2019 Atlanta Classic: Day 2 Prelims Live Recap


The 2nd day of action is in underway in Atlanta this morning, featuring the men’s and women’s 200 fly, 50 free, 100 back, 200 breast, and 400 free. Caeleb Dressel will not be swimming the 50 free, and will instead be in the 200 fly. Hali Flickinger is the top seed in the women’s 200 fly by 3 seconds. Olivia Smoliga is set to compete in the 50 free and 100 back, which are back-to-back events. Smoliga is also the top seed in both events. Erika Brown is swimming the same double, and is seeded 2nd in the 50, and 3rd in the 100 back.

*Note: results are coming in incomplete again this morning. We will update this page as full results become availbale.



  1. Hali Flickinger – 2:07.24
  2. Leah Gingrich – 2:11.60
  3. Megan Kingsley – 2:12.23
  4. Dakota Luther – 2:12.83
  5. Abby Harter – 2:13.55
  6. Callie Dickinson – 2:14.00
  7. Lindsay Looney – 2:15.44
  8. Tristen Ulett – 2:17.67
  9. Jadé Foelske – 2:17.84
  10. Bailey Nero – 2:17.97

Hali Flickinger kicked off the session by breaking her own meet record of 2:08.61, which she had set in 2016. Flickinger has been on fire in 2019, swimming under 2:08 4 other times already this year. She took the top seed handily, beating out this morning’s second place finisher, Leah Gingrich, by nearly 4.4 seconds. Gingrich, a 29-year-old from Columbis Aquatic Club, posted her fastest time since 2009 this morning. Gingrich’s personal best is 2:09.96 from 2008, and she had swum a 2:13.05 at the Richmond Pro Swim Series earlier this year.

16-year-old Tristen Ulett from Dynamo Swim Club was the youngest to make it into the A final tonight. Ulett swam a 2:17.67, well off her best of 2:13.63. Datoa Luther, the 2nd seed coming in, was 4th this morning, clocking a 2:12.83. Luther’s best is 2:08.09, and she should be able to challenge Gingrich tonight.


  • Meet Record: Joseph Schooling – 1:57.37


  1. Fynn Minuth – 1:59.38
  2. Caeleb Dressel – 2:00.69
  3. Gunnar Bentz – 2:01.19
  4. Andrew Abruzzo – 2:01.27
  5. Chase Kalisz – 2:01.36
  6. Harry Homans – 2:02.14
  7. Khader Baqlah – 2:02.68
  8. Robert Finke – 2:03.32
  9. Clayton Forde – 2:03.33
  10. Camden Murphy – 2:03.81

Fynn Minuth from South Carolina turned in the only sub-2:00 performance of the morning, touching in 1:59.38. Minuth was seeded 4th coming in, behind Gunnar Bentz, Andrew Abruzzo, and Chase Kalisz. Caeleb Dressel managed to beat out some of the biggest current American 200 fly stars this morning. Dressel swam a 2:00.69, touching as the only swimmer other than Minuth to break 2:01 this morning. According to the SWIMS database, Dressel had only swum the LCM 200 fly 3 times before in his career, with 2:18.33 from 2012 as his personal best. Somewhat surprisingly, Dressel did not take the race out the fastest. Dressel’s first 50 split of 26.47 was slightly faster than Minuth’s, but Dressel’s 100 split of 57.97 was well behind Minuth’s split of 56.70. Dressel also managed to come home in 30.90, which was faster than everyone in the field except Bentz, and Robert Finke.

Bentz, Abruzzo, and Kalisz were all well of their personal bests this morning. It’s likely they could all 3 be under 2:00 tonight, given how far under 2:00 their best times are.



  1. Olivia Smoliga – 25.20
  2. Natalie Hinds – 25.44
  3. Kate Douglass – 25.54
  4. Erika Brown – 25.57
  5. Maxine Parker – 25.60
  6. Kalia Antoniou – 26.03
  7. Veronica Burchill – 26.10
  8. Flora Molnar – 26.26
  9. Amanda Weir – 26.59
  10. Sherridon Dressel – 26.61

Olivia Smoliga broke Simone Manuel‘s meet record by .01 seconds this morning. This was the first of Smoliga’s double today, with the 100 back being her other event. Smoliga’s season best is 24.83 from the Richmond Pro Series in April, which also stands as her fastest in-season time.

Natalie Hinds, Kate Douglass, Erika Brown, and Maxine Parker are bunched up behind Smoliga, with the four of them separated by just .17 seconds. Parker, 16,  was the youngest qualifier in the field, while Douglass is 17.



