2019 US National Championships: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap


Saturday morning heat sheets

This morning, the prelims of the men’s and women’s 400 free, 100 breast, and 100 back will be contested to determine the A, B, C, and junior D finalists. Among the top seeds, Aussie Elijah Winnington will be aiming for his second title here in Stanford after winning the 200 free earlier in the meet.

The men’s 100 breast will feature an array of talent aiming for spots in the A-final including top seed Devon Nowicki, WUGs champion Ian Finnerty, Scot Craig Benson, Wyoming alum Brandon Fischer, and 200 breast champion Reece Whitley.

More of this morning’s top seeds include Haley Anderson (400 FR), 2012 Olympian Breeja Larson (100 BR), Scot Kathleen Dawson (100 BK), and Frenchman Yohann Ndoye Brouard (100 BK).

Women’s 400 Free- Prelims

Still performing strong post-Worlds is Ally McHugh, who posted the first of two sub-4:10 swims with a 4:09.85. Taking second also sub-4:10 is Cierra Runge, followed closely behind 800 free runner-up Sierra Schmidt.

Claire Tuggle was right at her 4:10.11 seed time with her 4:10.37, which is in the top 20 times in 15-16 age group history. Lauren Pitzer and Worlds open water medalist Haley Anderson join in the top 8 along with 200 free champion Allison Schmitt and Kensey McMahon.

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Ally McHugh, 4:09.85
  2. Cierra Runge, 4:09.94
  3. Sierra Schmidt, 4:10.10
  4. Claire Tuggle, 4:10.37
  5. Lauren Pitzer, 4:10.58
  6. Haley Anderson, 4:10.64
  7. Allison Schmitt, 4:11.09
  8. Kensey McMahon, 4:11.29

18-Under Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Addison Smith, 4:16.11
  2. Olivia McMurray, 4:16.31
  3. Ashley Strouse, 4:16.86
  4. Isabel Gormley, 4:17.16
  5. Kaitlynn Sims, 4:17.55
  6. Abigail McCulloh, 4:17.66
  7. Michaela Mattes, 4:19.84
  8. Katie Crom, 4:20.34

Men’s 400 Free- Prelims

The top 3 qualifiers into the A-final were all under 3:50, led by Eric Knowles, 200 free champ Elijah Winnington, and Mitch D’Arrigo. Trenton Julian dominated his seed time of 3:54.97 to swim a 3:50.43, touching just ahead of Patrick Callan.

18-year-old Jake Mitchell secured his spot into the World Jrs roster with his 6th-place qualifying position in this event. 400 IM champ Bobby Finke and WUGs team member Zach Yeadon round out the top 8.

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Eric Knowles, 3:49.41
  2. Elijah Winnington, 3:49.63
  3. Mitch D’Arrigo, 3:49.67
  4. Trenton Julian, 3:50.43
  5. Patrick Callan, 3:50.46
  6. Jake Mitchell, 3:50.63
  7. Bobby Finke, 3:50.76
  8. Zach Yeadon, 3:51.16

18-Under Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Coby Carrozza, 3:54.91
  2. Julian Hill, 3:55.04
  3. Ivan Puskovitch, 3:55.67
  4. Will Gallant, 3:56.06
  5. Colton Paulson, 3:56.40
  6. Calvin David, 3:56.70
  7. Michael Petrides, 3:56.95
  8. Jack Wright, 3:56.97

Women’s 100 Breast- Prelims

  • World Record: 1:04.13, Lilly King (USA), 2017
  • American Record: 1:04.13, Lilly King, 2017
  • Championship Record: 1:04.95, Lilly King, 2017
  • U.S. Open Record: 1:04.45, Jessica Hardy (USA), 2009
  • Olympic Trials Cut: 1:10.99

Breeja Larson leads the women’s 100 breast with a 1:07.04, tying her fastest performance (from 6/23/19) since the 2014 Pan Pacs. Zoie Hartman put up a monster lifetime best of 1:07.67, now the 8th-fastest time in 17-18 age group history. Miranda Tucker and Kaitlyn Dobler make up the remainder of the top 4 qualifiers.

WUGs team member Emily Weiss joins in alongside Ellie Andrews and Nikol Popov. 200 breast champion Madisyn Cox qualified 7th in the 100 breast as well.

