2018 Pro Swim Series – Austin: Day 1 Finals Live Recap


Today marks the first day of the 2018 Pro Swim Series stop in Austin, Texas. After competing in this morning’s prelims, swimmers are now gearing up for finals of the 400 IM, 100 fly, 200 back, 200 breast, 200 free, and mixed medley relay. There are several stars in tonight’s lineup, including Melanie Margalis, Li Bingjie, Sydney Pickrem, Taylor Ruck, Regan Smith, Chase Kalisz, Zane Grothe, Clark Smith, Jack Conger, Michael Andrew, and Ryan Murphy.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: Katinka Hosszu, 4:31.07, Santa Clara 2015
  1. GOLD: Melanie Margalis, 4:37.43
  2. SILVER: Madisyn Cox, 4:42.22
  3. BRONZE: Hannah Moore, 4:47.40

Melanie Margalis rocked a new best time as she put together a dominant 400 IM. Leading from start to finish, Margalis touched in 4:37.43 for the win, clipping her former best off 4:37.84 from 2014. According to the USA Swimming Database, that was also her first sub-4:40 400 IM since summer 2014. She was the only swimmer to clear that barrier tonight, but Madisyn Cox and Hannah Moore each broke 4:50 to round out the podium.

Moore trailed Bethany Galat (4:48.50) after the breast leg, but used her freestyle speed to move ahead for the bronze. Galat held off Evie Pfeifer (4:48.77) and Monika Gonzalez-Hermosillo (4:48.82) down the final stretch.

MEN’S 400 IM:

  • Pro Swim Series Record: Chase Kalisz, 4:09.43, Atlanta 2017
  1. GOLD: Chase Kalisz, 4:10.80
  2. SILVER: Anton Ipsen, 4:19.27
  3. BRONZE: Tristan Cote, 4:20.93

World Champions Chase Kalisz raced to a new Pool Record to win his signature 400 IM, finishing just over a second shy of his own Pro Swim Series Record. His 4:10.80 tonight cleared his own former Pool Record of 4:11.51. Kalisz was head and shoulders above the field, dominating by over 8 seconds as Anton Ipsen was the only other swimmer to break 4:20. Ipsen and bronze medalist Tristan Cote were within a few tenths of each other until Ipsen pulled ahead on the free leg. Daniel Sos (4:22.01) and Jacob Foster (4:23.72) battled for the 4th place spot, with Sos using his closing freestyle speed to get the job done.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: Sarah Sjostrom, 56.38, Austin 2016
  1. GOLD: Amanda Kendall, 58.29
  2. SILVER: Zhang Yufei, 58.39
  3. BRONZE: Rebecca Smith, 58.72

Amanda Kendall used her front-end speed to take the early lead in 26.84. Zhang Yufei chased after her down the final stretch, but Kendall was able to hold her off by a tenth to win it in 58.29. Canadian junior star Rebecca Smith joined them under 59 seconds for the bronze. Regan Smith, another junior standout, was in the mix up front, but faded slightly on the back half to finish 6th in 59.20 behind Alys Thomas (59.09) and Hellen Moffitt (59.16).

MEN’S 100 FLY:

  • Pro Swim Series Record: Li Zhuhao, 51.34, Indianapolis 2017
  1. GOLD: Jack Conger, 51.80
  2. SILVER: Tripp Cooper, 53.02
  3. BRONZE: Masayu Umemoto, 53.09

Jack Conger was all business in the 100 fly, leading from start to finish as he came within a half second of the Pro Swim Series Record with his winning time of 51.84. Fellow Texas postgrad Tripp Cooper just clipped Masayu Umemoto for the silver. Narrowly behind them was another Texas-based postgrad, Bryce Bohman, in 53.34 for 4th place.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: Meagen Nay, 2:07.16, Santa Clara 2011
  1. GOLD: Peng Xuwei, 2:08.17
  2. SILVER: Regan Smith, 2:08.64
  3. BRONZE: Taylor Ruck, 2:08.90

