2021 Atlanta Classic: Day 3 Finals Live Recap


On the slate for the last finals session of the Altanta Classic are the women’s and men’s 200 IM, 200 back, and 100 free. Starting off in the 200 IMs will be Olympians and tonight’s top seeds Melanie Margalis and Chase Kalisz. Flipping over to the 200 back will be women’s top seed Rhyan White and men’s top seed Clark Beach, featuring 100 back champion Ryan Murphy. Then, Natalie Hinds and Cristian Quintero will highlight the final events: the women’s and men’s 100 free.

Caeleb Dressel and Ryan Lochte both opted out of tonight’s finals due to travel. During last night’s time trials, Dressel hit 48.67 in the 100 free before going 48.00 this morning, now No. 1 in the US. Lochte, on the other hand, swam 2:02.29 in the 200 IM last night before registering 2:01.28 this AM.


  • Meet Record: 2:10.54 – Ella Eastin (2016)
  • Wave II cut: 2:15.26
  • Wave I cut: 2:17.39

Top 3:

  1. Meghan Small (Tennessee), 2:13.91
  2. Alexis Yager (Tennessee), 2:15.29
  3. Kathleen Golding (Florida), 2:15.48

Winning the women’s 200 IM with the only Wave II cut time was Tennessee’s Meghan Small, touching the wall at 2:13.91. At PSS Mission Viejo, Small swam her US No. 9 season best of 2:13.25. Training-mate Alexis Yager touched out Florida’s Kathleen Golding for second place by 0.19s, 2:15.29 to 2:15.48.

Separated by a tenth for 4th and 5th place were UGA’s Zoie Hartman (2:15.68) and Alabama’s Cat Wright (2:15.78). Auburn’s Hannah Ownbey hit the wall 0.08s behind Wright for 6th place at 2:15.86.


  • Meet Record: 1:58.94, Josh Prenot (CAL), 2017
  • Wave II Cut: 2:03.02
  • Wave I Cut: 2:04.09

Top 3:

  1. Chase Kalisz (Athens Bulldog), 1:57.52
  2. Andrew Seliskar (Cal Aquatics), 1:58.06
  3. Trenton Julian (Unattached), 1:59.43

During the first half of the race, Andrew Seliskar held a slight lead heading into breaststroke, Chase Kalisz‘s best stroke. At the 150-mark, Kalisz had caught Seliskar with 33.43 breast split. Into the freestyle, Kalisz was fighting off Seliskar hard, taking the win at 1:57.52. Seliskar settled for second palce at 1:58.06. Kalisz now moves up to No. 2 in the US behind Michael Andrew‘s 1:56.84.

Cal’s Trenton Julian was less than four-tenths ahead of Florida’s Kieran Smith, both breaking two minutes for third and fourth place.


  • Meet Record: 2:09.82 – Asia Seidt (2017)
  • Wave II cut: 2:12.94
  • Wave I cut: 2:14.69

Top 3:

  1. Rhyan White (Alabama), 2:07.07
  2. Lisa Bratton (Aggie), 2:09.69
  3. Sophie Sorenson (Kentucky), 2:11.01

Hitting a lifetime best in the 200 back to remain No. 3 this season and No. 9 all-time in US history was Rhyan White, splitting a consistent 29.46/32.18/32.84/32.59 for 2:07.07. Swimming less than a tenth off her US No. 6 season best for second place in Atlanta was Lisa Bratton, registering a sub-2:10 effort of 2:09.69.

Placing third through seventh under the Wave II cut were Kentucky’s Sophie Sorenson (2:11.01), Bluefish 18-year-old Summer Smith (2:11.26), Kentucky’s Caitlin Brooks (2:11.65) and Parker Herren (2:12.17), and Alabama’s Morgan Liberto (2:12.75).

Smith’s time moved her up to No. 40 on the all-time 17-18 age group rankings.


  • Meet Record: 1:55.94, Ryan Murphy (CAL), 2016
  • Wave II Cut: 2:00.81
  • Wave I Cut: 2:02.99

Top 3:

  1. Ryan Murphy (Cal Aquatics), 1:56.14
  2. Bryce Mefford (Unattached), 1:58.16
  3. Daniel Carr (Unattached), 1:59.62

Dropping 5.77 seconds from his smooth morning swim was Ryan Murphy, splitting 27.20/28.99/29.55/30.40 at 1:56.14. Murphy was just a hair of his top American time this season of 1:56.04 from PSS San Antonio. Cal teammate Bryce Mefford took second at 1:58.16, ranking third in the US behind Shaine Casas (1:58.04).

Cal’s Daniel Carr placed third with a sub-2:00 effort of 1:59.62, swimming ahead of top-6 finishers Dynamo’s Ian Grum (2:00.25), SwimAtlanta’s Keegan Walsh (2:00.38), and Florida’s Clark Beach (2:00.43).


