot for 2 points.


  1.  RIVOLTA Matteo AQC 49.77 10.0
  2.  KAWAMOTO Takeshi TOK 50.07 7.0
  3.  CECCON Thomas AQC  50.56 6.0
  4.  TEMPLE Matt NYB  50.61 5.0
  5. SANTOS Nicholas IRO  50.69  4.0
  6.  MAJERSKI Jakub NYB 50.79  3.0
  7.  VEKOVISHCHEV Mikhail IRO  50.86 2.0
  8.  SPAJARI Pedro TOK  52.23 JP

Prior to this swim from Aqua’s Matteo Rivolta, he had not yet broken 50 seconds or scored within the top 3 in the event this season. He managed, however, to dip under 50 and hit a 49.77 which is just inches away from his own Italian record in the event of 49.54. His 10-point win combined with Thomas Ceccon‘s 6-point yield for 3rd place gave Aqua a total of 16 points here, extending their early lead.

Japanese record holder and Tokyo Frog King Takeshi Kawamoto notched a 50.07 for 7 points which was a little slower than his PB of 49.54 but improved upon his most recent performance of 50.25 for 4th at Match 8.


  1. LOYNING Ingeborg IRO  2:03.67 10.0
  2. DELOOF Gabby TOK  2:03.76  7.0
  3.  ZEVINA Daryna NYB  2:04.38  6.0
  4.  MADDEN Paige TOK  2:04.76  5.0
  5.  PEDA Paulina NYB  2:05.71 4.0
  6.  ZAMORANO Africa IRO  2:05.83 3.0
  7.  PELLEGRINI Federica AQC 2:05.91  2.0
  8.  POLIERI Alessia AQC  2:11.03  -1.0

After a solid 2 wins for Aqua, the 200 backstroke slowed down the team’s momentum as Federica Pellegrini and Alessia Polieri finished 7th and 8th, respectively. In their wake, Iron’s Ingeborg Loyning pulled off her first ISL victory in the event and delivered a massive Norwegian record of 2:03.67, down from a 2:05.73 earlier this month.

Tokyo’s Gabby DeLoof and Paige Madden were strong here for Tokyo, landing in 2nd and 4th place, respectively, to score 12 points for their team, trailing Iron’s 13-point total.


  1. TARASEVICH Grigory TOK 1:50.79 10.0
  2.  MORA Lorenzo IRO  1:51.01  7.0
  3.  GLINTA Robert IRO 1:51.96 6.0
  4. BOHUS Richard TOK 1:52.01  5.0
  5.  de DEUS Leonardo AQC 1:52.28 4.0
  6. CIAMPI Matteo AQC 1:52.48  3.0
  7. TOMAC Mewen NYB  1:53.50  2.0
  8.  CLOGG Elliot NYB 1:55.38 JP

Grigory Tarasevich decided that it was time for Tokyo to pick up a win and got his hand on the wall in a 1:50.79 to out touch both of Iron’s men who came in for 2nd and 3rd place. Tarasevich’s efforts, combined with teammate Bohus’ 4th place finish meant 15 points for Tokyo, while Iron was just off with 13.

Aqua did better here than they did in the previous heat, touching in 5th and 6th, but will need to infiltrate the top 4 some more should they hope to be in the fight for 1st place.


  1. RENSHAW Molly NYB  2:19.77 9.0
  2. STRAUCH Jenna IRO  2:19.94  7.0
  3. WOOD Abbie NYB  2:20.02  6.0
  4.  CARRARO Martina AQC  2:20.63  5.0
  5.  WATANABE Kanako TOK  2:21.25 4.0
  6.  CASTIGLIONI Arianna AQC  2:21.78  3.0
  7.  TUCKER Miranda TOK  2:23.05 2.0
  8.  HULKKO Ida IRO  2:24.42 1.0

New York’s reliable breaststrokers Molly Renshaw and Abbie Wood showed up in full form here to pull off a necessary 1-3 finish for the team. No jackpots were awarded, meaning that Renshaw got 9 points for her win and Wood got 6, totalling 15 between the 2. That’s significantly more than any other team in this event, however, as Iron and Aqua picked up 8 points each, while Tokyo only scored 6.

