2018 Men’s Pac-12 Championships: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap


Going into the final prelims session of the meet, it looks like it’s Cal’s meet to lose. Cal is very deep in all of the events today, with the possible exception of the 1650, so short of something unforeseen like a bunch of DQs tonight, they will claim the Pac-12 team title.

Patrick Mulcare, who hasn’t swam yet this week, is seeded first in the 200 back. Without an explanantion as to why he has not swam his events this weekend, we have to assume he won’t be swimming the 200 back today either. Justin Wright, who had the fastest 200 fly in the nation this season up until about 2 weeks ago, will look to reclaim his place at the top today.

200 BACK

  1. Daniel Carr (Cal) – 1:41.07
  2. Robert Glinta (USC) – 1:41.32
  3. Abrahm DeVine (Stanford) – 1:41.34
  4. Bryce Mefford (Cal) – 1:41.51
  5. Zachary Poti (Arizona State) – 1:41.87
  6. Curtis Ogren (Stanford) – 1:42.74
  7. Thomas Anderson (Arizona) – 1:42.83
  8. Andy Song (Cal) – 1:43.08

With Patrick Mulcare, who was the only swimmer to have been under 1:40 this season, not competing, it opens up a lot of people to title contention in the race. Daniel Carr came out on top on prelims, posting a 1:41.07. Most of the field was off their season bests this morning, signalling that we’ll likely see faster swims tonight. Carr split the race really well, posting 50 splits of 24.07/25.59/25.93/25.48.

100 FREE

  1. Liam O’Haimhirgin (Utah) – 42.36
  2. Justin Lynch (Cal) – 42.38
  3. Santo Condorelli (USC) – 42.48
  4. Michael jensen (Cal) – 42.52
  5. Cameron Craig (Arizona State) – 42.56
  6. Dylan Carter (USC) – 42.74
  7. Ralf Tribuntsov (USC) – 42.85
  8. Ryan Hoffer (Cal) – 42.91

Liam O’Haimhirgin gave Utah it’s highest prelims place of the meet, taking first this morning with a season best by nearly a second of 42.36. O’Haimhirgin leads the way in a very tight field, which took a sub-43 to make it into the A final. USC had a huge team performance, qualifying 3 people to the A final, which is the most they’ve gotten into an A final at the meet. It also sets them up well for the 400 free relay tonight.

Cal’s Pawel Sendyk came in 9th with a 42.95, giving Cal 4 performances under 43 this morning. That sets them up for a monster 400 free relay tonight, since their prelims times add up to 2:50, and that’s without flying starts factored in and is based on morning swims.


  1. Andrew Seliskar (Cal) – 1:53.70
  2. Brennan Pastorek (Stanford) – 1:54.36
  3. Matt Whittle (Cal) – 1:54.94
  4. Jack Dalmolin (Arizona State) – 1:55.03
  5. Christian Lorenz (Arizona State) – 1:55.24
  6. Sam Iida (Arizona)/Nick Silverthorn (Cal) – 1:55.38
  7. Hank Poppe (Stanford) – 1:55.60

Andrew Seliskar came away with the fastest prelims performance, posting a 1:53.70. Jack Dalmolin of Arizona State dropped 4 seconds from his season best to earn a spot in the A final, finishing 4th. There’s 3 freshman in the field for tonight: Dalmolin, Sam Iida (Arizona), and Brennan Pastorek (Stanford), who is seeded 2nd for tonight. Seliskar has the fastest season best in the field at 1:53.05, and Christian Lorenz is next, woth a 1:53.54. Pastorek was also out the fastest, turning at the 100 wall in a speedy 54.62. Right now it looks like it will take a mid-1:54 to get an invite to the NCAAs, so the battle for invites should be pretty fierce tonight.

200 FLY

  1. Matt Josa (Cal) – 1:41.41
  2. Zheng Quah (Cal) – 1:41.81
  3. Trenton Julian (Cal) – 1:42.77
  4. Justin Wright (Arizona) – 1:42.90
  5. Jack Xie (Cal) – 1:43.06
  6. Michael Thomas (Cal) – 1:43.28
  7. Ben Scott (Utah) – 1:43.49
  8. Alex Valente (USC) – 1:43.52

Matt Josa led another Cal fly trio, this time including Zheng Quah, and Trenton Julian. Josa blasted a season best by 4 seconds to claim the top seed for tonight, and an NCAA ‘A’ cut by .03 seconds. Josa will surely have a fight in his hands tonight, between Justin Wright, Zheng Quah, and Michael Thomas, who were all off their season bests this morning, and freshman Trenton Julian, who went a best time this morning but could still have something left in the tank. Julian has is also right on the bubble of being invited to the NCAAs with that time, which comes in at 30th. This was an excellent way for Cal to finish off the prelims session, qualifying 5 swimmers to the A final, as they close in on denying Stanford a 3rd consecutive team title.

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Austin Powers
4 years ago

Wow if only these people were actually dolphins theyd stand a chance in avoiding a shark attack.

4 years ago

What’s up with Mulcare?

4 years ago

Cal is gonna be a force to be reckoned with at NCAAs

4 years ago

I really hope Ryan Hoffers time’s at this meet are a result of not having rested at all.. Cal’s going to need him to perform at NCAA’s if they’re going to have a chance at the title

Bearly Breathing
Reply to  Swammer
4 years ago

What would you say are fair expectations of Hoffer at NCAAs?
Sub 19 50? Sub 42 100? What about relays?

Reply to  Bearly Breathing
4 years ago

Just going his best times would be nice. His best 100 free in high school was 41.23

Reply to  Swammer
4 years ago

Why do people keep saying this? Cal never rests for this meet

Reply to  Sccoach
4 years ago

Because other cal sprinters doing presumably the same training are close to or ahead of season best and he’s off

NC Swim Fan
Reply to  Sccoach
4 years ago

Yet Matt Josa drops 4 seconds in the 200 fly.. ok.

Tammy Touchpad Error
Reply to  NC Swim Fan
4 years ago

Josa’s been 44 and 1:39 or 1:40. No pbs here. Has a lot to prove this year. Senior. Gonna be very fast soon.

Jay ryan
Reply to  Tammy Touchpad Error
4 years ago

He went 44 at Queens but I think his fastest 200 is 1:41+ at heats of NCAA 2017, disqualified though for something, I forget what.

Reply to  Swammer
4 years ago

You do know he’s already qualified right? He doesn’t need to do anything. People overreacting

4 years ago

Cal 200 fly strong.