  1. Erik Risolvato – 22.42
  2. Enzo Scarpe – 23.05
  3. Will Davis – 23.18
  4. Alberto Vivas – 23.19
  5. Dean Farris – 23.24
  6. Jonathan Berneburg – 23.33
  7. Nathan Lile – 23.34
  8. Javier Acevedo – 23.36
  9. Khader Baqlah – 23.36
  10. Corey Main – 23.39

With Caeleb Dressel sitting out the 50 in favor of the 200 fly today, the field was wide open. Erik Risolvato was dominant this morning, touching in 22.42 as the only swimmer under 23 seconds. He was only .20 seconds off his seed time. Dean Farris, the NCAA breakout star of this season, was 5th this morning touching in 23.24. He was off his best of 22.62. Gator Swim Club was well represented in this event, with Enzo Scarpe, Will Davis, Alberto Vivas, Khader Baqlah, and Corey Main all qualified to the A final.



  1. Olivia Smoliga – 1:01.60
  2. Hali Flickinger – 1:02.21
  3. Erika Brown – 1:02.35
  4. Sherridon Dressel – 1:02.41
  5. Tristen Ulett – 1:02.58
  6. Natalie Mannion – 1:02.77
  7. Rye Ulett – 1:02.80
  8. Ellie Waldrep – 1:02.97
  9. Emily Cornell – 1:03.14
  10. Natalie Hinds – 1:03.51

Olivia Smoliga succesfully took the top seed for tonight in both of her events this morning. Smoliga was the only swimmer under 1:02 this morning, but was off her own meet record of 1:00.13. She was well off her season best and lifetime best of 58.73, which she swam at the Richmond Pro Series last month. Hali Flickinger made her second A final of the night,, coming in 2nd. Erika Brown, swimming the same 50 free/100 back double as Smoliga, made it in 3rd. Flickinger and Brown have the same best time of 1:00.96. Sherridon Dressel also did the 50 free/100 back double, making the A final in both as well.

Tristen Ulett made her second A final of the day, coming in 5th this morning with a personal best of 1:02.58. Rye Ulett, Tristen’s 14-year-old sister came in 7th this morning, touching in 1:02.80, just off her best of 1:02.63.



  1. Corey Main – 55.41
  2. Clark Beach – 55.75
  3. Javier Acevedo – 55.83
  4. Dean Farris – 56.46
  5. David Fridlander – 56.74
  6. Ethan Beach – 56.81
  7. Youssef Said – 56.87
  8. Bradley Dunham – 57.09
  9. Bayley Main – 57.12
  10. Jack Kirby – 57.16

Corey Main of Gator Swim Club led the charge this morning, finishing in 55.41. Clark Beach and Javier Acevedo were not far behind, touching as the only other swimmers under 56 seconds. Dean Farris was right behind them, another swimmer doing the 50 free/100 back double, and making the A final in both. Acevedo is the only swimmer in the field with a best time under 54 seconds (53.64).



  1. Melanie Margalis – 2:31.04
  2. Vanessa Pearl – 2:31.56
  3. Sofia Carnevale – 2:32.56
  4. Albury Higgs – 2:34.73
  5. Emma Barksdale – 2:35.24
  6. Rachel Bernhardt – 2:35.37
  7. Lilly Higgs – 2:36.82
  8. Jordyn Gulle – 2:37.09
  9. Nikol Popov – 2:37.83
  10. Gigi Johnson – 2:38.11

Top-seeded Melanie Margalis also posted the fastest time this morning, touching in 2:31.04. Margalis was well off her personal best of 2:24.62, which she swam in 2018. Vanessa Pearl, who was the 2nd seed coming in, also earned the 2nd seed for tonight’s final, clocking a 2:31.56. She was also well off her best of 2:25.97. Pearl was the only swimmer in the field this morning to split under 40 seconds on the last 50, clocking a 39.68. Margalis fell off after a 38.84 on the 3rd 50, coming home in a 40.14.



  1. Nico Perner – 2:16.80
  2. Dylan Rhee – 2:18.43
  3. Chase Kalisz – 2:19.30
  4. Alex Lebed – 2:19.65
  5. Ethan Browne – 2:19.85
  6. Jack Dalmolin – 2:21.89
  7. Lionel Khoo – 2:22.31
  8. Nils Wich-Glasen – 2:22.95
  9. Spencer Rowe – 2:23.39
  10. Alex Borisov – 2:24.37

Nico Perner swam faster than his best from last season, clocking a 2:16.80 for the top seed tonight. 17-year-old Dylan Rhee made it in 2nd, swimming a 2:18.43. Chase Kalisz was well off his personal best of 2:09.90, swimming a 2:19.30. Kalisz went from a 37.24 on the 3rd 50 to a 34.82 on the last 50, indicating he held back considerably this morning. Rhee was actually faster coming home, splitting a 34.81 on the last 50. Given that, Rhee may have something special in store for us tonight.