This is Renshaw’s first win of the season in the 200 breaststroke and second time under 2:20.


  1. PERSSON Erik IRO  2:02.39 12.0
  2. SETO Daiya TOK  2:02.48  7.0
  3.  KAMMINGA Arno AQC  2:02.96  6.0
  4.  KOCH Marco NYB  2:04.69  5.0
  5. KOSEKI Yasuhiro TOK 2:05.23 4.0
  6.  MARTINENGHI Nicolo AQC  2:05.36 3.0
  7.  REITSHAMMER Bernhard IRO 2:08.18 JP
  8. WILBY James NYB  2:10.24 JP

Erik Persson has pulled off an impressive 4-straight wins in the 200 breaststroke this season, securing a perfect record for 2021. Despite having won this 3 times before, this marks Persson’s quickest swim of the season and is a new Swedish record, improving upon his own time of 2:02.80 from 2019.

Daiya Seto, who would have been looking for his 3rd win in the event this season, settled for 2nd place after touching just 0.09 seconds behind Persson.

Persson was the only scorer for Iron as he jackpotted teammate Reitshammer, allowing Tokyo to nearly beat Iron overall with 11 points to Persson’s 12.


  1.  IRO – Iron 3:30.21 30.0
  2.  TOK – Tokyo Frog Kings 3:30.23  14.0
  3. AQC – Aqua Centurions 3:30.83  12.0
  4. NYB – NY Breakers 3:31.48  10.0
  5. TOK – Tokyo Frog Kings 3:34.94 8.0
  6. NYB – NY Breakers 3:38.29  -2.0
  7. AQC – Aqua Centurions 3:40.26  -2.0
  8. IRO – Iron 3:42.10  -2.0

Iron took full advantage of the double points that were up for grabs here and won the photo-finish battle between them and Tokyo which came down to just 0.02 seconds. While Iron did jackpot their own team, they also stole points from New York and Aqua’s 6th and 7th place teams, netting them a total of 30 points while Tokyo earned 22, Aqua 12, and New York 10.


  1. SZABO Szebasztian AQC 21.13 9.0
  2.  PIJNENBURG Stan NYB  21.28  7.0
  3.  ORSI Marco IRO  21.30  6.0
  4.  de BOER Thom IRO  21.36 5.0
  5. =5  MOROZOV Vladimir TOK  21.46 3.5
  6. =5  SPAJARI Pedro TOK 21.46  3.5
  7.  MIRESSI Alessandro AQC 21.56 2.0
  8. KRASKA Jakub NYB 21.97  1.0

It was a redemption swim for Aqua’s Szebasztian Szabo who has been faced with 2 8th place finishes at his 2 most recent meets. Not only did he improve upon those 2 last-place finishes, but he also swam faster than he did at Match 1 when he posted a 21.41 for 2nd to Energy Standard’s Ben Proud.

Stan Pijnenburg rose to the occasion for New York and threw down a 21.28 for 2nd place while Marco Orsi and Thom de Boer went 3-4 for Iron. Szabo’s 9 points, combined with Miressi’s 2 gave them a total of 11 points for the race which Orsi and de Boer managed to tie, winning 6 and 5, respectively.


  1. DELOOF Catie TOK 24.19 9.0
  2.  KAMENEVA Mariia AQC  24.20 7.0
  3.  KROMOWIDJOJO Ranomi IRO  24.22  6.0
  4.  HENIQUE Melanie IRO  24.35  5.0
  5. di PIETRO Silvia AQC 24.38 4.0
  6. =6 FIEDKIEWICZ Kornelia NYB  24.51 2.5
  7. =6  IGARASHI Chihiro TOK  24.51 2.5
  8.  USTINOVA Daria S NYB  24.53  1.0

Ranomi Kromowidjojo and Melanie Henique have been a powerful duo for Iron thus far but they fell just short of a 1-2 finish in the 50 freestyle here as Tokyo’s Catie DeLoof and Aqua’s Mariia Kameneva instead claimed the top 2 spots. DeLoof had the upper hand by just 0.01 seconds, taking 9 points with her 24.19 win.

Kromowidjojo and Henique still managed to rake in a total of 11 points for Iron, staying competitive with Tokyo’s 11.5-point total and matching Aqua’s 11-point total. New York trailed again here, scoring only 3.5 points overall.

