2020 ISL Match #7 Day 2 – Live Recap

International Swimming League – Match #7, Day 2

Energy Standard is entering Day 2 with a 71 point lead over 2nd place team the Toronto Titans. Match 7 will likely be a battle for 2nd place between Toronto and Team Iron who were neck-and-neck throughout day 1. Team scores are looking rough for DC Trident, who would need to secure 3rd place in order to potentially advance to the semifinals. They may be closing out their ISL season today as 64 points already separate DC Trident from Team Iron.

Team Scores After Day 1

In this grueling race for 2nd, Toronto’s Kylie Masse and Lisa Bratton are looking to score major points in the 100 back. This is not a particularly strong event for Iron and will give Toronto an edge even with Emily Seebohm (ENS) in the mix.

However, Iron stands to even the score in the women’s 200 fly with Katinka Hosszu  and Bethany Galat (DCT) among the top in today’s field. Max Litchfield‘s (ENS) continued absence (due to “undisclosed illness”) has also left teammate Max Stupin to hold down the fort in the 400IM. While Stupin has the 5th fastest time of the season, this will allow Iron’s David Verraszto, who holds the 2nd fastest timeand Leonardo Santos to potentially score more points.

Recap: Annika Johnson, Live Analysis: Ben Dornan.

Women’s 100 Freestyle

Continuing on from her triumphant return to Energy Standard yesterday, Sarah Sjostrom had a powerful opening to Day 2 of this meet. Sjostrom was just over what she went to win the event in Match 1. Sjostrom had a solid jackpotting of 15 points and her teammate Siobhan Haughey was right behind her, delivering 7 points from second place.

Each other team had one swimmer score points for their team, Kromowidjojo, Geer, and Coleman scoring 6 for Iron, 5 for DC, and 4 for Toronto, respectively.

Men’s 100 Freestyle

Zach Apple has become one of the only in the league this season to notch 4 straight wins in an event. Apple raced to a 46.50 victory in order to give DC an important win if they want to move on to the post season action. Apple didn’t quite get under the 46 second mark, however, as he has done in 2 of his previous wins. Drew Loy was last for DC and scored 1 point, giving DC a total of 10.

Pieroni from Toronto was good here, coming second for his third time this season. He did his job for the Titans and got his hand on the wall ahead of both Energy Standard swimmers. Also for Toronto, Brent Hayden made his individual 100 free debut after some solid relay swims. Hayden was 5th in the event to bring Toronto’s total to 11 points for the event, beating out DC’s 10.

Women’s 200 Butterfly

Following a minor upset in the 200 IM yesterday wherein Toronto’s Wog and Cieplucha out touched the Iron Lady, Hosszu was able to pull out a win here, scoring 9 points for his team. Hosszu was the fastest split at every stage of the race in one of her signature events, yielding 9 points. Iron’s Ugolkova swim to second place for 2 points, giving Iron 11.
Cieplucha was right behind her despite being a bit slower than she was in Match 6. Togther her and teammate Overholt scored 8 points for the Titans.
Energy Standard was able to outscore the Titans, with a total of 10 points and DC tied the Titans with 8.

Men’s 200 Butterfly

Doing what he knows how to do best, Chad le Clos won the 200 butterfly here for Energy Standard. Despite it being a specialty for him, le Clos was defeated in the event during Match 1 when LA all-star Tom Shields got him hand on wall first. Here at Match 7 though le Clos was able to beat the field and delivered a jackpot of 19 points, taking points from both Iron swimmers, a DC, and a Titan.

Energy Standard teammate Zirk escaped the jackpot and could contribute 5 points to the team’s 24 point total. This was a solid swim to further Energy Standard’s lead this morning.

Both Harting for DC and Lelliott for Toronto were the only other 2 to score points, with 6 and 5, respectively.

Le Clos is now tied with Shields for the fastest 200 fly this season and the current ISL record.

Points Update

  1. Energy Standard – 365 points
  2. Toronto Titans – 258 points
  3. Iron – 229 points
  4. DC Trident – 171 points

Women’s 100 Backstroke

Masse and Seebohm has a rematch here following a tight race in Match 6. As it went then, Kylie Masse got her hand on the wall first, going a season best of 56.06. Seebohm looked solid as well, though as she came second in a 56.40.

Masse had a key jackpot here, taking all points away from Iron; Toronto’s current competition to take the second-place spot at this meet. Lisa Bratton contributed to the Titans’ effort as well with 3 points from 6th.

