2016 Men’s Pac-12 Championships: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


Stanford holds the team lead as we head into day 3 prelims, 46 points ahead of USC. The Trojans will look to fight back and get their swimmers into the best positions in finals. Today we’ll see the 100s fly, back, and breast, as well as the 400 IM and 200 free, highlighted by some big names like Andrew Seliskar, Justin Lynch, and Reed Malone.

Men’s 400 IM:

Stanford’s Curtis Ogren swam to a 3:40.79 this morning, bettering his previous best of 3:41 from last season’s Pac-12 meet. That time gave him the top seed for the final. Ogren will be joined by 3 Cardinal teammates in the race tongiht. Abrahm DeVine took 2nd overall in 3:42.57, Max Williamson tied for the 3rd seed in 3:43.27, and Danny Thomson took 6th in 3:44.73.

Cal got 3 in, led by Andrew Seliskar (3:43.27) who tied Williamson for 3rd overall. Connor Green (3:44.01) and Ken Takahashi (3:45.79) were 5th and 7th, respectively. 8th went to USC’s Patrick Mulcare in 3:46.24.

Notably, Arizona’s Nick Thorne was disqualified out of his prelims heat. Thorne was the 2nd seed in this event coming into the meet.

Top 8:

  1. Curtis Ogren, Stanford- 3:40.79
  2. Abrahm DeVine, Stanford- 3:42.57
  3. Andrew Seliskar, Cal- 3:43.27
  4. Max Williamson, Stanford- 3:43.27
  5. Connor Green, Cal- 3:44.01
  6. Danny Thomson, Stanford- 3:44.73
  7. Ken Takahashi, Cal- 3:45.79
  8. Patrick Mulcare, USC- 3:46.24

Men’s 100 Fly:

Cal’s Justin Lynch raced to a new career best in the men’s 100 fly this morning, taking the top seed in 45.62. Lynch was the only swimmer under 46 this morning, but USC’s Alex Valente came close to getting under the mark as well with a 46.05 for 2nd seed. Arizona’s Renny Richmond was 3rd overall in 46.17.

Stanford’s Connor Black touched in 46.28 to claim the 4th spot for tonight’s championship final. He’ll be joined by teammates Andrew Liang (46.39) and Gray Umbach (46.47), who took 6th and 8th. That sets Stanford up to take a big points total in this event.

Cal’s Long Gutierrez gave the Golden Bears another swimmer in the final, taking 5th in 46.28. ASU’s Tadas Duskinas clocked a 46.40 to get the Sun Devils some representation tonight.

Top 8:

  1. Justin Lynch, Cal- 45.62
  2. Alex Valente, USC- 46.05
  3. Renny Richmond, Arizona- 46.17
  4. Connor Black, Stanford- 46.28
  5. Long Gutierrez, Cal- 46.29
  6. Andrew Liang, Stanford- 46.39
  7. Tadas Duskinas, ASU- 46.40
  8. Gray Umbach, Stanford- 46.47

Men’s 200 Free:

USC’s Reed Malone came out on top of the men’s 200 free prelims, taking 1st seed for finals in a quick 1:33.55. Behind Malone, a pair of Cal swimmers took the 2nd and 3rd seeds. Long Gutierrez, who was fresh out of the 100 fly just one event earlier, touched in 1:34.29 ahead of Trent Williams (1:34.65).

Stanford’s Liam Egan, who took silver behind Malone in the 500 last night, was 4th in 1:34.75. Arizona’s Ricky Maestri (1:34.81) and Utah’s Bence Kiraly (1:34.81) also clipped the 1:35 barrier for 5th and 6th. Cal’s Kyle Coan (1:35.21) and USC’s Michael Domagala (1:35.22) rounded out the top 8.

Top 8:

  1. Reed Malone, USC- 1:33.55
  2. Long Gutierrez, Cal- 1:34.29
  3. Trent Williams, Cal- 1:34.65
  4. Liam Egan, Stanford- 1:34.75
  5. Ricky Maestri, Arizona- 1:34.81
  6. Bence Kiraly, Utah- 1:34.94
  7. Kyle Coan, Cal- 1:35.21
  8. Michael Domagala, USC- 1:35.22

Men’s 100 Breast:

USC’s Carsten Vissering and Arizona’s Blair Bish threw down to take the top 2 spots in the 100 breast this morning. The 2 freshman were the only swimmers under 53 in prelims, with Vissering clocking a 52.50 and Bish touching in 52.66.

Vissering’s teammates David Morgan (53.06) and Steven Stumph (53.28) swam their way to qualifying 3rd and 7th. Cal’s Carson Sand (53.14) and Connor Hoppe (53.24) were 4th and 6th, respectively. Arizona’s Gage Crosby sits between them at 5th in 53.24. ASU’s Christian Lorenz (53.28) tied Stumph for 7th.

Top 8:

  1. Carsten Vissering, USC- 52.50
  2. Blair Bish, Arizona- 52.66
  3. David Morgan, USC- 53.06
  4. Carson Sand, Cal- 53.14
  5. Gage Crosby, Arizona- 53.21
  6. Connor Hoppe, Cal- 53.24
  7. Christian Lorenz, ASU- 53.28
  8. Steven Stumph, USC- 53.28

Men’s 100 Back:

USC’s Ralf Tribuntsov was the fastest man in the 100 back this morning, taking top seed with a blistering 45.30. Arizona’s Chatham Dobbs also impressed with a 45.58 for 2nd seed and a lifetime best by almost a full second. Stanford’s Ryan Dudzinski took 3rd in 46.01, just off his 45.9 from a time trial last night.