MEN’S 200 IM

  1. SETO Daiya TOK  1:52.59 9.0
  2. HEINTZ Philip NYB 1:53.58 7.0
  3.  KALISZ Chase AQC  1:53.69  6.0
  4. PASYNKOV Daniil TOK  1:53.81 5.0
  5. SANTOS Leonardo IRO  1:53.92  4.0
  6.  LITCHFIELD Joe NYB  1:54.65 3.0
  7.  PERSSON Erik IRO  1:56.83  2.0
  8.  BORODIN Ilia AQC  1:56.90 1.0

League record holder Daiya Seto (Tokyo) continued his strong season with another win in the 200 IM, touching first in 1:52.59 (24.44/27.93/32.57/27.65). Seto had the seventh-slowest free split in the field. His record 1:50.76 is from the season 1 final.

The Breakers’ Philip Heintz was just under a second behind at 1:54.58, nearly out-splitting sitting on breast (32.60) and out-splitting him on free (27.44).

Chase Kalisz, who represents the Aqua Centurions, took third in 1:53.69. Kalisz had the fastest closing split in the field at 27.08 — he was in sixth after the first 100 but overtook multiple competitors in the back half, which also included a 32.29 breast split.


  1. =1 WOOD Abbie NYB 2:05.45 9.5
  2. =1 OHASHI Yui TOK  2:05.45 9.5
  3. UGOLKOVA Maria IRO  2:07.66  6.0
  4. COCCONCELLI Costanza IRO  2:08.94 5.0
  5. OMOTO Rika AQC  2:09.06 4.0
  6. LESAFFRE Fantine AQC 2:10.29  3.0
  7. GINGRICH Leah TOK  2:10.52 JP
  8. MONTEIRO Ana Catarina NYB 2:15.38  -1.0

Abbie Wood (Breakers) and Tokyo’s Yui Ohashi, the league record holder and Olympic gold medalist, tied for first in 2:05.45. Wood split 27.45/31.24/36.38/30.38, while Ohashi out-split her in the second 100, going 27.93/31.47/36.23/29.82. Each was awarded 9.5 points after jackpotting Tokyo’s Leah Gingrich (2:10.52) and New York’s Ana Catarina Monteiro, who came in last and missed the cutoff time at 2:15.38.

The pair was 2.21 seconds ahead of the next-fastest finisher, Iron’s Maria Ugolkova (2:07.66).


  1. MARTINENGHI Nicolo AQC 25.89 15.0
  2. PINZUTI Alessandro TOK 26.07  7.0
  3.  SCOZZOLI Fabio AQC 6.0
  4.  KOSEKI Yasuhiro TOK 26.16  5.0
  5.  REITSHAMMER Bernhard IRO 26.74 4.0
  6. PERSSON Erik IRO 27.35 JP
  7. KOCH Marco NYB  27.73 JP
  8.  WILBY James NYB  27.81 JP

Aqua’s breaststroke weapon Nicolo Martinenghi did what he needed to do and pulled off the biggest jackpot we’ve seen today, stealing points from Iron’s Persson and New York’s Koch and Wilby. Complimenting Martinenghi’s 15-point yield, Fabio Scozolli pulled in 6 points from 3rd place to give Aqua 21 points overall.

Tokyo’s Alessandro Pinzutti and Yasuhiro Koseki were both in the top 4 and collected 12 points between then but thanks to Martinenghi’s jackpot trailed Aqua by nearly 10 points.


  1. CASTIGLIONI Arianna AQC 29.09 19.0
  2.  CARRARO Martina AQC  29.72 7.0
  3. HULKKO Ida IRO 29.83 6.0
  4.  TUCKER Miranda TOK  30.22 5.0
  5.  STRAUCH Jenna IRO 30.58 JP
  6.  VASEY Sarah NYB  30.63 JP
  7.  RENSHAW Molly NYB  30.82 JP
  8. WATANABE Kanako TOK 31.17 JP

The only thing that could have been better than the 1-3 finish that the Aqua men delivered was the 1-2 finish that Arianna Castiglioni and Martina Carraro pulled off here. Castiglioni swam a massive 29.09 to get within striking distance of Benedetta Pilato’s 28.81 Italian record in the event.

