2021 Atlanta Classic: Day 3 Men’s Prelims Live Recap


Day 3 Men’s Prelims LIVE STREAM

Day 3 Men’s Prelims Heat Sheets

The last AM men’s prelims session in Atlanta will feature the 200 IM (top seed Caio Pumputis), 200 back (top seed Ryan Murphy), and 100 free (top seed Caeleb Dressel).

Men’s 200 IM — Prelims

  • Meet Record: 1:58.94, Josh Prenot (CAL), 2017
  • Wave II Cut: 2:03.02
  • Wave I Cut: 2:04.09

Top 10 Qualifiers:

  1. Chase Kalisz (Athens Bulldog), 1:59.59
  2. Kieran Smith (Florida), 2:00.51
  3. Trenton Julian (Unattached), 2:01.21
  4. Ryan Lochte (Gator), 2:01.28
  5. Andrew Seliskar (Cal Aquatics), 2:01.63
  6. Grant Sanders (Gator), 2:01.78
  7. Jay Litherland (Dynamo), 2:01.82
  8. Kamal Muhammad (Unattached), 2:03.04
  9. Sean Grieshop (Unattached), 2:03.69
  10. Andrew Abruzzo (Plymouth), 2:03.90

Moving up to No. 3 in the US rankings was Athens’ Chase Kalisz, touching in at 1:59.59. In second was Kieran Smith‘s 2:00.51 time, well off his US No. 2 time of 1:59.38. Meanwhile, Cal’s Trenton Julian shifts to No. 12 in the US rankings with his 2:01.21. After swimming 2:02.29 during last night’s time trials, Ryan Lochte hit 2:01.28 this morning as his “finals” swim.

Cal’s Andrew Seliskar (2:01.63), Gator’s Grant Sanders (2:01.78), and Dynamo’s Jay Litherland (2:01.82) all broke 2:02 for the top seven times. 18-year-old Kamal Muhammad, UVA class of 2022 commit, just missed the Wave II cut this morning at 2:03.04 for 8th place.

Cal senior Sean Grieshop (2:03.69) and UGA junior Andrew Abruzzo (2:03.90) both qualified for the A-final under the Wave I cut.

Men’s 200 Back — Prelims

  • Meet Record: 1:55.94, Ryan Murphy (CAL), 2016
  • Wave II Cut: 2:00.81
  • Wave I Cut: 2:02.99

Top 10 Qualifiers:

  1. Clark Beach (Florida), 2:00.53
  2. Ian Grum (Dynamo), 2:00.82
  3. Keegan Walsh (SwimAtlanta), 2:01.04
  4. Bryce Mefford (Unattached), 2:01.20
  5. Caleb Maldari (Bluefish), 2:01.46
  6. Destin Lasco (Unattached), 2:01.48
  7. Bradley Dunham (SwimAtlanta), 2:01.78
  8. Ryan Murphy (Cal Aquatics), 2:01.91
  9. Daniel Carr (Unattached), 2:01.95
  10. Eric Stelmar (Alabama), 2:02.63

Breaking 2:01 to land the middle lanes of the men’s 200 back final were Florida Gator Clark Beach (2:00.82) and UGA Bulldog Ian Grum of Dynamo (2:00.82). Both swimmers own respective season bests of 2:00.21 and 2:00.35, which rank No. 7 and No. 9 in the nation this season. SwimAtlanta’s Keegan Walsh placed third this morning at 2:01.04, just off the Wave II cut of 2:00.81.

Cal Bear Bryce Mefford finished in fourth at 2:01.20, just 0.26s ahead of 16-year-old Bluefish swimmer Caleb Maldari‘s  2:01.46, which was two one-hundredths ahead of Cal’s Destin Lasco (2:01.48). Maldari now rockets from No. 53 to No. 22 all-time in the historical 15-16 age group rankings.

SwimAtlanta’s Bradley Dunham registered a time of 2:01.78 to get seeded ahead of Cal’s Ryan Murphy (2:01.91) and Daniel Carr (2:01.95). Alabama’s Eric Stelmar rounded out the top 10 times at 2:02.63, clearing the Wave I cut of 2:02.99.

