Coughlin Leads SwimSquad Battle After Austin Day 1


Natalie Coughlin‘s team leads the SwimSquad Battle after getting a win from Ryan Murphy and a pair of runner-up finishes on opening night in Austin.

IM starter Madisyn Cox took second and flex swimmer Melanie Margalis was second in the 200 free, each earning 8 points. That adds to 10 from starting backstroker Murphy to put CoughlinSquad in the lead with 26 points. Margalis, though, won the 400 IM and could have earned 10 points for the team, but Coughlin started Margalis as a flex swimmer (not an IMer) and selected the 200 free and 200 IM as her scoring events.

Lenny Krayzelburg‘s team is in second after wins from Amanda Kendall (100 fly) and Chase Kalisz (400 IM).

Coughlin should remain in line for big points moving forward, though she got none from flyer Hali Flickinger, who was 10th in the 100 fly prelims.

LezakSquad could be in some trouble, missing points from flyer Tim Phillips (18th in the 100 fly), who is also starting in the 50 fly. His team is two behind SandenoSquad, which didn’t have a 400 IM scorer but scored in its two other day 1 opportunities.

Running Points
CoughlinSquad 26
KrayzelburgSquad 20
SandenoSquad 18
LezakSquad 16


KrayzelburgSquad 20
Starter Events Points
Free Ryan Held 50/100 0
Back Olivia Smoliga 50/100 0
Breast Nic Fink 50/100 0
Fly Amanda Kendall 50/100 10
IM Chase Kalisz 200/400 10
Flex Matt Grevers 50BK/100BK 0
CoughlinSquad   26
Starter Points
Free Hannah Moore 400/800 0
Back Ryan Murphy 100/200 10
Breast Molly Hannis 50/100 0
Fly Hali Flickinger 100/200 0
IM Madisyn Cox 200/400 8
Flex Melanie Margalis 200FR/200IM 8
SandenoSquad   18
Starter Points
Free Zane Grothe 800/1500 0
Back Jacob Pebley 100/200 8
Breast Katie Meili 50/100 0
Fly Jack Conger 100/200 10
IM Emily Escobedo 200 0
Flex Michael Andrew 50FR/100BR 0
LezakSquad   16
Starter Points
Free Nathan Adrian 50/100 0
Back Regan Smith 100/200 8
Breast Josh Prenot 100/200 8
Fly Tim Phillips 50/100 0
IM Lisa Bratton 200 0
Flex Justin Ress 50BK/100BK 0

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ACC fan

Hannah Moore third in 400 IM for team coughlin but no points, darn.

Tammy Touchpad Error

I was under the impression that athletes scored based on what are thier best 2 event places based on results, but apparently its pre desegnated based on seed. What do you guys think? Is that better or worse?

I just think its hard to get behind this when I dont care at all about these former olympians and especially thier charities (I’d rather we invest in them… not like any are still relevant or making money through sponsors), and I just want to be able to play fantasy swim against my friends.


The captains have to designate the two events they want their swimmers to score in, ie Melanie Margalis was slotted to score in the 200 free and 200 IM as the flex pick and therefore gets no points for the 400 IM. I agree that this would be a lot more fun if we could participate. Next year my sister and I are going get a couple friends together to draft our own informal league. The points system isn’t that complicated that you need an app and the mixed medleys are for bragging rights anyways.


Lezaksquad got no points for their win in the Mixed 400 Medley Relay?

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