Castiglioni also managed to steal points from both of New York’s swimmers, along with one of Iron’s and one of Tokyo’s. Together, Aqua’s women raked in 26 points while Iron got 6, Tokyo got 5, and New York scored 0 points in either 50 breaststroke.


  1.  AQC – Aqua Centurions 3:06.37 38.0
  2. NYB – NY Breakers 3:06.67  14.0
  3. TOK – Tokyo Frog Kings 3:07.14 12.0
  4. IRO – Iron 3:07.98 10.0
  5. TOK – Tokyo Frog Kings 3:12.86 JP
  6. NYB – NY Breakers 3:13.27 +6.90 JP
  7. AQC – Aqua Centurions 3:24.15  -2.0
  8. IRO – Iron 3:24.57  -2.0

After 2 important victories in the 50 breaststrokes, the Aqua Centurions were able to continue the momentum as the lethal squad of Miressi, Szabo, Ceccon, and Grinev threw down a 3:06.37 to out-touch New York by 0.30 seconds and jackpot 4/7 of the other teams in the pool.

Thanks to their 3-straight wins, Aqua now holds a 31-point lead over the rest of the teams and are inching their way towards their first-ever meet win.


  1. AQUA CENTURIONS – 184.0
  2. TOKYO FROG KINGS – 153.0
  3. IRON – 145.0
  4. NY BREAKERS – 97


  1. di LIDDO Elena AQC  26.39 9.0
  2. LOYNING Ingeborg IRO 26.47 7.0
  3. BARRATT Holly AQC 26.50  6.0
  4. =4  TCHORZ Alicja NYB 26.53 4.5
  5. =4  HENIQUE Melanie IRO  26.53 4.5
  6.  PEDA Paulina NYB  26.70  3.0
  7.  DELOOF Catie TOK  26.99  2.0
  8.  DELOOF Gabby TOK 27.13 1.0

After having won the 100 butterfly and 200 backstroke, respectively today, Elena di Liddo and Ingeborg Loyning engaged in a 50 backstroke battle that would ultimately come down to the touch. Di Liddo was able to get her hand on the wall first and made it 4-straight wins for Aqua.

Di Liddo came close to breaking Silvia Scalia’s 2019 Italian record in the event of 26.22, while Ingebord Loyning actually matched her own Norwegian record in the event of 26.47 which she first set in 2020.

Sisters Catie and Gabby DeLoof were a little off pace, going 7-8 for Tokyo but managed to escape the jackpot and secure 3 points between them for their team.


  1. BASSETO Guilherme IRO  23.22 9.0
  2.  GLINTA Robert IRO  23.38  7.0
  3.  RIVOLTA Matteo AQC  23.42  6.0
  4. KAWAMOTO Takeshi TOK  23.50  5.0
  5.  TARASEVICH Grigory TOK  23.56  4.0
  6.  LITCHFIELD Joe NYB 23.57 3.0
  7. =7  TOMAC Mewen NYB 23.74  1.5
  8. =7 de DEUS Leonardo AQC  23.74  1.5

It was Guilherme Basseto from Iron who decided to put an end to Aqua’s win streak, throwing down a 23.22 50 backstroke, just ahead of teammate Robert Glinta who swam a 23.38 for second. Aqua’s Matteo Rivolta wasn’t too far off, hitting a 23.42 for third but teammate Leonardo de Deus’ tie for 7th meant that Aqua would score a total of 7.5 points to Iron’s 16.


  1. SEEMANOVA Barbora IRO  4:02.09 19.0
  2. MADDEN Paige TOK 4:02.40  11.0
  3. ANDRUSENKO Veronika IRO  4:03.50  6.0
  4. HIBBOTT Holly AQC  4:05.61  5.0
  5. TAYLOR Laura AQC  4:08.12  7.0
  6. IGARASHI Chihiro TOK  4:08.24  3.0
  7. USTINOVA Daria S NYB 4:09.20  2.0
  8. MONTEIRO Ana Catarina NYB 4:21.77  -1.0

Barbora Seemanova and Paige Madden have proven to be essential assets for Iron and Tokyo, respectively, when it comes to the 400 freestyle. The duo managed to push each other under 4:03 here as Seemanova earned first place in a 4:02.09, while Madden was a 4:02.40 for 11 points overall.