Men’s 100 Free — Prelims

  • Meet Record: 47.86, Caeleb Dressel (GSC), 2019
  • Wave II Cut: 49.74
  • Wave I Cut: 50.49

Top 10 Qualifiers:

  1. Caeleb Dressel (Gator), 48.00
  2. Cristian Quintero (NOVA), 49.08
  3. Khader Baqlah (Gator), 49.34
  4. Andres Dupont Cabrera (Bolles), 49.99
  5. Ryan Hoffer (Unattached), 50.25
  6. Jake Magahey (SwimAtlanta), 50.29
  7. Zach Hils (Athens Bulldog), 50.44
  8. Jack Aikins (SwimAtlanta), 50.50
  9. Javier Acevedo (Unattached), 50.61
  10. Luca Urlando (DART), 50.63

After swimming 48.67 during last night’s time trials session, Caeleb Dressel improved his US No. 1 time to a 48.00. During yesterday’s time trials, acting as “evening prelims”, Dressel split 23.14/25.53. This morning, Dressel took his race out faster in a 22.91 and closed in a 25.09, a 2.18s difference between his first and second 50 splits. In the 2020-2021 world rankings, Dressel now ties for 5th with Russian Vlad Morozov and Hungarian Kristof Milak.

2020-2021 LCM Men 100 Free

View Top 26»

Placing second this morning was NOVA’s Cristian Quintero of Venezuela, hitting 49.08, which is just off his seed time of 48.94. The FINA Olympic A cut sits at 48.57, which institutes an automatic qualification to Tokyo. Gator’s Khader Baqlah of Jordan placed third at 49.34, which was just off his Saturday evening time trial of 49.29.

Bolles 17-year-old Andres Dupont Cabrera, a Mexican native, broke 50-point for the first time at 49.99. If Dupont Cabrera were American, he would be No. 37 all-time in the 17-18 age group rankings and the 19th-fastest 17-year-old to swim the event in US history, passing Olympian Ian Crocker (50.04). His swim also qualified him for Mexico’s 2021 Olympic team.

All managing the Wave I cut of 50.49 for the top seven times were Cal’s Ryan Hoffer, UGA’s Jake Magahey, and Athens’ Zach Hils. SwimAtlanta’s Jack Aikins (50.50) touched in 0.11s ahead of Canadian Javier Acevedo (50.61), who hit the wall 0.02s faster than DART’s Luca Urlando (50.63).

Qualifying for the B-final were Argentina’s Santiago Grassi (50.73), Alabama’s Matt King (50.77), Florida’s Adam Chaney (50.77), SwimAtlanta’s Dillon Downing (50.82), Kentucky’s Kyle Worrell (50.88), Tennessee’s Seth Bailey (50.92), Guatemala’s Luis Martinez (50.94), and Kentucky’s Peter Wetzlar (50.95).

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BBQ Billy
2 years ago


2 years ago

Lochte is buried…he’d better start resting for trials like right now.

Reply to  Dave
2 years ago

This might be a good time to try no pool for 30 days approach.

Reply to  Xman
2 years ago

Agreed. The next time he should be out of breath is after his first race at trials.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Dave
2 years ago

GMM said Lochte had “allergies” when someone said the other day Lochte looked tired on his interview. Nope, just dead tired and regressing with cumulative fatigue. REST THE MAN!

2 years ago

Dressel and Lochte both faster than their time trials last night, I feel like they’re trying to simulate the prelims-semis-finals feel by doing the time trial at night, swim faster this morning and hopefully faster tonight as well. 48.00 is really solid a month out from trials and knowing the Florida group is nowhere near tapered

2 years ago

Caeleb 48.00

Reply to  ZanBai
2 years ago

I guess that’s for a prelim swim in-season

Reply to  ZanBai
2 years ago

guess no one’s up yet

Reply to  ZanBai
2 years ago

My guess is that swim was all out and he scratches the night swim and goes home. Same with Lochte. His swim was near his time trial from earlier in the meet

Reply to  2Fat4Speed
2 years ago

CD always goes home early on Sunday so that’s my guess as well. Can’t wait for the grumbling tonight that caeleb is ruining the sport by scratching lol.