Fresh off a finals appearance in the 100 fly, 15-year-old Regan Smith was back at it minutes later in the 200 back final. Smith battled closely with Peng Xuwei and Taylor Ruck, with Xuwei slightly outpacing her on each 50 to win in 2:08.17. Smith and Ruck joined her in the 2:08-range to round out the medals. They were the only swimmers to break 2:10, as Quinn Carrozza (2:11.01) narrowly held off 15-year-old Isabelle Stadden (2:11.17) for 4th place with a pair of 2:11s.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: Xu Jiayu, 1:55.04, Indianapolis 2017
  1. GOLD: Ryan Murphy, 1:56.11
  2. SILVER: Jacob Pebley, 1:56.40
  3. BRONZE: Carson Foster, 2:00.73

Cal teammates Ryan Murphy and Jacob Pebley were neck-and-neck in this one. Pebley led Murphy, 56.70 to 56.96, up front and extended his lead to half a second at the 150-meter mark. Murphy shifted gears on the final 50, outsplitting Pebley 29.17 to 30.00 to take the win in 1:56.11. That was just a half second shy of the Pool Record set by backstroke legend Aaron Piersol.

Luke Greenbank had touched 3rd, but was ultimately disqualified for a 15-meter violation. That bumped 16-year-old junior star Carson Foster up to bronze. Foster battled closely with Robert Hill (2:00.76), doung just enough to out-touch Hill on the final 50.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: Yuliya Efimova, 2:21.41, Orlando 2016
  1. GOLD: Chloe Tutton, 2:23.92
  2. SILVER: Emily Escobedo, 2:25.94
  3. BRONZE: Breeja Larson, 2:28.34

Chloe Tutton‘s lead was never in question. She took a commanding lead up front and continued to stretch it out as she won the race in 2:23.92 ahead of Emily Escobedo. There was a tight battle for bronze between Breeja Larson and Madisyn Cox (2:28.35). After taking 400 IM silver earlier, Cox nearly won her 2nd medal of the night, but came up just shy s she ran out of room to run down Larson by a hundredth.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: Josh Prenot, 2:09.30, Charlotte 2015
  1. GOLD: Yan Zibei, 2:10.33
  2. SILVER: Josh Prenot, 2:10.91
  3. BRONZE: Chase Kalisz, 2:11.21

Andrew Wilson (2:15.42) took advantage of his speed up front, taking the lead in 1:02.98 with Yan Zibei trailing by just hundredths. In the end, Wilson faded to 8th, but Zibei held steady to win it in 2:10.33. Josh Prenot was also sub-2:11 for the silver. Chase Kalisz was less than a half second shy of his best time, outpacing Will Licon 2:11.21 to 2:11.99 for bronze. That gave Kalisz his 2nd medal of the night after he won 400 IM gold to start things off.

Fellow National Teamer Nic Fink was 5th in 2:12.09. Junior star Reece Whitley (2:13.92) wound up 7th behind Carlos Claverie (2:13.34).


  • Pro Swim Series Record: Katie Ledecky, 1:54.43, Austin 2016
  1. GOLD: Li Bingjie, 1:56.96
  2. SILVER: Melanie Margalis, 1:58.23
  3. BRONZE: Taylor Ruck, 1:59.26

15-year-old Li Bingjie won in dominant fashion, flipping in 57.76 en route to a 1:56.96. That was just 2 tenths shy of her lifetime best 1:56.74 from Chinese Nationals. Melanie Margalis and Taylor Ruck battled for the silver, with Margalis outsplitting Ruck on the back half. That gave each of them multiple medals for the session, as Margalis won the 400 IM and Ruck took bronze in the 200 back earlier. The only other swimmer to break 2:00 was Canadian junior standout Kayla Sanchez (1:59.79).


  • Pro Swim Series Record: Sun Yang, 1:44.82, Santa Clara 2016
  1. GOLD: Zane Grothe, 1:48.18
  2. SILVER: Clark Smith, 1:49.34
  3. BRONZE: Matias Koski 1:49.91

Zane Grothe took it out just a nail ahead of Clark Smith and Matias Koski, but really made his move on the back half. As usual, Grothe kicked it up a notch coming home, pulling himself a body length ahead of the field as he won in 1:48.18. Smith took advantage of the 3rd 50 to move up for the silver. Koski faded to 4th behind Trey Freeman (1:50.15) at the 150-meter mark, but turned it around down the home stretch to out-touch Freeman for the bronze.