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Breeja Larson, 1:07.04
  2. Zoie Hartman, 1:07.67
  3. Miranda Tucker, 1:07.94
  4. Kaitlyn Dobler, 1:08.07
  5. Emily Weiss, 1:08.11
  6. Ellie Andrews, 1:08.12
  7. Madisyn Cox, 1:08.40
  8. Nikol Popov, 1:08.43

18-Under Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Cecilia Porter/Anna Keating, 1:09.94
  2. Zoe Bartel, 1:09.99
  3. Sophia Zhang, 1:10.17
  4. Kylie Powers, 1:10.47
  5. Lilly Higgs, 1:10.51
  6. Janessa Matthews, 1:10.61
  7. Ashley McCauley, 1:11.03

Men’s 100 Breast- Prelims

Scot Craig Benson leads a quiet morning session for the men’s 100 breast with a top time of 1:00.18. Frenchman Theo Bussiere, Aussies Daniel Cave and Samuel Williamson, and dual Netherlands citizen Caspar Corbeau are among the forgieners in this A-final.

Looking to bring the fire for the US are 200 breast champ Reece Whitley, 2018 US National medalist Devon Nowicki, and Purdue swimmer Trent Pellini.

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Craig Benson, 1:00.18
  2. Reece Whitley, 1:00.25
  3. Theo Bussiere, 1:00.40
  4. Devon Nowicki, 1:00.67
  5. Daniel Cave, 1:00.70
  6. Samuel Williamson, 1:00.72
  7. Caspar Corbeau, 1:00.87
  8. Trent Pellini, 1:00.88

18-Under Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Jake Foster, 1:02.55
  2. Maxwell Reich, 1:02.80
  3. Tyler Babinec, 1:02.83
  4. Dillon Hillis, 1:03.29
  5. Jason Louser, 1:03.31
  6. Forrest Frazier, 1:03.39
  7. Dylan Rhee, 1:03.47
  8. Ben Dillard, 1:03.50

Women’s 100 Back- Prelims

Amy Bilquist leads the way with a 1:00.13, just ahead of 15-year-old Claire Curzan‘s 1:00.44. That lifetime best from Curzan is now #8 on the all-time 15-16 age group rankings. Tennessee’s Erika Brown and Stanford’s Lucie Nordmann round out the top 4.

Alongside Curzan, 17-year-old Annabel Crush (1:00.74) will be competing for the World Jrs automatic spot in the A-final. Rounding out the top 8 qualifiers are Cal’s Isabel Ivey, Kentucky’s Caitlin Brooks, and NC State’s Kylee Alons.

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Amy Bilquist, 1:00.13
  2. Claire Curzan, 1:00.44
  3. Erika Brown, 1:00.64
  4. Lucie Nordmann, 1:00.67
  5. Annabel Crush, 1:00.74
  6. Isabel Ivey, 1:00.87
  7. Caitlin Brooks, 1:00.96
  8. Kylee Alons, 1:01.03

18-Under Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Caroline Bentz, 1:02.16
  2. Ellie Waldrep, 1:02.26
  3. Julia Cook, 1:02.29
  4. Natalie Mannion, 1:02.43
  5. Emma Atkinson, 1:02.55
  6. Tea Laughlin, 1:02.97
  7. Charlotte Hook, 1:02.98
  8. Talia Bates, 1:03.00

Men’s 100 Back- Prelims

Shaine Casas leds the men’s 100 back final as the 10th-fastest American in history with a 53.26. Sitting a second behind him is 200 back champ Austin Katz. Frenchman Yohann Ndoye Brouard and Clark Beach also finished in the top 4.

As the only junior in the A-final, Wyatt Davis has locked in his spot on the World Jrs roster for this event with his 5th-place qualifying spot. Matthew Klotz rounds out the top 8 alongside Nicolas Albiero and Bryce Mefford.

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Shaine Casas, 53.26
  2. Austin Katz, 54.46
  3. Yohann Ndoye Brouard, 54.62
  4. Clark Beach, 54.69
  5. Wyatt Davis, 54.73
  6. Matthew Klotz, 54.79
  7. Nicolas Albiero, 54.82
  8. Bryce Mefford, 54.84

18-Under Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Brendan Burns, 55.51
  2. Peter Larson, 55.61
  3. Destin Lasco, 56.01
  4. Harrison Lierz, 56.08
  5. Jack Dolan, 56.13
  6. Sean Conway, 56.18
  7. Josh Zuchowski, 56.48
  8. Hunter Tapp, 56.51

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2 years ago

Nowicki stop teasing us

The Kraken
2 years ago

Grant really looked like he was hurting on his turns in the 400

2 years ago

I don’t like how foreigners can be in the A final. Most places have it to where they have to be in the B final, which seems fair.