Seemanova’s teammate Veronika Andrusenko was an important second for Iron by placing 4th for 6 points while Madden’s teammate Chihiro Igarashi pulled in 3 points from 6th place. Aqua picked up a total of 12 points while New York was 7th and 8th again here, netting 2 points.


  1. SMITH Brendon NYB  3:39.20 11.0
  2. CIAMPI Matteo AQC  3:42.02 13.0
  3. BORODIN Ilia AQC 3:42.64  9.0
  4. MELO Luiz Altamir IRO  3:42.99  9.0
  5. BRZOSKOWSKI Maarten TOK  3:43.52  6.0
  6. PASYNKOV Daniil TOK 3:44.91  3.0
  7. ALMEIDA Brandonn NYB  3:45.90  2.0
  8. SANTOS Leonardo IRO 3:50.55  -1.0

After a disappointing finish in the women’s 400 free, New York Breaker Brendon Smith took first place time-wise here and scored 11 points for his team, while Matteo Ciampi of Aqua was a little slower but thanks to checkpoints, managed to win 13 points overall.

Smith’s swim is an improvement upon the 3:40.09 he produced at Match 7 and while he’s still a good distance off, gets him within 5 seconds of Grant Hackett’s elusive 2002 Australian record of 3:34.58.


  1. AQC – Aqua Centurions 3:49.11 20.0
  2. IRO – Iron 3:50.15 14.0
  3. NYB – NY Breakers 3:52.62  12.0
  4. IRO – Iron 3:52.69  10.0
  5. AQC – Aqua Centurions 3:53.95  8.0
  6. TOK – Tokyo Frog Kings 3:54.99  6.0
  7. TOK – Tokyo Frog Kings 3:55.37  4.0
  8. NYB – NY Breakers 3:57.46 JP

After settling for third place in the women’s 4×100 freestyle relay, Aqua came strong in the all-important medley relay to win the event in a 3:49.11. They jackpotted one of New York’s teams and collected 20 points overall, while also winning the distinction of getting to select the stroke for tomorrow’s skins match.

Aqua totalled 28 points here overall which is just ahead of Iron’s 24-point total, courtesy of coming 2nd and 4th. New York only got the 12 points from their 3rd place team while Tokyo picked up 10 points from 6th and 7th place.


  1. AQC – Aqua Centurions 3:23.51 24.0
  2. AQC – Aqua Centurions 3:24.16 14.0
  3. TOK – Tokyo Frog Kings 3:24.32  12.0
  4. IRO – Iron 3:24.57  10.0
  5. IRO – Iron 3:25.18  8.0
  6. NYB – NY Breakers 3:27.98  6.0
  7. NYB – NY Breakers 3:29.98 JP
  8. TOK – Tokyo Frog Kings DSQ -4.0

In an epic finale to their powerful day 1, the Aqua Centurions went 1-2 in the men’s 4×100 medley relay, earning 38 points overall to easily win skins selection privileges. Notably, Aqua’s first-place team of Ceccon, Martinenghi, Rivolta, and Miressi managed to down the Italian record in the event of 3:24.13 with their swim of 3:23.51.

Thanks to Aqua’s dominant relay performances, they will end day 1 with a comfortable lead over the other teams and are well on their way to escaping Match 11 and thus qualifying for semi-finals.


  1. Aqua Centurions – 306.5
  2. Iron – 247.5
  3. Tokyo Frog Kings – 206.0
  4. Mew York Breakers – 141.0

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24 days ago

Everyone’s bet on which two teams will be out of the play-off?
New York looks like a lock, but not sure about the other.

Reply to  whever
24 days ago

Knowing ISL it’ll come down to the skins…

Reply to  whever
24 days ago

The Breakers are already out basically. I’m just guessing… maybe Aqua and Iron will make it through. They seem like real ‘teams’ (instead of just randomly thrown-together swimmers) and that might give them the edge. Performing for your team makes you swim a little faster 🙂

Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
Reply to  FSt
24 days ago

Hard agree here. A New York team with no American swimmers?