  1. Jordan Stout – 4:18.48
  2. Paige McKenna – 4:18.52
  3. Erin Gemmell – 4:18.63
  4. Kensey McMahon – 4:19.31
  5. Meaghan Raab – 4:20.05
  6. Hali Flickinger – 4:20.08
  7. Courtney Harnish – 4:20.32
  8. Emily Hetzer – 4:20.33
  9. Georgia Darwent – 4:20.68
  10. Erika Brown – 4:21.45

Jordan Stout led the way in a pretty tight 400 free field. Stout was 4:18.48, while 16-year-old Paige McKenna and 14-year-old Erin Gemmell were next in, finishing right behind Stout at 4:14.52 and 4:18.63 respectively. Gemmell’s time was a personal best by 3.25 seconds, blasting herself through the 4:20 barrier. Hali Flickinger and Erika Brown both made their 3rd A final of the day. Flickinger swam a 4:20.08, well off her personal best of 4:06.72, which was the top seed coming in. Brown swam the event for the first time since 2016, clocking a new personal best of 4:21.45. Brown is typically a sprinter, so we’ll have to see if she sticks with the 400 tonight, or focuses on the 50 free and 100 back.


  • Meet Record: Anton Ipsen – 3:50.40



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Ol' Longhorn
4 years ago

Apparently, we’re off the Dressel 200 IM LCM watch/overhype and onto the Dressel 200 LCM fly watch/overhype.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
4 years ago

Don’t forget the “Dressel might have a chance to beat Peaty in the 100 breast overhype”

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
4 years ago

I think youve made 3x as many sarcastic dressel comments than the rest of us combined have made hype comments

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  pvdh
4 years ago

They’re not sarcastic. They’re realistic. Sorry for the hurt.

4 years ago

I’ll chime in and say I’m feeling all kinds of way after Dressel’s 200fly. It’s still a ways to 2020 but can we all imagine if he goes this direction? Ultimately this bodes well for his sprints and 200 free.

Reply to  AvidSwimFan
4 years ago

i said that not long ago – he is putting great work in for the 200 free / 200 fly this year .

Mr Piano
Reply to  AvidSwimFan
4 years ago

I don’t think he’s actually thinking of swimming this at OTs. It’s just a good training tool for his sprints.

Reply to  Mr Piano
4 years ago


Gregg Troy: The 200 fly is a good trainning tool for your sprints, you should race it more

Reply to  ChompChomp
4 years ago

yep , typical Troy’s methods ….it often pays off

Ol' Longhorn
4 years ago

He’s literally had one sprinter of any significance — that’s Dressel.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
4 years ago

While not on the same level as Dressel, I would argue Gustavo Borges was significant

Reply to  ChompChomp
4 years ago

It is a great training tool for the 200 free. Most every great 200 flyer also has a good to great 200 free. Mary T would have been World Champion in the 200 free in 1986 if not for East Germans.

Reply to  Mr Piano
4 years ago

I don’t know about the 200 Fly being a good training tool for the Sprints, that said if he is planning to try to make the 4×200 Free Relay next summer it makes sense. If you can race a 200 Fly, you can race a 200 Free.

50 free
Reply to  CraigH
4 years ago

Wouldn’t actually swimming the 200free be better training for the 200 free?

Spotted Zebra
Reply to  CraigH
4 years ago

“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”

4 years ago

2.00.69 is no joke. I know it’s not that fast, but you have the American record holder swimming a 200 LCM fly… his conditioning is there.

Reply to  DRUKSTOP
4 years ago

he will be very well in great shape this summer if he continues to impress this way

4 years ago

Great swim for little Erin Gemmell, she is for sure one to watch

4 years ago

On my PBJ sandwich I’m eating right now, if Caeleb even breaks 2 minutes in the fly, I will marry said sandwich. I cannot comprehend another swimmer who is capable of dominating one spectrum of swimming (the sprints) only to be able to hop up and casually post some respectable times above 100 meters. I mean Jesus you don’t see guys with similar muscle build like Proud or Govorov doing this!

Reply to  Papa
4 years ago

Looks like he might do it tonight

Reply to  Papa
4 years ago

I look forward to pronouncing you man and sandwich.

Reply to  2Fat4Speed
4 years ago


Slimmer Jim
Reply to  Papa
4 years ago

Caeleb Dressels build is not even comparable to Ben prouds lol

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Papa
4 years ago

Uh, MA’s 1:57 IM a couple weeks ago? Short memory.

Cody Miller's breastroke kick
4 years ago

Dressel 2:00.69 200 fly… niccccce

swim fan
4 years ago

We need some pics of those results sheets from some people on deck!

4 years ago

excited to see what caeleb can do in an event like the 2fly