He said what?
Reply to  Svird
2 years ago

Well, it is disappointing. I understand his life is his life, but the fans look forward to watching his swims.

Reply to  He said what?
2 years ago

More Dressel > less Dressel

Beach bum jason
Reply to  He said what?
2 years ago

Not why people are down voting your common sense post. It is disappointing for people going there to see him. It’s like me going to a bulls game when I was a kid to see Jordan playing and he didn’t. It’s disappointing for that person.

Reply to  Beach bum jason
2 years ago

This is swimming. Totally different animal. You cannot compare it to basketball.

Reply to  Swimfan
2 years ago

💯 true. In pro sports the spoiled prima donas get paid millions and millions to actually play every game. In swimming there are very FEW meets that really count and that could make or break a career and Caleb is coming to probably the two most important of his career.

Reply to  He said what?
2 years ago

What???? The dude is a world record holder. Every single thing he’s doing from now until Tokyo is in preparation for being his best at Tokyo. If he’s going home early it’s not to watch Netflix… it’s because that’s what he and his coach decided was best for his preparation as being the best in the world, defending WORLD champion in his sport. Make sense?

Reply to  Svird
2 years ago

Dressed might be trying to simulate Tokyo with prelims at night and finals in morning.

Reply to  PowerPlay
2 years ago

How about the trials are finals in the morning there as well?

Johnny Nash
Reply to  ZanBai
2 years ago

What are the odds he is scratching the final ??

Reply to  Johnny Nash
2 years ago

They both confirmed to Coleman last night that they’re scratching finals. That’s why they did the time trial.

Reply to  ZanBai
2 years ago

Just get that front half easy speed with a taper and he goes 22.1/24.6

46.7 no problem right?

I mean for prelims at trials of course

Reply to  ZanBai
2 years ago

He is EXACTLY where he needs to be for the trials and games. I think he just about matched his best in season times from two years ago (I think he was 21.8, 47.9 and 50.8 that spring) and we know what he did that year at worlds. I am sure he wants to leave room for improvement for the Olympics so I am predicting 21.17, 47.17 and 49.98 for the trials in his main three events. I really don’t know what he will do in the 200 free, whether he will blast a fast morning heat for relay consideration or swim in all three rounds. Even if he swims just one round I think he could go 145 low.

Mr Piano
Reply to  Comet
2 years ago

For 100 fly he was 51.4 in Spring of 2019

2 years ago

Surprisingly the meet in Indianapolis happened to be much more exciting by racing competition and results than the meet in Atlanta. The only revelation that deserves discussion in this meet is Smoliga’s breakthrough results in 100BK and 200FR.
When everybody buried her chances as possible member of US Olympic team she suddenly emerged as a strong contender. Those two results look like coming from nowhere, absolutely unexpectedly. At least for me. Just a month ago in Mission Viejo there were no indications of such things to happen..

Reply to  Yozhik
2 years ago

Rhyan too. She transitioned to long course perfectly

2 years ago

Will Lochte and Dressel swim or have they gone home?

Reply to  Lopez
2 years ago

Lochte just split a 27.7 on the first 50 then pushed on the second and third leg (29.3-34.7). Can’t really tell if he pushed on the free, I guess if he scratches finals then 29.5 is the best he could muster.

Phelps swims 200 breast rio
Reply to  Lopez
2 years ago

In Lochte’s time trial(was it yesterday?}, he went a low 2:02. I timed him roughly at 25.3, 31.7, 36.7, 28.4

The Original Tim
Reply to  Phelps swims 200 breast rio
2 years ago

His time trial splits from yesterday were 25.33, 31.65, 36.84, and 28.47.

Looking at how he inverted his splits in the two swims, I can only assume he was playing around with his pacing.

If you put his fly/free time trial splits together with his middle splits from this morning, that gives a solid 1:57.8, though who knows what we’ll see in a few weeks.

Last edited 2 years ago by The Original Tim
phelps swims 200 breast rio
Reply to  The Original Tim
2 years ago

I think you are right. At first, I didn’t know what to make of this time trial. Playing around with his pacing makes sense.

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  Lopez
2 years ago

Lochte just did 2:01+ for 200 IM, so he’s there, not sure CD though

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