DC went 3-4 and got the 11 points form Bilquist and Mack.

Men’s 100 Backstroke

Not only had Kliment Kolesnikov not yet to won the 100 back for Energy Standard this season, this was actually his first time racing the event individually in season 2. He made the most of the swim, however, producing a 49.42 to take first place and 9 points. Matt Grevers was 4th to give Energy Standard a 14-point total.

Answering back from the women’s double jackpotting in event, the Iron men went 2-3 here and nearly matched Energy Standard’s total here. More importantly though, Iron beat Toronto in the event giving them a leg up in the race for second place.

This 49.42 by Kolesnikov not only placed him first in the match, it also snuck under Guilherme Guido‘s ISL record and established Kolesnikov as the new ISL record-holder. Not bad for his first time racing the event this season.

Women’s 100 IM

Anastasiya Shkurdai has been one of Energy Standard’s most consistent sprinters thus far, delivering her second straight victory in the event. Shkurdai was a bit off her previous winning time but it was fast enough to win the event and jackpot DC’s Miranda Tucker.

As we continue to track the race for second place, Iron came out on top in the IM, thanks to Laukkanen’s second place points and Katinka Hosszu’s 5 place finish for an 11 point total. Hansson and Wog from Toronto were right behind, swimming to 9 points total for the team.

DC trailed as Bailey Andison solely scored the team’s 2-point total.

Men’s 100 IM

Having rested during the 100 freestyle, Florent Manaudou didn’t quite have what it took to get the win here in the 100 IM. Instead, it was Marco Orsi for Iron who got top points, scoring 10 for Iron as he jackpotted Energy Standard’s Sidlauskas. His teammate Toumarkin gave Iron 5 points to allow them a win of 15-points in the event.

Toronto was a bit behind, scoring 11 points in the event from Fesikov and Knox’s efforts. The event allowed Iron to gain a bit of gorund on Toronto as they attempt to steal second place. Energy Standard’s Manaudou was the only on to score here, with 6 points. DC trailed with 5.

Points Update

  1. Energy Standard – 411 points
  2. Toronto Titans – 297 points
  3. Iron – 268 points
  4. DC Trident – 195 points

Women’s 200 Freestyle

Following her 100 free performance that yielded second place for Energy Standard, Siobhan Haughey was back in the 200 to take first place in triple jackpot fashion. Haughey took points from both DC swimmers and one Iron as she won the event by over a second.

Femke Heemskerk for Energy Standard made it a 1-2 swim for the team and Rebecca Smith followed for Toronto with 6 points. Egorova made it a 10 point total for Toronto, beating Iron in the event as they scored only 5 from Andrusenko’s fourth.

Men’s 200 Freestyle

Danas Rapsys has much more luck getting the lap count correct here after a slight error yesterday in the 400. Rapsys took first in the 200 free here to repeat his victory from Match 6. Rapsys’ 1:42.42 was good enough to jackpot his own teammate in Zirk, as well as Iron’s Ramon Klenz.

In a tight race for second place, three swimmers were with 0.2 seconds apart at the end; Pieroni, Apple, and Santos for Toronto, DC, and Iron. They finished in that order and it was Toronto who got second place points for the event, with Krasnykh getting 4 points to add to Pieroni’s 7.

Women’s 50 Butterfly

Ranomi Kromowidjojo had one job going into this race: take points from Toronto, and she certainly delivered. Sprinter Kromowidjojo picked up her third win this season in the event and picked up 19 jackpot points along the way. She took points from both of Toronto’s Hansson and Masse, along with Energy Standard’s Shkurdai and DC’s Nasretdinova.

The swim brought Iron within inches of Toronto in the battle for second as their Melanie Henique took second place to being the total up to 26 points in the event.

Kromowidjojo’s swim was a new ISL record, besting her previous record of 24.74 from match 2.

Men’s 50 Butterfly

Nicholas Santos continued Iron’s mid-session campaign and was fast enough here to earn a massive 24-point jackpot in order to take the second-place spot from Toronto. In one of the biggest jackpots yet, Santos stole points from both DC swimmers, Toronto’s Knox, and Energy Standard’s Manaudou, and his teammate Marco Orsi. Notably, that was Orsi’s Manaudou’s and Knox’s second event this session, having both just swam the 100 IM.

The only other teams to pick up points for their team here were meet-leaders Energy Standard by Chad le Clos and Toronto’s Govorov.