The Real Sam
Reply to  Heyitsme
2 years ago

This meet is not a selection meet, so it really doesn’t matter

Reply to  The Real Sam
2 years ago

Eh it’s a national title on the line, I think it matters… Who from America goes to Australia and wins a national title?

The Real Sam
Reply to  Heyitsme
2 years ago

What I meant was that having foreign athletes in the A final does not hinder any US swimmer’s chances of qualifying for anything.

Reply to  The Real Sam
2 years ago

Yes I know, I was just getting my point across.

Bobo Gigi
Reply to  The Real Sam
2 years ago

The Real Sam, I disagree. It’s a national championship. Not a US Open meet. And it’s a selection meet for world juniors. Based on times. But you don’t swim necessarily the same times if you swim in the A-Final or the B, C or D-Finals. So a qualification in the A-Final where you will be pushed can be very important. And I also add the experience these junior swimmers can take for the future in the A-Final.

Reply to  Bobo Gigi
2 years ago

YES Bobo Gigi agrees. That’s all I needed.

Reply to  Heyitsme
2 years ago

Kathleen Baker isn’t the German National Champs as we speak

Reply to  I_Said_It
2 years ago

Lol she didn’t even swim the individual tho

Reply to  Heyitsme
2 years ago

But she could of is the point

Reply to  Heyitsme
2 years ago

Yes, they should build the wall around the A final

Reply to  Heyitsme
2 years ago

I don’t know if that’s accurate for “most places.” Off the top of my head, it’s Canada.

Reply to  Heyitsme
2 years ago

We might say “xenophobia has entered the chat” but unfortunately, it’s been here for quite a while.

Reply to  Heyitsme
2 years ago

To show their gratitude Australia is opening their National championships and Commonwealth Championships to USA swimmers. I mean why would they not. It’s the cool thing to do host a NATIONAL championship meet and invite random countries.

2 years ago

Finnerty and Fischer would be in the A final if the foreigners were in the B final

Reply to  Heyitsme
2 years ago

Or. If they would have swum faster

Reply to  Gator
2 years ago

Or it could be US nationals..

Reply to  Heyitsme
2 years ago

Sounds like he days when Missy Franklin haters didn’t think she should be allowed to swim high school swimming so their own daughters could win for once.

Beverly Drangus
2 years ago

Do they check pools for currents at meets like this? Lanes 5-9 look they’re ahead almost every heat of the men’s and women’s 100 breast

Joel Lin
Reply to  Beverly Drangus
2 years ago

Your comment caught me…yesterday it seemed like Lanes 7 & 8 were magical during the morning heats. Seemed odd like a coin flip beggaring the odds.

Reply to  Joel Lin
2 years ago

I actually noticed a difference in some swimmers splits depending on which way they were swimming.

The Original Tim
2 years ago

Hmm, Lochte looked mighty iffy on coming up before 15m off the turn, but they didn’t call him for it. Lucky!

Reply to  The Original Tim
2 years ago

It was real close, but it’s his birthday lol

Reply to  The Original Tim
2 years ago

Lochte qualifies B-final. Backstroke was good. 55.08

2 years ago

Damn Casas

He Gets It Done Again
Reply to  MrBreastroke
2 years ago

Didn’t he swim back at SECs, but then he switched to fly for NCAAs? Perhaps that was the wrong choice! In any case, he’s rising fast, definitely one to watch

2 years ago

I just watched the NBC show. Allison wore an Arena suit for 100 and a TYR suit for the 200. At Worlds she and Chase wore MP suits which probably neither will ever wear at a big meet again. Coincidence they didn’t swim well at Worlds?

Reply to  Superfan
2 years ago


Reply to  Superfan
2 years ago

I’m really interested to see if Murphy switches from speedo at any point and if that gets him back.

Reply to  Virtus
2 years ago

The new speedo suit is really good, probably not the problem

Reply to  Superfan
2 years ago

Chase signed with MP so he’ll be wearing that for awhile.

Slimmer jim
Reply to  Thomas
2 years ago

Sadly no Mizuno

Justin Thompson
Reply to  Slimmer jim
2 years ago

And the Mizuno salesman enters the chat.

Reply to  Thomas
2 years ago

Allison too? And she lives with Phelps family and trains with Bowman!

Reply to  Superfan
2 years ago

I wonder how the MP brand is selling. Is there a visible number of swimmers wearing them at meets, or even practice suits/ goggles in practice?

Reply to  Xman
2 years ago

Not in USA but heard it selling a bit in Asia

Reply to  Superfan
2 years ago

I seem to remember Phelps did ok in Rio wearing those suits. Having said that the women’s arena suit looks a big step forward in particular.

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