WATCH: Jack Conger vs. Michael Andrew in Austin 50 Fly Shootouts


The 2018 TYR Pro Swim Series in Austin brought something new to the table. Swimmers competed in “shootout” style rounds of the stroke 50s. The first round (quarterfinal) included the top 8 swimmers from prelims. The top 4 then advanced to round 2 (semifinal). The top 2 from the semifinal round advanced to the final showdown (round 3).

SwimSwam has put together the videos from the Shootout finals. Below are the videos of the men’s 50 fly. It all came down to Jack Conger vs. Michael Andrew, with Conger clipping Andrew at the finish in 23.37. Conger, a postgrad swimmer at Texas, picked up a win in front of the home crowd. Videos of the other stroke shootouts for the men and women will get their own separate posts. SwimSwam will also be posting the videos of A finals in all other events.




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4 years ago

The MA hate is real. Glad he isn’t some cocky brat, can’t imagine what the comments would be like then. Is it more of a jealousy thing because he’s traveling the world and doing what he loves?

Reply to  Swim4
4 years ago

No one hates MA. He is a self-promoter, though. with his social media posts – the usual “look at me” stuff.

His training program, the Ultra Short Race Pace Training, has proven to work in the shortest events, the 50s! He can challenge the top swimmers in the all the strokes in the 50s.

His best 100 meter swim was the 59 he swam at the Olympic Trials in the 100 breast. So, he’s got the challenge of competing better in the 100 meter events, and not just the 50s.

Reply to  marklewis
4 years ago

To be fair, he held an age group record in the 400 IM.

Reply to  marklewis
4 years ago

dont forget the 200 im. also, he does get hate. a lot of it. (unjustified obviously)

4 years ago

Adrian passed Andrew in the final 15 meters during the last two rounds of the 50 free, and Conger did the same in the final of the 50 fly.

Maybe we can find a shorter event for MA to swim?

Reply to  Improving
4 years ago

Or maybe he can change his training

Reply to  Improving
4 years ago

Best thing I’ve read in awhile.

Reply to  Improving
4 years ago

Funny, I didn’t see Conger in the 50 free shoot out, nor did I see Adrian in the 50 fly shoot out.

Reply to  IUkicker
4 years ago

Ryan Held and MA were in both.

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