  • Meet Record: 54.11 – Simone Manuel (2016)
  • Wave II cut: 55.56
  • Wave I cut: 56.29

Top 3:

  1. Natalie Hinds (Athens Bulldog), 54.29
  2. Olivia Smoliga (Athens Bulldog), 54.36
  3. Anika Apostalon (USC), 54.84

Tying her US No. 7 season best of 54.29 to touch out Athens training-mate Olivia Smoliga (54.36) by 0.07s was Natalie Hinds, wrapping up a valiant meet with a 100 fly win and 50 free runner-up finish. Smoliga’s season best moved her up to No. 10 in the US rankings this season. USC’s Anika Apostalon placed third with a sub-55 effort of 54.84.

Places 4th-7th all finished within five one-hundredths of each other, led by 18-year-old Gretchen Walsh at 55.09. Filing in separated by 0.01s each were Alabama’s Cora Dupre (55.12), Luxembourg’s Julie Meynen (55.13), and Athens’ Maxine Parker (55.14).


  • Meet Record: 47.86, Caeleb Dressel (GSC), 2019
  • Wave II Cut: 49.74
  • Wave I Cut: 50.49

Top 3:

  1. Cristian Quintero (NOVA), 49.38
  2. Khader Baqlah (Gator), 49.57
  3. Andres Dupont Cabrera (Bolles), 49.92

Topping the men’s 100 free was Venezuelan Cristian Quintero, holding off Jordanian Khader Baqlah at the touch 49.38 to 49.57. Bolles School 17-year-old Andres Dupont Cabrera, a 2021 Mexican Olympian as of this morning, shaved 0.07s off his morning at 49.92. Touching in for fourth place with a near-identical swim from prelims was Cal’s Ryan Hoffer, swimming 50.27.

SwimAtlanta’s Jack Aikins placed fifth at 50.40 while Florida’s Adam Chaney took sixth by one one-hundredth at 50.41.

Afternoon Distance Recap

Women’s 800 Free — Timed Finals

  • Wave II Cut: 8:44.01
  • Wave I Cut: 8:48.09

Top 3:

  1. Abigail McCulloh (SwimAtlanta), 8:45.37
  2. Tylor Mathieu (Unattached), 8:45.95
  3. Hayden Miller (Cypress Fairbanks), 8:47.91

Both hitting the Wave I cut in the women’s 800 free were SwimAtlanta’s Abigail McCulloh (8:45.37) and Florida’s Tylor Mathieu (8:45.95), separated by a half second. Placing third was 16-year-old Hayden Miller at 8:47.91.

Men’s 800 Free — Timed Finals

  • Wave II Cut: 8:08.95
  • Wave I Cut: 8:12.99

Top 3:

  1. Tommy-Lee Camblong (Athens Bulldog), 7:58.66
  2. Jake Magahey (SwimAtlanta), 7:58.99
  3. Andrew Abruzzo (Plymouth), 8:05.31

In the men’s 800 free, which is an Olympic event for the first time this year, Athens’ Tommy-Lee Camblong held off SwimAtlanta’s Jake Magahey by 0.33s for the event win, 7:58.66 to 7:58.99. Placing third was Plymouth’s Andrew Abruzzo (8:05.31) while Kentucky’s Adam Rosipal placed fourth at 8:12.45.

During one heat of this event, Georgia Tech’s Clark Wakeland swam a 400 free split time of 3:56.89, improving from his 12th-place finals finish of 3:57.38 and hitting the Wave I cut of 3:57.29.

Women’s 1500 Free — Timed Finals

  • Wave II Cut: 16:44.60
  • Wave I Cut: 16:49.19

Top 3:

  1. Olivia Anderson (Unattached), 16:41.39
  2. Kristen Stege (Tennessee), 16:49.40
  3. Emily Knorr (MSA Swim), 17:13.74

UGA’s Olivia Anderson took the top time in the women’s 1500 free at 16:41.39, eight seconds ahead of Tennessee’s Kristen Stege (16:49.40). MSA Swim 18-year-old Emily Knorr rounded out the top 3 times at 17:13.74.

Men’s 1500 Free — Timed Finals

  • Wave II Cut: 15:35.69
  • Wave I Cut: 15:44.89

Top 3:

  1. Bobby Finke (Florida), 15:09.91
  2. Brennan Gravley (Florida), 15:25.02
  3. Tyler Watson (Florida), 15:26.26

Nabbing the top time here in Atlanta in the men’s 1500 free was Florida’s Bobby Finke, hitting a sub-15:10 effort of 15:09.91. Finke owns the top American time this season at 15:09.14 from the 2020 U.S. Open. Two more Florida Gators, Brennan Gravley (15:25.02) and Tyler Watson (15:26.26), rounded out the top three sub-15:30 times.

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Roses are red,
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1 month ago

So I assume the Texas meet is next weekend?

Mr Piano
1 month ago

I have to admit, Kalisz looks a little more like his old self. We’ll know more on the first day of trials.

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