Points Update

  1. Energy Standard – 458 points
  2. Iron – 327 points
  3. Toronto Titans – 324 points
  4. DC Trident – 208 points

Women’s 100 Breaststroke

Ida Hulkko made it 2-for-2 in the two shortest breaststrokes, again upsetting Energy Standard’s Benedatta Pilato. Pilato was actually also upset by Laukkanen from Iron, paving the way for Iron to score an event winning 16 points. Pilato contributed 6 points however to Energy Standard’s efforts and teammate Larson brought that total up to 10 from 5th place.

DC trailed a bit with 7 points but it was Toronto who suffered here the most, only scoring 4 points which makes their fight for second place a bit harder for them.

Men’s 100 Breaststroke

The dominant Iron almost picked up another win here and 50 breast champion Emre Sakci tried to get his hand on the wall first, It was Shynamovich for Energy Standard, however, who won the event, scoring 15 points by jackpotting one swimmer from each other team.

Sakci still had a solid swim, trailing only by 0.13 seconds and scoring 7 points for Iron. Lima followed in third and allowed Energy Standard to be the only team to score in the double digits with a 21-point total.

Toronto’s Anton McKee was fourth in a 57.7, significantly slower than his Match 3 victory of 56.3. His effort gave him 5 points for the team and Thomas Cope followed in fifth with 4 points.

With Sakci pushing him all the way to the finish, Shymanovich broke his own ISL record by .01 seconds.

Mixed 4×100 Free Relay

Energy Standard, who has held the fastest time this season in this relay since match 1 (3:16.22) just shaved off .30 seconds from that time. The big difference here is that Sjostrom and le Clos were on the relay in match 1, alongside Simonas Bilis and Haughey. Today, Haughey was the only returner from that match 1 relay.

Energy Standard have certainly been delivering solid results this season in the relays and the mixed 4×100 freestyle was no exception. Despite an early lead by Toronto, Energy Standard came back as Kliment Kolesnikov swam the field’s fastest time of 45.53.

Kolesnikov has been a key asset for Energy Standard’s relays and was followed by Blume and Haughey who brought it home with a 51.81 and 51.92, respectively.

Toronto nearly managed to go 2-3 to pick up some solid relay points but wound up going 2-4, still managing to total 24 points. Their 24 was just behind Energy Standard’s 26-point total from their 1-5 finish. DC got in between Toronto’s teams for third and totaled 14 points in the event.

As they move forward in their attempt to win second, Iron was lacking here and only scored 10 points from 6th and 7th place.

Women’s 400 IM

In the second last individual event before the skins, Tessa Cieplucha delivered a much-needed win for her team. The Toronto Titan got came in with a 4:27.76 to win, jackpotting Energy Standard’s Gunes and Toronto teammate Overholt.

Despite the win by Cieplucha, it was a tight race in terms of team standings. Toronto’s 12 points were rivalled most closely by DC’s 11 as Emma Barksdale and Bailey Andison were second and fifth, respectively. Known for the event, Katinka Hosszu was pushed to third place for Iron and contributed 6 points to her team. Ugolkova followed in sixth, giving Iron 9 points total.

Energy Standard ended up uncharacteristically losing the event, scoring 5 from Jakabos’ fourth place.

Points Update

  1. Energy Standard – 520 points
  2. Iron – 369 points*
  3. Toronto Titans – 369 points*
  4. DC Trident – 244 points

*A tie for 2nd place.

Men’s 400 IM

In the final event before the skins races get underway, Iron came out victorious here. David Verraszto has been a significant force for team Iron in the 400 IM and picked up his third win in the event this season. It was his slowest victory yet in season 2 but it was good enough to steal points from DC’s Samy and Energy Standard’s Sidlauskas. Iron teammate Santos was fourth and brought Iron up to a winning 15 points for the race.

Stupin was close to the win, touching first at the 350-meter mark but couldn’t quite hold the lead, winding up in second. As his teammate got jackpotted, he scored Energy Standard’s sole 7 points for the race.

Toronto pushed to pick up some needed points here and successfully escaped a jackpotting but was only able to gain 7 points total. DC lost the race with Devine’s 6 points from third place.

Women’s Freestyle Skins

Round 1

Energy Standard and Iron made quick work of the first round of the skins race, each moving on to round 2 with both of their swimmers. Sjostrom was first with a 23.90 and teammate Heemskerk, along with Iron’s Henique and Kromowidjojo moved on as well. Conversely, it was a quick elimination for both Toronto and DC.