Eric the eel > Phelps
Reply to  Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
24 days ago

melting pot bruh

Last edited 24 days ago by Eric the eel > Phelps
Reply to  Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
24 days ago

I don’t think the problem is that they’re all international swimmers. Other teams have that as well and yet they seem to have a unifying quality to them.

Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
Reply to  FSt
24 days ago

Isn’t there at least one American on every single team? Something about the NY team dynamic just does not seem to appeal to the more coveted swimmers.

Reply to  Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
24 days ago

There’s literally 0 Americans on the NY team

Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
Reply to  Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
24 days ago

Also a total waste of Popovici’s talent. We won’t even get to see him in action this season.

Reply to  Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
24 days ago

Popovici plans on doing NCAA which if he wants to he can’t do ISL otherwise he ends up being ineligible for NCAA because of how their rules work

Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
Reply to  Tyson
24 days ago

Popovici has said the opposite about NCAA. To both Brett Hawke and Coleman.

Reply to  FSt
24 days ago

If Aqua win this match they’re safe then that last match is between iron, breakers, Tokyo and DC from there it’s safe to say breakers are gone but the other three teams could provide an interesting battle

Reply to  whever
24 days ago

It’s really interesting after Day 1.
Aqua is strong, and I think they will be good tomorrow. They can not let down the italian fans. As previous matches Iron usually stronger in Day 2 and skins. But their Day 1 wasn’t as horrible as usually, so I don’t know what to expect. Maybe they will be on fire tomorrow to avoid the Match 11. Tokyo also has better chance tomorrow. NY looks like they give up this match, because they have very little chance to avoid Match 11.
I think there will be a lot of point tomorrow and because it will be a tough race the tactics for chose a stroke for skins will also be interesting.

24 days ago

Looks like this started at 12pm EST…

Reply to  OAC
24 days ago

Was it originally advertised as later? I thought it was, planned my day about it and turned on to see the post show. If anyone can confirm I’m not mad that’d be great!

Reply to  Chris
24 days ago

Exactly. Saw 2pm on swimswam, 1pm on the ISL website, then actually happened at 12pm EST…?

Reply to  Chris
24 days ago

Yes, when I checked a week ago it definitely said 7pm local, but cos ISL is crazy with their start times, checked again a few hours before and found 6pm local. My references are the timings in the “Match” tab in ISL.global and the on-the-day insta posts by ISL/various teams (of which I know I saw two teams post different timings for today’s match – so that’s not exactly reliable either)

Reply to  CY~
24 days ago

ISL gonna ISL.

Just give the trophy to the condors already
24 days ago

Go aqua , go aqua

Eric the eel > Phelps
24 days ago

Pellegrini is my ultimate type

Reply to  Eric the eel > Phelps
24 days ago

Where DO you get all this energy ??? ROFLAO

Just remember those little blue pills ARE considered PEDs …… and not good for your ticker long term !!

24 days ago

Cannot seem to find a way to watch it it’s not showing up on CBS or CBS Sports

Reply to  hzmusicstand
24 days ago

Team standing after mens 50 back

IRON 172.0

Reply to  hzmusicstand
24 days ago

Team standing after mens freestyle relay
IRON 145.0

Reply to  hzmusicstand
24 days ago

After Day 1 standing:
1 Aqua Centurions 306.5
2 Iron 247.5
3 Tokyo Frog Kings 206.0
4 NY Breakers 141.0

Last edited 24 days ago by NKS
24 days ago

Team standing after mens freestyle relay

IRON 145.0

Last edited 24 days ago by NKS
24 days ago

Abbie Wood should be DISQUALIFIED!

Eric the eel > Phelps
Reply to  Wow
24 days ago


Reply to  Eric the eel > Phelps
24 days ago

Is she ur type too?

Corn Pop
Reply to  Virtus
24 days ago

So far in 21 it’s Madi Minna Zsuzanna & Rica.
I think he likes tall .

Last edited 24 days ago by Corn Pop
Just give the trophy to the condors already
Reply to  Corn Pop
23 days ago

Don’t forget Masse and Sanchez


They obviously don’t have a type at all.

Eric the eel > Phelps
24 days ago

never count out an aussie in the 400

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24 days ago

Brendon Smith is 400 IM Olympic bronze medalist.

Eric the eel > Phelps
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24 days ago

400 free