Stanford’s Ryan Arata (46.54) and ASU’s Richard Bohus (46.92) got to the wall in under 47 for 4th and 5th. The Sun Devils got 2 into the top 8, with Reid Elliot at 6th in 47.19. Stanford’s Patrick Conaton and Cal’s Michael Thomas tied at 47.22 for 7th to round out the qualifying for the A final.

Top 8:

  1. Ralf Tribuntsov, USC- 45.30
  2. Chatham Dobbs, Arizona- 45.58
  3. Ryan Dudzinski, Stanford- 46.01
  4. Ryan Arata, Stanford- 46.54
  5. Richard Bohus, ASU- 46.92
  6. Reid Elliot, ASU- 47.19
  7. Patrick Conaton, Stanford- 47.22
  8. Michael Thomas, Cal- 47.22

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Swim fan
8 years ago

Reed Malone’s winning 200 free time would be #4 on the depth chart at NC State.

8 years ago

I don’t quite understand why some Stanford swimmers whose times could have scored in the finals were swimming in exhibition? For example, in 100 Breast they only have 1 swimmer in the B final (Matt Anderson) while their other two swimmers could have scored as well but the swim was exhibition. Breaststroke was their specialty too. Someone please help enlighten me. Thanks.

Reply to  Nick
8 years ago

Nick – I can’t say for certain in this case, but often times you’ll see this happen because of roster limits. Teams can only put so many swimmers on their active roster for a meet, and Pac-12 is one of the few conferences that let non-scoring swimmers

Joel Lin
8 years ago

Dobbs is putting together a terrific meet. Nice to see that he’s put the shoulder injuries behind and is doing well again.

8 years ago

Ouch. Utah men falling a bit this AM from not just seeds, but seed times. Hopefully they get some invite times tonight, but having to do it from a B or C final will be tough.

8 years ago

What a rebound for Ogren and Black.

8 years ago

What’s up with all the Arizona and Stanford DQs?

‘Zona had Sanders in the 200 IM consols last night and now Thorne in the 400 IM and Sovero in the 100 breast this morning.

Stanford had Ogren’s 200 IM and Black’s 50 free yesterday.

Probably just bad luck but seems odd to have so many bigger swims deeked. One false start and some bad breaststroke dolphin kicks maybe?

8 years ago

Lauren, you gotta take advantage of the opportunity to throw some hugs and kisses at the Stanford men’s team and their fans…. you won’t have that opportunity at NCAA’s.

Reply to  HulkSwim
8 years ago

Hulkswim, the Stanford men are putting on a show at the conference meet and will do the same in 3 weeks. I get people like you like to discredit athletes and scholars like the Stanford team, but you comment has no merit and you should not share your opinions to the public.

Reply to  Swimfans
8 years ago

A real quick lance at the past few weeks results will show you that “putting on a show” is a bit of an over-statement. None of these times (from anyone in the conference) are making anyone blink… It’s all relative, but when your main challengers either don’t show up in force or historically don’t use this meet for anything other than tune-up swims it’s hard as a swim fan to get too worked up about who’s wearing the ‘pac-12 champs’ belt…

I’m confident, based on history, that Cal and Zona and USC will be just as good and usually better at NCAA’s. Not so much with Stanford. And that’s fine, if that’s the goal…

Zona Fan
Reply to  HulkSwim
8 years ago

I’m an Arizona fan, and even I believe that your claims about the PAC-12 are ludicrous.Zona, USC, and Stanford are fully shaved and tapered, as neither Stanford or USC had any definite NCAA qualifiers after midseason. All three teams are posting very fast times, albeit not in every event, but fast times nonetheless. Malone and Egan were both top 7 in the country in the 500, 5 swimmers, 4 from Stanford, broke 1:44 in the 200 IM (seliskar, one of the aforementioned 5, is not shaved), Ogren posted the #4 time in the country in the 400 IM, Lynch posted a 45.5 100 fly, and 3 swimmers, including 2 freshmen (zona’s dobbs, and Stanford’s Dudzinski, broke 46 in the 100… Read more »

Reply to  Swimfans
8 years ago

“you should not share your opinions to the public”
LOL. gave me a good laugh.

Justin Pollard
8 years ago

So here’s a question: what happened to AZ’s Chad Idensohn in the 100 fly? He swam a 19.9 in the medley relay but only managed a 47.8 in the 100 today? He did go out in 20.9, but fell off a cliff the last 25.

Reply to  Justin Pollard
8 years ago


Ecar Atterol
Reply to  Swimmer
8 years ago

Well considering the whole usrpt concept is speed endurance, probably not.

Maws Miws
Reply to  Justin Pollard
8 years ago

Dude’s a sprinter.

Reply to  Justin Pollard
8 years ago

Looks like he’s a real sprinter 😛

Reply to  Justin Pollard
8 years ago

lol- 9.3 first 25 14.25 last 25… that is a video I would pay money to watch!

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Lauren Neidigh

Lauren Neidigh is a former NCAA swimmer at the University of Arizona (2013-2015) and the University of Florida (2011-2013). While her college swimming career left a bit to be desired, her Snapchat chin selfies and hot takes on Twitter do not disappoint. She's also a high school graduate of The …

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