Round 2

With equal part Energy Standard and Iron in round 2, Sarah Sjostrom repeated as the leader, swimming to a 24.00 victory. Moving along with her will be fellow 50 freestyle icon Kromowidjojo from Iron. In a much anticipated showdown, both Olympic gold medalists will have a shot at victory in the final round.

Round 3

Sarah Sjostrom finished off her Match 7 performance with a 23.7 swim in the final round of skins, winning it all. Going faster than both preceding rounds, Sjostrom’s effort was a major display of her sprint / endurance combo that makes her the perfect skins swimmer. Kromowidjojo had a solid swim through the three rounds of the race, delivering solid points to contribute to Iron’s bid for second place at the meet.

Men’s Breaststroke Skins

Round 1

Shymanovich opened the men’s skins with a lifetime best of 25.57. Shymanovich was able to jackpot the slowest four swimmers; the same four who were eliminate from the race. Shymanovich’s Energy Standard teammate Felipe Lima got into the next round from fourth. Iron’s Sakci and Toronto’s McKee were 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Round 2

The favourites Shymanovich and Sakci did what they had to do here, getting to the wall first and eliminating Lima and McKee. This time, however, it was Sakci who got his hand on the wall first. With one round win each, the final race of the meet will come down to who has the most left in the tank in the third round.

Round 3

With an early lead in the final round, Sakci was able to defeat Shymanovich to take the event. Sakci was consistent throughout the race, swimming a 25.5 to close out Match 7. The second skins victory for Sakci gave him enough points to win the MVP award for the meet.

Final Team Scores

  1. Energy Standard – 613 points
  2. Iron – 448 points
  3. Toronto Titans – 391 points
  4. DC Trident – 256 points


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2 years ago

Did sjostrom false start in the 100, her reaction time of .5 is faster than ive ever seen outside of backstroke and her races are usualy somewhere between .65-.70

2 years ago

Shymanovich won the 100 Fly!!!

Reply to  Andreas
2 years ago

cody miller vs shymanovich on 100fly in tokyo!!

2 years ago


Ilya’s lifetime best. Emre’s 3rd round…

2 years ago

I think Energy coach was complaining not because they face strong teams in their matches but because their matches are close to each other. However, it’s still a joke. He seems to forget they had a 15-day break between their first and second match while other teams race 4 straight weeks with no week off.

Last edited 2 years ago by iceman
2 years ago

ENS should sit at the top of SwimSwam’s “power rankings” now.

2 years ago

Can’t believe ENS coach said that. How embarrassing

2 years ago

ENS coach “We had the hardest schedule of any of the 8 teams here” LOL

Reply to  Troyy
2 years ago

What they wanted? To swim only against Mr can´t swim a 50 and Mens Only Team all the rounds?

Reply to  Troyy
2 years ago

Which 8 of the 10 teams did he mean ? 🙂

Reply to  Troyy
2 years ago

Toronto and Frog Kings all 4 matches in 17 days may disagree. Scheduler needs to be replaced, Toronto vs Energy 3x? TO, ES, and Iron 2 consecutive weeks? With 10 teams it should have a match with all other 9 once plus 3 of them a 2nd time only.

Bill G
Reply to  NJones
2 years ago

Agree that the schedule makes little sense. Somehow the Cali Condors and Toronto Titans don’t meet in the regular season, but the Titans and Energy Standard face each other three times.

Last edited 2 years ago by Bill G
Reply to  Bill G
2 years ago

Neither does Energy Standard face London Roar….It is very bizarre!

Reply to  NJones
2 years ago

They got the 1st 4 matches scheduled correctly :)…and then any attempt to spread out mathematically to have all teams in a semi-round robin got thrown out the window…
Any of the bottom seeded teams coming in SHOULD have been scheduled in the last weekend (NY, DC, Aqua and maybe the 2 newbies TO and Frogs) in order to sustain excitement as to who may qualify. At the worst those teams get a ‘full’ season. Now DC is officially out already, and we know Aqua will, at least they get another 1/2 week in the bubble to race.

Reply to  Troyy
2 years ago

I literally stupsed….He was talking about because they have to swim early morning….LOL…You have no competition regardless of morning or night!

2 years ago

Sakci wins semi and final but gets less points after Shymanovich’s first round jackpot win.

Last edited 2 years ago by iceman
Reply to  iceman
2 years ago

that’s why jackpot in the skins is stupid

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