  1. GOLD: Lezak Squad, 3:49.85
  2. SILVER: Krayzelburg Squad, 3:52.05
  3. BRONZE: Sandeno Squad, 3:55.04

Krayzelburg’s team had the early speed with a 54.13 back split from Olympic champion Matt Grevers, but Lezak’s group bounced back with Josh Prenot (1:00.73) on the breast leg. The Krayzelburg squad took the lead again with Ryan Held‘s 53.86 fly leg, but the Lezak squad finish in true Lezak form as Justin Ress (49.03) ran down Krayzelburg’s Olivia Smoliga (55.11) on the free leg to give Lezak’s team the win.

The Coughlin squad (4:02.10) finished a distant 4th. Notably, they struggled on the fly leg with a 58.61 split. Tom Shields, who went a 1:00 in this morning’s 100 fly prelims, was listed on the live results as their butterflier. However, USA Swimming has confirmed that breaststroker Nic Fink took over the butterfly duties.

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3 years ago

Sydney Pickrem scratch the 400IM?

Reply to  TheJudga
3 years ago

And the 200BR?

3 years ago

What is the difference between pool and meet record?

Reply to  Buona
3 years ago

Meet record refers to this specific Arena pro series meet. Pool record is fastest time ever done in that pool regardless of what meet it is.

Reply to  Buona
3 years ago

Pool record may be faster because it could have been done at this pool but at a different meet. Meet record is exclusive to Austin Grand Prix and does not include any swims done at this pool but at a different competition.

Reply to  Lauren Neidigh
3 years ago

Ok. Understood. Thanks all for explaining. ?

3 years ago

Impressive swim by Conger, he means business.

Reply to  40.00
3 years ago

Definitely not a training meet.

Reply to  40.00
3 years ago

51.80, not bad for Jack Conger. I am expecting Tom Shields to be in the final. The 100 fly final will be more spicy if Schooling took part.

Reply to  40.00
3 years ago

loving his persistence

3 years ago

Melanie Margalis looking good!! She could swim a lot of events in 2 years, I bet she could make 200 IM, 400 IM, 200 breast, or will she do the 200 free im double again?

Reply to  Hswimmer
3 years ago

Crazy we are already 2 years away, Rio seems like yesterday.

3 years ago

Great 200 back race. The Chinese girl was easily the fastest over the water, but Smith killed her on the walls.

Reply to  Caleb
3 years ago

Xuwei Peng born in 2003 apparently

Reply to  Caleb
3 years ago

The “Chinese Girl” has a name…

3 years ago

Woah – Smith beaten by a girl a year YOUNGER than her.

Women’s junior backstrokers are amazing right now.

Reply to  Dee
3 years ago

The 5th place finisher, Isabelle Stadden was also 15. She swam a 2:11.17, which was a PB by 1.5 seconds

Reply to  Dee
3 years ago

Smith also swam the 100 fly finals and was 6th with a not so shabby time.

Reply to  Zanna
3 years ago

I thought Smith would be right on it after her 100fl heat – But I’m shocked by Peng Xuwei. Her speed across the water was awesome and a beautiful stroke.

Reply to  Dee
3 years ago

those Chinese are great technicians like the Japanese

3 years ago

Is Kalisz time a Pro series record?

Reply to  IM FAN
3 years ago

I’m an idiot never mind

Reply to  IM FAN
3 years ago

Nevermind, I didn’t bother to read

3 years ago

Tutton impressive again with her debut swim of the season at 2.23… She did the same last year, then after a few bumps it remained her best of the year. Her ability to deliver performances internationally makes her my fave for commie gold ahead of McKeown/Smith/Renshaw/Ulyett.

Reply to  Dee
3 years ago

Disappointed Pickrem scratched the final tonight. She could be in this group.

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